WhatsApp Broadcast vs Group: Differences and Benefits in 2024

WhatsApp keeps on introducing its ingenious features to give the best user experience to its audience. Some features are amazing and loved by the users such as WhatsApp communities, WhatsApp channels, and Polls.

Still, there are some features that people are curious about their usage. For example, you might find Broadcasts a redundant feature when are WhatsApp groups already available. Keep reading, and discover the hell of a difference between WhatsApp groups vs WhatsApp broadcasts. Plus, you will get to know how to use both of the features creatively in your life.

WhatsApp Broadcast vs Group

How to Use WhatsApp Group?

A WhatsApp group is sort of a chat room with two-way communication. Every single string of chat is visible to all of your group members. A WhatsApp group has a member capacity of up to 1024 members in 2024. Thus:

  • Sharing information with a larger audience is made easy
  • It helps you gather in your close circle of friends, family, students, college, and other like-minded people such as Astronomy lovers, jazz music fans, etc.
  • You can have healthy collective discussions about your projects in a group.

Following are some pros and cons of WhatsApp groups:

Best for Open discussions, brainstorming, and debatesChances of spam and irrelevant messages to your context
You can mention a specific member out of the groupBulks of notifications are cumbersome.
You can delegate admin powers to up to four people other than you.Admins are visible to everyone.
You can add anyone in your broadcast list without their permission       If someone has not saved your number, they cannot receive your broadcasts.

How To Use WhatsApp Broadcast?

A WhatsApp broadcast is a private communication to all your members, a one-way communication. No other member knows about other broadcast members. Every message you send them appears like a normal chat in their chat box.

  • Broadcast can be an effective tool in your business marketing campaign. Broadcasts give your messages to a lot many people a personal touch.
  •  You can use Broadcasts, to send alerts, notifications, and promotions. With one tap, all your broadcast members will receive those messages. Every member perceives it as a message specially crafted for them. This is a kind of Email Marketing.
  • Especially collaborating with WhatsApp Business API, you can send broadcast messages to thousands of your target audience in a cinch.
  • Easy updates: Using Broadcast, you can send reminders and bulletins in a go.
  • Business Announcements: Best for business news announcements, or feeds.
  • Daily workout tips as a fitness coach, or you can send daily homework tasks to your students
  • You can send reminders to your club members.
It ensures the privacy of your chat among your recipients.You will have limited recipients
Through one-way communication, your message is delivered without any noise.There is less chance of group interaction, thus, less brainstorming, and discussion on a particular idea,
There are no unwanted messages, as it usually happens in WhatsApp groups.You get individual responses, which is a bit exhaustive to deal with them individually.

WhatsApp Group Vs WhatsApp Broadcast

Following are the key differences among the two WhatsApp features:


The primary difference is the privacy among the two features. Broadcasts are more prone to ensure privacy during message transmission. Whereas, in WhatsApp groups, you get the freedom of dynamic conversation.

Admin Controls:

In groups, you can delegate your powers as an admin to five group members including you. But a broadcast is solely yours. You cannot share its access with any other admins.


As you might be familiar with the group links. A group can be expanded by sharing its link with as many people as possible. Thus, doesn’t take too much time to fill a group. Diametrically opposite, a broadcast is a list of selected contacts in your WhatsApp. Thus, adding new members means manually selecting them from our contacts.


In groups, you can directly mention a member, by placing @ before their name. This way you can address them directly among the crowd of all group members. But in broadcasts, no one knows about other members.

One-way vs. two-way communication:

A Broadcast is only a one-way communication tool. Although you can get the replies by individual. In a moment, you keep transmitting your messages in one way. On the other side, groups are a participative, two-way communication network.

How to create a Broadcast list on your Android, iOS & PC?

Creating a WhatsApp broadcast is simple as follows:

  • Tap on the three dots at the top right of your WhatsApp chat screen
  • Tap on new broadcasts from the drop-down window
  • Choose your broadcast members from your contact list. You can choose up to 256 members in regular WhatsApp.
  • Confirm and your broadcast is ready.

Frequently Asked Questions:

The answer is yes! You can add a person to your WhatsApp group as well as broadcast simultaneously.

Someone must save your contact to receive your broadcasts. Otherwise, they won’t.

In WhatsApp, the broadcast limit is up to 256 members. However, if you want this limit increased you can use mod WhatsApp versions such as WhatsApp GB, WhatsApp Aero, Fouad WhatsApp, or GB WhatsApp Pro.

Normally, adding someone to your broadcast, won’t notify them about it. Therefore, no one knows if they are added to a broadcast and by whom.

If you feel someone is sporadically sending you scam messages, you can guess that you are on their broadcast list. To avoid this, just ask them to remove you from their broadcast. Otherwise, if it doesn’t work, block that contact.