WhatsApp Meta AI: Features, Benefits and How to Use It

WhatsApp recently announced the incorporation of meta-AI technology, which is booming among WhatsApp users. You can now easily access this intelligent and helpful companion within your WhatsApp chat box, where you spend most of your time. You can create AI-based content and images, share topics, let the AI teach you, and explore topics for you. Thanks to AI. 

WhatsApp Meta AI: Features, Benefits and How to Use It

What is WhatsApp Meta AI?

It is the best AI model, created by Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Meta. Integrated with Liama 3’s latest open-source large language model (LLM), it can solve complex reasoning and visualize ideas.  This AI model was already introduced in Beta versions of WhatsApp; now, it has been extended to all Meta platforms, including WhatsApp, Facebook, Messenger, and Instagram.

So far, this feature is only available in English to a limited number of countries, including Canada, Australia, Ghana, Jamaica, New Zealand, Nigeria, Malawi, Pakistan, South Africa, Uganda, South Korea, Zambia, and Zimbabwe. However, Meta is on a journey to expand its presence to the whole WhatsApp user base worldwide.

Meta AI VS ChatGPT Vs Gemini; AI Race

Is Meta involved in the AI race with OpenAI’s ChatGPT or Google’s Gemini? Mark Zuckerberg mentioned during his speech at the Meta Connect event in Menlo Park, California, on September 27, 2023, that the goal of introducing Meta Artificial intelligence wasn’t to launch something far ahead but to make its presence known to common people on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp. Still, it is expected to start an AI race among the three giants in the next few years.

How to use Meta AI in WhatsApp?

You can utilize this AI model in different ways, for example:

Conversational AI: 

Conversing with AI and exploring well-defined topics is fun. You can get an AI-based opinion on different issues with the trust that your companion is far more informative and intelligent. 

Quick Search Assistant: 

This feature can be used as your search assistant if you need to find a topic quickly. Just enter a prompt and get all around the world knowledge in your chat box. It is simple to use and really effective. 

AI Image Generation: 

You can generate multiple images out of your imagination. Use the right prompt and try to use technical terms to explain your image in more detail. You can get whatever you have in your mind. Image generation by AI in corporate highly advanced tools like text-to-image generation and image recognition

AI in Group Chats:

Now, you can also use AI in your group chats. Just type @ to connect to AI directly in your group chat. Type your prompt, and the results will be shown to all group members.

Delete AI chats:

Afterward, you can delete every chat or conversation you have made with AI. You can also request a file to delete all the data you have shared with AI.

Create Fun Stickers:

WhatsApp communication is incomplete without stickers. Stickers are the most important and fun way to communicate on WhatsApp. To that end, WhatsApp AI Mehta enables the shoe to create multiple stickers with a single prompt. With the collaboration of Liama 2 and the foundation model of image generation EMU, Meta can make thousands of AI-based generative stickers.

Moreover, in collaboration with Meta’s “segment anything model” (SAM), it enables you to create images with your friends and edit, retouch, and remake new photos.

What is coming next: 

One clear thing is that introducing AI to normal people is just the beginning.  With time, it will keep expanding with multiple features. Soon, Meta is going to launch the following breakthroughs: 

  • Soon, Meta will launch an AI studio where coders and noncoders can make their AIs.
  • Meta has also launched its website, Meta.ai, where people can get in touch. This platform will speed up the progress of Meta’s objectives.
  • Businesses can create AIs to express their brand values and manage their business through artificial intelligence. 
  • Soon, Meta will launch its sandbox, where people can create their own AI and propose ingenious ideas. This will be a step forward toward the Metaverse.


It is advisable not to share your top secret or personal information with Artificial Intelligence because Meta collects your information from all your platforms and collectively helps marketing stakeholders bring their relevant products to you. Therefore, per Meta policy, information shared on AI might be given to a third party. Simply put, Neta AI is not encrypted; the same goes for Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp E2EE.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How can I remove Meta AI from my WhatsApp?

There is no direct way to remove AI by Meta from WhatsApp. However, if you want to hide the AI button from settings >chats, you can go to settings and hide it. This would not completely disable this AI feature but hide it. You can simply not call for an AI assistant by typing prompt @ Meta AI.

How do you reply to AI messages?

You just need to hover over the dropdown button at the top of the AI message and then tap on reply. Your message will be forwarded to AI in response to its previous message. 

Does Meta collect all my profile information? 

Meta claims that I don’t contain any of your profile information. For example, if you ask them about your followers’ details, it doesn’t know about it, but it will help you to know how to check your followers.

Does AI by Meta provide explicit content or inappropriate content? 

In his terms of service, Meta has ensured that prompts that demand explicit content or other content based on harassment, discrimination, nudity, And more are curtailed. If you provide any prompt that contains these words, Meta will not respond positively.

Are my calls and messages encrypted vis-a-vis AI integration in WhatsApp? 

WhatsApp primarily ensures encryption, but this question is natural with the integration of matter AI. Still, WhatsApp claims to provide its end-to-encryption, and WhatsApp Meta AI and any other third source cannot access your conversation and chat.