Best Ai WhatsApp ChatGPT, Free innovative chatbots list 2024

The sudden boost in AI has jolted the major idols of 2024 and created some super cool conveniences for people. This rapid penetration of AI in WhatsApp has brought innovative and incredible vistas for people. It fills the gap between user preferences and hampered delivery capability on social media platforms.

Still confused about collaborating with AI in your WhatsApp? Keep reading the whole blog post and discover 13 amazing WhatsApp AI-based plugins and how they will change your previous ways of communication.

Best Ai WhatsApp ChatGPT, Free innovative chatbots list

13 Stunning AI Chatbots for Your WhatsApp that You MUST TRY in 2024:

The following are some top-performing plugins that you must know to revolutionize your WhatsApp communication:

WhatGPT Logo

1. WhatGpt:

Introduced by Node.js and integrated with GPT-3, WhatsGPT serves as a bridge between your WhatsApp chat screen and Chatgpt. It lets you write your CVs and messages, translate and narrate any language, create PDF files, and more.

But initially, it is kept with some premium and free features. Now, it is in full swing with 300k+ active users worldwide and tremendous public feedback. 

Additionally, You can create any image by writing its descriptions, such as background, character details, color scheme, and other minor details.

Thus, you don’t need any brush to paint a portrait, but your words and clever prompts will let you do that. To access WhatsGPT, save the contact below in your WhatsApp and start your AI conversations:

WhatGPT WhatsApp Number: +1 (650) 460-3230

WhatGPT Website:

Shamooz ai Logo

2. Shmooz AI Tool:

This is also a unique addition to your WhatsApp created by EWS Automation, giving you a better WhatsApp experience. you can send and receive voice notes to Shmooz to get the AI-based answers.

This assistant is available 24/7 for your questions and queries. However, just like other AI tools, it is on a trial base initially. Start Shmoozing now! Get access to this WhatsApp API from the link below:

Mobile GPT Logo

3. MobileGpt:

This is also an outperforming WhatsApp chatbot that you can utilize to get general content and various recommendations while remaining in your WhatsApp. It also integrates with ChatGpt to give you highly personalized content. Save the below numbers in your WhatsApp and give it a go now:

Mobile GPT WhatsApp Number: +27 76 734 6284

Mobile GPT Website:

Wiz Ai Logo

4. Wizai:

Again this is a whatsApp business API chatbox. With its offbeat performance, it is rapidly spreading in business circles. You can get all the autoresponder features and other customer service benefits from this tool in your WhatsApp.

You can run your effective business campaigns and monitor your growth stats in your WhatsApp. Thanks to AI. You can get its access by saving the contact of Wiz chatbox:

Wiz Ai WhatsApp Number: +49 1515 1853491

Wiz Ai Website:

Jinni WhatsApp Logo

5. jinni WhatsApp:

This a fantastic hyper-intelligent assistant that you can use for education and work settings. It will give you the best solutions to any matter of your concern. For example, You can recapitulate how to make Domino Pizza without leaving your WhatsApp chat screen. visit and access Gini for your WhatsApp today.

Buddy Gpt Logo

6. BuddyGpt:

You can take it as a conversational platform with many ingenious ideas you can generate from it. Its collaboration with GPT-4 will resolve all the queries in a fraction of a second.

Additionally, you can also use it for your business to fetch more leads and seal the deals with the value-based chats it provides. Connect your AI buddy through the following WhatsApp contact:

Buddy GPT WhatsApp Number: +351 911 920 981

Buddy GPT Website:


7. WATI:

This is a widely expanding AI built on the WhatsApp API tool specially crafted to drive sales, support, marketing conversations, and other business utilities. Its successful launch has helped 3500+ businesses across the globe with tremendous customer feedback.

You can easily make team collaborations and assign conversations to agents, monitor quick responders, integrate with your business websites to engage with new prospects, and many more things to gear up your business. Get more details about this API from


8. Sou Luzia:

Luzia is a FREE API chatbot with a powerful Whatsapp API. It is free to use and add free. simply, add the number below to your WhatsApp contact and start interacting with Luzia AI.

