Telegram vs. WhatsApp: Which Messenger is Best to Use in 2024?

Telegram or WhatsApp? This debate keeps on swirling around when people are searching for the best WhatsApp alternatives. As a competitor, they keep introducing the latest updates to outperform and meet more public demand.

Keeping the user base aside, both apps have some pros and cons that need a comprehensive analysis between the two. Get ready for a deep comparison between the two and see which social media App suits you the most.

Telegram vs. WhatsApp: Which Messenger is Best to Use in 2024?

This is Where Telegram outperforms WhatsApp

Telegram was initially, founded by Nikolai and Pavel Durov, two brothers, in 2013 and afterward acquired by Group. With 700 million people as its user base, it is the 10th most popular social media app in 2024.

Still, as compared to WhatsApp it is far less. Still, back in 2022, it was the fifth most downloaded application in the world. Take a look at the following aspects where it outdoes WhatsApp:

Multi-Device Syncing:

Telegram has a vivid edge over WhatsApp when it comes to multi-device syncing. In Telegram, it doesn’t take too much time to load the messages and synchronize data among your various devices as WhatsApp does.

Hide your Number:

In Telegram, you can keep connecting to people without revealing your phone number as it happens in WhatsApp. Telegram enables you to hide your phone number from the settings “Who can see my phone number?” set to “Nobody”.

Just come up with a good name, and you can secure your number from being misused. Only your contacts saved on your device can see your number.

No Group links:

The group chat links provided by WhatsApp are often misused by people online. People keep joining the groups using chat links.

Proxy servers:

The top-notch thing regarding privacy is the proxy servers in Telegram. These servers help you hide your IP address hassle-free. So far there is no room for you proxies in WhatsApp as an extended layer of security shield.

Contour your Permissions:

Telegram provides you the more control over your online presence than WhatsApp. For example, you can fine-tune the permissions that can add you to WhatsApp groups. Whereas, nearly every morning I wake up, I find a new group I am added to.


When it comes to storage, telegram is bombastic. No worry about data backup, as it connects you to an unlimited cloud where you can easily connect to your data without any backup or restoration.

No Acquisition:

Telegram still holds its independent status among the top-notch tech companies and has never been acquired by anyone.  Whereas, WhatsApp’s ownership by the Meta family where Facebook is Notorious for stealing your metadata has put people in doubt about their data protection.

Deleting Old Messages:

WhatsApp bounds you to delete a message within 48 hours. Afterward, you can only delete it from yourself. On the other hand, Telegram allows the sender and the receivers to delete a message permanently at any time.

Self-destruct Functionality:

Countering WhatsApp’s disappearing messages, Telegram had already introduced the Self-destruct functionality feature long before WhatsApp did. This feature enables telegram users to automatically delete all the messages after specific intervals, that receivers have read.

Elaborative Online status:

WhatsApp displays the online activity of users as “online” or “last Seen With timestamp”. Whereas, Telegram elaborates on the “Last Seen status with words like, Recently, Last Week, Last Month, and Long Time Ago.

Share Larger Media Files:

Where Telegram allows you to send media files up to 1.5GB WhatsApp is only limited to 16MBs. However, using Mod WhatsApp versions such as GB WhatsApp Pro, AERO WhatsApp or WhatsApp Plus you can increase that limit up to 700MBs.

No Trace of Deleted Messages:

If you delete a sent message, WhatsApp leaves a trace, “this message was deleted”. But telegram never leaves a trace of your deleted or edited message.

Hassle-Free Data Import/Export:

Telegram allows you to import or export chats from other platforms including WhatsApp. However, WhatsApp only allows you to export your chats.

This is where WhatsApp Outperforms Telegram

First launched by Jan Koum an Engineer at Yahoo on Feb. 24, 2009, WhatsApp was afterward acquired by the Meta family in 2014. Following are a few glimpses where WhatsApp clearly outstrips Telegram:

Widespread User Base:

The majority of users in WhatsApp have its supreme advantage, therefore it is an ideal room for marketing and outreach to more audiences. It has secured the top 3rd most popular social media app worldwide with 2.49 billion users.

End-To-End Encryption (E2EE):

End-to-end encryption is the benchmark of WhatsApp. Where Telegram is much more flexible, WhatsApp has a hardcore security concern that somewhat annoys the users. Telegram End-To-End encryption is only limited to the secret chat features. WhatsApp means more to E2EE.

WhatsApp Communities:

The community’s feature is a great breakthrough in WhatsApp that helps you manage your huge organizations, followings, and business community in your WhatsApp. This much needed feature is not available in Telegram.

Longer Messages:

WhatsApp outperforms Telegram when it comes to lengthy messages. In WhatsApp, you get up to 65536 characters to type a long message whereas, telegram limits you to only 4096 characters.

Send More Files at A Time:

Sending up to 30 videos, audio files, images or documents in a single tap is not a big issue in WhatsApp. However, Telegram limits you to up to 10 items only in one message.

Disappearing Messages:

Recently WhatsApp has introduced the most-liked features of Telegram to its users such as “Disappearing messages; messages are deleted automatically after a specific session.

On-on-One Comparison Between Telegram Vs WhatsApp

Following is the core comparison of the features offered by both applications

1024 members in a group200,000 members in a group
Automatically compresses the files such as audio, videos, imagesTakes permission to compress the files
Voice calls having up to 32 membersVoice call with unlimited participants
You can use bots if you have Business WhatsApp or WhatsApp Business APIBots are available for all users
Media saving in mobile storageUnlimited cloud storage(server)
File sharing up to 2GBFile sharing to 2GB (4 GB with Telegram premium)
Only one account on one device3 Accounts in the same device
WhatsApp Communities FeatureNill
NilImport chats from other messaging platforms
NilSecret chats and self-destructive messaging
NilBuilt-in Sticker maker

Wrap Up:

If you are someone who emphasizes functionality, prefer telegram. However, if you want a more enjoyable user experience, WhatsApp suits you the most.

Lastly, the answer “Which application is best for me?” lies in “Which version is mostly used by your friends and family?” Cz it matters a lot to go with the flow sometimes. WhatsApp may win the tug of war by having a widespread user base worldwide. However, if you love Telegram the most, you can urge your near ones to switch their messaging app.

Frequently Asked Questions:

The top highlights where Telegram supersedes WhatsApp are self-destructing messages, secret chats, multi-device support, cloud-based storage, end-to-end encryption, and customizable notifications.

Forwarding A voice message from Telegram to WhatsApp is only possible by downloading it to your phone. Tap and hold the voice message and press the “save to downloads” Now, from your gallery you can upload this file to WhatsApp contacts.

Telegram lacks E2EE as it stores all your information unencrypted in cloud servers other than the secret messages. Therefore, any party in between can grab your metadata. Since telegram is Russian-based, some users point fingers if there is a backdoor for the government to fetch public data.

Whereas, WhatsApp is more concerned about its E2EE. On the other side, WhatsApp stores, data backups in the user’s drive, device, and iCloud where there is a probable chance of data being stolen. However, WhatsApp also gives a remedy to secure your data backed by two-factor authentications.

Yes, even though both of them claim to be End-to-end encrypted, they keep your data in some sort, for instance, your metadata. WhatsApp even retains your data for up to 30 days in some scenarios, it is obliged to produce your metadata (relevant data other than your messages such as online activity time, messages time and date stamp, receiver details, etc) to law enforcement agencies.

The same goes for Telegram which stores your data for up to 12 months as per its privacy policy. However, you can use Virtual private networks (VPN) to keep your identity and data more secure.