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It is the second decade of the silicone century. The world is going towards automation, whereas artificial intelligence is permeating the daily life of a layman. On one side, the technology is skyrocketing.

Your communication is still standing where it was a decade before. Now take your WhatsApp as an example of controlled communication, where you can not express your emotions well, can not control your communication, and can not create fun and laughter as much as you want.

But thanks to the WhatsApp mod industry that keeps coming up with ingenious and juicy ideas to shrink the gap between your ideal communication and the tasteless reality.

One such WhatsApp mod version is the CooCoo WhatsApp application. Read the whole blog post and explore what is new in this awe-inspiring WhatsApp application.

Download CooCoo WhatsApp with Video Call Filter

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App Info

App NameCooCoo WhatsApp
Latest Versionv5.1.1
File Size63mb
Package Namecom.whatsapp
Developers TeamTerbaru Team
MODsCooCoo, CoCo

What is CooCoo WhatsApp GB

Introducing you the LN WhatsApp:
This anti-ban mod version of WhatsApp contains far more advanced features to offer the WhatsApp community exceeding the whopping 2 billion.

It embellishes your WhatsApp experience by giving your more control, customization, and fun options that you can utilize to get an optimum WhatsApp experience. Following are some of the glimpses of this quirky WhatsApp application:

CooCoo WhatsApp Requirements

Android: OS 4.1 or above
iPhone:  iOS 12 or above
KaiOS: 2.5.0 or above

Features of CooCoo WhatsApp

Listed below are the most demanded and viral features of CoCo WhatsApp.

50+ Amazing filters you can apply during a video call

In WhatsApp, you might have made a video call. It seems really boring. On one side, Snapchat and other messaging applications give plenty of indigenous features, but WhatsApp only does a little.

But CooCoo provides you with a gleam of light. It gives you 70 unique filters you can put on during your video calls in WhatsApp. Try this out! And your WhatsApp experience is gonna be skyrocketing.

Anti-delete messages

Remember the situation when your friends sent you a message last time and deleted it just after a while? You can see the notification but not the original content of the message. It really sucks; why they deleted it?

Is this vital information that my friend is concealing from me? But Coocoo saves you from all the frustrations regarding that. If someone sends you a message mistakenly, they can not delete it from your chat.

Even they will be sure that they have deleted their message. Intriguingly, you can confidently pretend to be unaware of that chat string. You can experience same feature in AG WhatsApp & AN WhatsApp

Anti-Delete Status

It blocks someone from deleting messages they send you, not just their status. If someone deletes their status, only you can fetch that status without hassles.

They might need to find out whether you have seen their status or not. Awe-inspiring Design and Layout:

The first and foremost thing that makes it stand out is its design. It is WhatsApp that no more looks like ordinary WhatsApp. Instead, its UI and layout give you charming vibes whenever you open your application.

Quirky privacy features you really needed

It gives you the best privacy features that will change your WhatsApp experience. There are many top-notch features it contains that have attracted huge numbers of users across the globe.

Such as Anti Forwarded Tag,  Anti View once, Hide blue ticks, and Freeze Last Seen. These features have different benefits attached to them that you can avail of during your chat.

For example, you can send any forwarded message without a forwarded tag that implies that the message has been written by you. Same as feature in DMWhatsApp

Get open to the world with access to multiple languages

The most inspiring thing is that you have access to more than 40 major world languages in your chat box. Suppose you are talking to some Italian who doesn’t know English.

You can communicate effectively if even you don’t know italics. This happens when you choose the text in your chat box and change the language from your drop-down list.

Dark sides of CooCoo:

While this fantastic WhatsApp mod version has quirky features, it also has some drawbacks. Following are some of the demerits of this WhatsApp version you need to know before installing it on your device:

  • Legal issue: All the mod WhatsApp versions are replications of official WhatsApp. Therefore, the custodians of WhatsApp claim their intellectual property and patent rights over these mod versions. Sometimes they start clamping down on these mod versions. Therefore, it is advisable to use your phone number of secondary nature and not your primary phone number. Because rarely, WhatsApp cancels your WhatsApp account against these numbers.
  • Issue of update: People’s primary concern with this mod version is that they need to provide an in-app update mechanism. Instead, you must uninstall the previous version and install the latest one, keeping your data back up. Nowadays, when WhatsApp is coming up with the latest and unique updates, all the mod versions have to keep up with the flow to maintain their competitive edge compared to the official WhatsApp. Therefore, sporadic updates might irritate your mind.