Sou LuzIA WhatsApp Number: +34 613 28 81 16

Sou LuzIA WhatsApp Website:

Guide Geek Logo

9. Guide Geek:

If you are a travel geek, you can let Guide Geek be your travel guide. This Whatsapp API will help you organize your trips, and travel budgets, and provide expert opinions about your traveling spots as your companion.

As per my experience, it is more than just a travel guide! Just save the contact below and start your getting travel guides now.

Guide Geek Ai WhatsApp Number: +1 (205) 892-2070

Guide Geek Ai Website:

Roger Ai Logo

10. Roger Ai:

This API is a go-to learning assistant. You can use it to summarize any article, PDF, podcast, or video. Additionally, you can install an iOS shortcut and request the summaries from any content on Safari, Youtube, Spotify, and others. Access RogerAI today from

11. Ameyo:

This is the best AI tool for your business to be steered on WhatsApp through WhatsApp business API. It will help you send rich media rather than plain text. You can monitor your business campaigns and customer services quite efficiently.

It integrates the back-end and customer relationship system offering more secure and private communication with end-to-end encryption. You can also send appointment reminders, remote consultations, and payments with one click.

Therefore, You can also take advantage of these AI services as people use them in healthcare, finance, travel, and other market facets.

Pi Personal Ai Logo

12. Personal AI Assistant (Hey Pi):

Pi API is easily accessible on your WhatsApp. It is exclusively developed with High emotional intelligence (EQ) that is continually learning and improving itself.

Thus you can consult your life matters with Pi to get a wiser and balanced opinion. Take Pi as your brainy friend! You can access it by saving the number below in your WhatsApp or just visiting the website below:

Pi Personal Ai WhatsApp Number: +1 (314) 333-1111

Pi Personal Ai Website:

Cami Ai WhatsApp - Hey Cami Ai

13. Cami Ai WhatsApp – Hey Cami Ai:

Wanna have a daily life AI friend that tells you food recipes, and pieces of advice in your daily matters? It assists you in learning and practicing any language. Moreover, you can transcribe audio, and generate images using Cami.

It can read and write in almost all the languages. You can access this go-to WhatsApp assistant by saving the WhatsApp contact below or visiting the below website.

Cami Ai WhatsApp Number: +1 (917) 694-2789

Cami Ai Website:

Free Chatbots WhatsApp ChatGPT Numbers List

Other than the above WhatsApp APIs, you can also use the following FREE API chatbots in your WhatsApp by saving the WhatsApp numbers below:

  • +1(650)460-3230
  • +27767346284
  • +4915151853491
  • +1(201)416-6644
  • +351915233853

How Artificial Intelligence is gonna change your WhatsApp usage?

Everything was going well, and then ChatGpt Popped up on November 30, 2022, by San Francisco–based OpenAI, also the creator of DALL. Within a month, bigwigs such as Google, Facebook, and others realized how AI would give a sudden blow to their established stature in the future.

On the other hand, it has made public life easier to access data. Whereas AI has given new zeal to the WhatsApp community circles with innovative ideas. Following are some of the glimpses of how AI will shift your communication to a futuristic AI-based communication soon:

AI is Multilingual:

Language is the primary barrier to people in the way of communication. What if this barrier no longer remains a barrier? Yes! You can now become a universal human being using AI chatbot extensions simply. Interestingly, you can steer these chatbots to translate, speak, and elaborate for you.

You can give some prompts to get the results specific to your needs. This is just the beginning of an end to the conventional modes of communication. How far can it go at the later stages of AI introduction with ordinary people?

Communicate What You Imagine:

It is time to get out of emojis and emoticons. You can now communicate what you imagine, not what is available. Now imagine you want to send a high-resolution painting of the Futuristic Cat. You have to command these AI chatbots, and they will paint for you.

Sounds Stunning! Not only that, but soon, you will be sending animated 2D and 3D  videos to your friends and family by producing them through your imagination. Amazingly, you don’t have to build high-fi skills but the right prompts and instructions for your chatbot. Be ready to start living in the future.

AI-based Learning:

Suppose you are talking to someone you want to influence through your insight. You can get help from AI. It is going to be a mini instructor in your WhatsApp. You can ask them the steps to make coffee to far more complex things, such as how to write code for a 3D game.

