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There are different WhatsApp mod versions available in the market. Thus, you can get any version that best matches your preferences and choices.

Today I’m gonna get you to a WhatsApp version specially designed for girls with its princess Disney layouts and UI in pink colors. This WhatsApp version is trendy in its target audience, especially teen girls. Keep reading the whole blog post today and discover what is new for you in Princess WhatsApp MG.

Princess WhatsApp MG Download & Update

Princess WhatsApp MG Download Link

App Info

App NamePrincess WhatsApp MG
Latest Versionv29.00
File Size58mb
Package Namecom.whatsapp
Developers TeamAl-Annabi Team
MODsAl-Annabi, Al-Joudou, Mahmoud

What is Princess WhatsApp

MG WhatsApp is a quirky alternative to ordinary WhatsApp with its more unique and extended features. A Syrian developer Al-Annabi developed this masterpiece, also called MG3WhatsApp.

Some other developers have also contributed to extending and modifying this WhatsApp version, to name a few; Al-Joudou, and Mahmoud. Its unique sales proposition is its pink layout with Disney styles and themes. 

Other than just the color, the following are some key features you can use in your daily messaging.

Princess WhatsApp Requirements

Android: OS 4.1 or above
iPhone:  iOS 12 or above
KaiOS: 2.5.0 or above

Features of MG WhatsApp

Let me list a quick overview of the features of Pink MG WhatsApp:

Peerless Layouts

Since the developer especially crafted this WhatsApp version for girls, it has special themes and layouts. Thus, you will see different flowery themes and layouts in pink color.

Additionally, there are built-in theme extensions that you can download from within the MG application to open up a huge warehouse of themes for you. Pink WhatsApp & OB2 WhatsApp also come with Pink UI.

Built-in Proxy

If you live in any part of the world where official WhatsApp is banned, you can use a built-in proxy to install and use this MG WhatsApp Princess. Therefore, with this WhatsApp version, your messaging is just unstoppable.

In the previous versions of MG3 WhatsApp, there were issues because the proxy was not working in some regions of the world. But now, in this latest version, this query has been resolved.

Avatar and Voice Status story

Along with its unique features, it never disappoints me when I compare it with ordinary WhatsApp. Thus, anything WhatsApp enables as a new feature becomes part of MGWA.

For example, the new version of MG WhatsApp has added all the new advancements being introduced in WhatsApp, such as Avatar and voice notes.

Privacy Features

Princess MG WhatsApp will not only give you a Barbie-like feeling but also be steadfast when it comes to your privacy. It gives you the best privacy options through modded features that you can employ to make your privacy ironclad.

Following are the unique privacy features that can strengthen your privacy. You can also check out CooCoo WhatsApp, and GB WhatsApp Lite for more privacy features.

Turn your Blue Ticks Off

This feature is quite helpful when you don’t want others to perceive your online presence. If someone sends you a message and you read it, they will not know that you have read it; rather, they will always feel you offline.

Auto Reply Services

This is a fantastic feature that you can use to make some template messages to engage your audience. Especially if you have a business account, this feature will help you a lot.

Feel free to engage with your clients manually whenever they text you. Instead, your WhatsApp will do that on your behalf.

Status and Stories

This WhatsApp version gives you different ways to download the status and story of anyone. Not just that, if you have seen someone’s status and don’t want them to know that you have seen their status, you can press an “eye button” on your status screen and it will be unseen even if you have seen it before.

MG WhatsApp is now Trendy in 2024

There were different queries from people worldwide about the previous versions of this WhatsApp version. But now, MG WhatsApp Princess is becoming stronger in 2024.

Following are some of the changes that the developers in Princess WhatsApp introduced to ensure a flawless user experience based on their previous negative feedback.

  • The users reported some call crashes on Android version 11. This problem has been removed in the latest version of this MG app; this problem has been removed.
  • Similarly, when saving a status, some crashed randomly observed that has been resolved now.
  • Some Arabic alignment issues were also resolved in the 2023 version of MG WhatsApp Princess.
  • The major problem of the temporary ban issue reported by some users was also resolved.

How to install Princess WhatsApp on your Android phone

First of all, you must ensure that your Android version is above 4.1 because if your phone is below that version, you are out of the game for installing this WhatsApp.

You can follow the steps below to install this WhatsApp version simply:

  • You must download Princess WhatsApp MG from or some other trusted source. Remember that wherever you download this application the source should be original and trustworthy to avoid any scam file or malware and your mobile phone.
  • Now save the APK file to a separate place in your Android
  • Now tap the APK application file and install it
  • Waiting for the complete installation, a window asking you to verify your phone number will pop up.
  • Verify your phone number by entering the 6-digit code they will send to your phone number and start using WhatsApp on your Android.
How to install Step 1
Step 1
How to install Image step 2
Step 2

How to install MG Princess WhatsApp on your PC?

You can also install this WhatsApp application on your PC. Still, you must ensure that you have an emulator, preferably a BlueStack emulator.

  • Install and launch the bluestack emulator on your PC
  • Download the MG WhatsApp application from online
  • Safe your WhatsApp APK to some separate place where if needed, you can share it with someone, or you can install it
  • Now launch the BlueStack emulator screen; it will look like an Android, and from that screen, navigate to Tap the downloaded APK file and install it
  • Verify your number and experience the MG WhatsApp

MY Experience

To write you the best experience, I downloaded this version last week and used it continuously. Honestly speaking, this WhatsApp version has a flowery touch in your life.

It gives you many feminine features that make you feel like a princess. This WhatsApp version replicates women’s feelings through its pink UI layouts and an ocean of themes. On top of everything, its built-in proxy feature is just mesmerizing.

You should download this application to feel its full potential rather than just reading that block post that does not let you sketch a full picture of MG application. You should download this WhatsApp if its features strike your mental vibes.

Summing up

Reviewing the previous versions of MG Princess WhatsApp, including versions v18, v19 and v20, v21, v22, v23, v24, v25 we can observe a transformational shift and improvement in its latest version, v29 in 2024.

This all happened because the developer paid huge attention to public feedback and corrected all user queries and negative feedback. Besides that, this version also has many best features that will keep you competitive compared to ordinary WhatsApp users.

Thus, the 2024 version of MG WhatsApp is becoming stronger. If you are looking for some iconic WhatsApp with Disney, like themes, Barbie girls, or this kind of stuff, this WhatsApp version is best for you.

4.9 (10455 votes)

Up till 2024, this WhatsApp mode is not for iPhones. But in the future, the developers of MG WhatsApp might launch its iPhone versions. To keep tracking the, where you will find the most recent feeds about MG Princess WhatsApp and other WhatsApp mod versions.

Your WhatsApp offers different creative themes that you can use to make your WhatsApp more fascinating. To download and get access to these themes, you have to go to your MG Princess settings, where there is a built-in plugin for princess themes. Here you have to download this plugin, and gazillions of themes and wallpapers will be open to you.

You cannot say MG WhatsApp is the best but it is one of the top-performing WhatsApp mod versions. All the ingredients make it the best option for you. Especially if you are a teen girl, you are its target audience.

Regarding your official WhatsApp, your phone is encrypted with end-to-end encryption E2EE. Thus, your official WhatsApp chat cannot be traced or leaked. But if we talk about the mod WhatsApp versions, the honest view is that your data is quite open to the developers. Therefore, there is a probability of leakage of your data. That is why we recommend you that if you have highly sensitive data transfer, don’t go for any WhatsApp mod version. Even with regular usage, you should choose a WhatsApp version with high credibility and positive public feedback. You can visit, where you will find all the credible WhatsApp versions with positive public feedback.