CooCoo WhatsApp Old Versions

Older versions of CooCoo WhatsApp, such as v4.7.0, v4.7.0.1, and v5.1.0, are also available for download. However, we recommend upgrading to the latest version, v5.1.1, for the best experience and security features.

How to install CooCoo WhatsApp on Android?

This WhatsApp application can be installed above the 4.1 Android version on Android devices. You can follow the simple steps below to install this application on your Android devices.

  • First, install the CooCoo Apk from or some other reliable source online.
  • Move the apk file to a safe place in your internal memory. This will help you reinstall and share this file with others.
  • Now tap the application file and select the ‘install’ option.
  • After completing the installation process launch the application.
  • Here, it will ask you to verify your phone number. You have to enter a running phone number. You will receive a six-digit code from WhatsApp. Put this code into the application verification.
  • Start using Coocoo WhatsApp.
How to install Step 1
Step 1
How to install Image step 2
Step 2

Install CoCo WhatsApp on your PC

You can also install this WhatsApp version on your PC. For that, you need a Bluestacks emulator. You can trace the following steps to install this WhatsApp on your PC:

  • Download the latest apk file of Coocoo WhatsApp on
  • Install the blue stack emulator and launch it.
  • From the bluestacks window, navigate to the downloaded apk file and right-click to install it.
  • After installation, launch the application and verify your phone number.

Personal Experience

Installing Coocoo was the most defining moment of my life. Personally, I have gotten sick of some of the aspects of my WhatsApp. For example, I wanted to ignore some people in my contact list if they put any status stories.

But in ordinary WhatsApp, all the stories move as a reel, as you know. Man, it happened to me that I mistakenly watched their stories and ended up having no tool to fix them.

But then I realized that some WhatsApp versions provide this unique feature. After installing it, I realized that it has dozens of features that you can use to maintain your WhatsApp communication, your privacy, and more control. I also realized that everyone was using this kind of WhatsApp tool. In this situation, it is absurd not to go with the flow.

Last Words

If you have yet to use any WhatsApp mod version before, Coocoo will be a unique experience for you. In its latest update of 2024, it has developed more advanced features such as Avatar and voice notes status to outperform the official WhatsApp.

Besides the standard mod features, this application offers much more to enjoy fun communication. You can also check out some other offbeat WhatsApp mod applications, such as GB WhatsApp. FM WhatsApp, WhatsApp Aero, and WhatsApp Plus on

4.1 (6341 votes)

There can be various reasons for the application not working correctly on your device, such as:

If your Android device is below the 4.1 Android version, then this application won’t work for you.

You might have downloaded this application’s spam file, so it is not launching correctly on your device. We recommend downloading this application from or some other reliable sources.

Your device memory needs to be refreshed. Uninstall some of the extra applications and manage enough space for new applications to launch 

Lastly, you are not using a proper internet connection. Sometimes when you verify your number on weak internet, the application may not respond well.

To update this WhatsApp version, you can follow the steps below:

Make a local backup of your WhatsApp.

Uninstall the previous version of your WhatsApp

Download and install the latest version of Coocoo WhatsApp from

Restore your data and start using the latest version of Coocoo WhatsApp.

You can use video call filters in CooCoo WhatsApp, similar to Snapchat, while talking to your friends on a video call. To use these filters, download the latest version of CooCoo WhatsApp from and access the filter gallery to apply your favourite filters.

It is a fantastic feature usually available in the offbeat mod versions of WhatsApp. You can enable it to suppress your last seen timestamp and date. In fact, people guess your last activity on WhatsApp from the time shown beneath your name tag in their WhatsApp. But when you turn this witty feature on, they will no longer see you online but every time offline, even if you are online. Thus it might help you to be incognito and use it wisely in your daily WhatsApp communication.