AI explains in a fraction of a second. This is how you will level up your learning with Artificial Intelligence. You can instantly create and share value-based content that might take you exhaustive weeks to get done.

PDF Generator:

Including artificial intelligence in your WhatsApp means more than you could imagine. For example, you can make your Curriculum Vitae for a company in just a fraction of a second.

Suppose you are sending different job proposals; you can use your WhatsApp prompts to generate job-specific proposals and CVs. It will get you beyond the limits where things like making PDF content such as resumes, recipes, brochures, and others will be a one-click game.

Doesn’t that seem redundant that we spend considerable time quarreling with different tools online and testing different cumbersome applications for our freaky work? But AI is here to sympathize with you. In collaboration with WhatsApp Chatbots, your WhatsApp will be the panacea for you.

Step Up your Business:

The inclusion of AI in your business means a lot to your business. Imagine AI hunts the prospects for you, gives you the optimum product designs, crafts the market research to be ahead of your competitors, and many more things.

But at the start of this revolution, you can use AI integrated with your WhatsApp to perform all your business functions, such as providing customer support 24/7, team management, contracts management, financial management, and other vital things for which you need a bulky staff. Thus future of your business is bright.

Is there any Negative side of AI, especially in Your WhatsApp

Technology is always a double-edged sword. It comes up with some positive intentions. Though it serves humanity, to some extent, it gets into the hands of some puppeteers using it for their vested interests.

Thus, where artificial intelligence could open new vistas for you in your WhatsApp communication, some strings might be attached to it. Still, it has yet to be seen how we cater to the rapidly increasing trend of artificial intelligence in our daily lives.

  • As far as AI is developing itself, it is replacing human intuitions with its algorithmic patterns. Thus soon, it might cap your thinking and analyzing abilities keeping you in the pursuit of comfort and luxury. For instance, before the different grammar tools, you might read books and do regressive work to improve your language skills. But now you feel more languid and avoid burning your mental fats.
  • There is a common debate that AI will replace human labor with bots. Although there might be some counter-arguments, the reality is that in the past six months, many industries have died due to AI taking over. According to a recent report by Goldman Sach, a US-based investment bank, AI will eat up more than 300M jobs in the USA earlier by people handing over to tools like ChatGpt and Gpt-4. Conversely, some forerunners are gaining the stage by adapting to these sudden shifts in your life.
  • It will make your communication far more complex process. Though it is user-oriented and will give you one-click solutions. But with time, it will start generating new terminologies and factors that might impact your communication. For example, when letters were sent, they were one-way communication. But when we started using social media for two-way communication, new factors emerged that need to be considered, such as privacy, and end-to-end encryption, thereby making it far more complex than letters. Thus, you must be concerned about many more things while you communicate.

Let’s wrap it up

It is a reality now that AI is opening up new vistas in vogue and posing potential threats to our existing life patterns. That is why the world’s top CEOs are far more concerned about maintaining their hegemony ahead of this wave of Artificial intelligence. Overall, our communication has geared a level up.

In the future, you might switch to more futuristic things, such as Virtual Reality and Holographic technology in your common communication mediums. Thus, a layperson should adopt the change; otherwise, you will be left behind the time even in no time.

The easiest way to use ChatGPT on WhatsApp is by saving one of the numbers provided above. Once you have saved the number in your mobile memory, simply send a message via WhatsApp and ChatGPT will respond to you. You can now enjoy all the features of ChatGPT on your mobile WhatsApp.

So far, most WhatsApp ChatGPT API chatbots are premium versions. You might know their potential through the demos, limited in their free versions’ media, and messaging in their free versions. However, with this trend becoming prevalent, more competitors will be in the market; thus, more free versions will be available.

Different chatbots are available now that you can use on Android PCs and iPhones.

Artificial intelligence is just the more advanced version of human progression. As you have built a staunch belief on different social media platforms over time, AI will also take its stature. Still, the question about the safety related to the AI WhatsApp chatbot can be clarified by looking at the user feedback.

For that, we see tremendous positive feedback worldwide, with 4.5+ stars for some top-performing AI tools for WhatsApp. Thus, you can opt for some offbeat tools to experience optimum WhatsApp usage.