WhatsApp vs WhatsApp Business [Detailed Comparison 2024]

Businesses find their space wherever the masses shift. Now when 2.5 billion out of the whole human population is active on WhatsApp, how can businesses miss out on this opportunity? Feeling that trend WhatsApp launched the WhatsApp business back in January 2018.

The core difference between the two is that WhatsApp is a personal app for messaging while WhatsApp business has a business utility. Using Business WhatsApp, you can communicate with your clients, gather leads and prospects create more engagement, and many things more.

WhatsApp vs WhatsApp Business [Detailed Comparison]

Key Differences between WhatsApp and WhatsApp Business

Following are some of the key aspects where WhatsApp business out-do regular WhatsApp:

Product Catalogs:

Unlike your personal WhatsApp Business WhatsApp enables you to make your product catalogs. You can showcase your product smartly through images, their price tags, and even link it with your business website.

Conversation Labelling:

You can label your all conversations using Business WhatsApp. Using this feature creatively you can label your customers as loyal, early bird, urgent, complaint, or anything to get a clue about the people you are talking to.

QR Codes:

You can place your WhatsApp QR codes or short links on your business platform such as websites or Facebook profiles. This bridge helps your clients directly land in your WhatsApp chat in a cinch.

Quick replies:

WhatsApp business helps you generate quick responses to your clients, to create more engagement. These might include the answers to the repetitive questions for which you don’t need to type every time.

in regular WhatsApp, this feature is not available. Still, you can find this feature in some mod WhatsApp versions such as GB WhatsApp Pro, TM WhatsApp, or WhatsApp Aero.

Automate your messages:

 You can automate your messages to leave more imprinting impacts on your regular clients. For example, Happy New Year messages, greeting messages, thank you notes, etc.

Media-Rich messages:

In business, making conversation more human and more engaging is half part of the game. That’s what WhatsApp business platform helps you do. You can send media-rich messages to your audience including stickers, videos, images, audio, and documents.

Highly Accessible to People:

Unlike normal WhatsApp, Business WhatsApp has more public accessibility from across various marketing platforms such as Meta, Instagram Adverts, and others. Following are the key factors that help people easily switch among various platforms and directly land into your business chat box:

  • QR codes
  • Embedded social media button on your website
  • Two-way Links to Facebook pages
  • Integration with Instagram adverts and Facebook


Although this feature is available in both versions, in WhatsApp business you have its entirely different usage. As an online business, you might be familiar with newsletters or promotional SMS notifications.

 In the same way, using this app you can use broadcasts for your promotional content. Using broadcasts, you can disseminate your business feeds to up to 256 people simultaneously. In that way, you can keep your clients engaged and aware of your upcoming products and feeds.


You can use both WhatsApp versions on the same device however you need two different phone numbers for them. If you wanna use both simultaneously, it is preferable to use the However, for WhatsApp business you can also use your landline number to get your account verified.

What is WhatsApp Business API?

It is just like your email marketing platform or CRM that collaborates WhatsApp with other marketing tools. Business APIs don’t contain their interface but the platform they are connected to.

For mid-sized or large-scale businesses, it is better to use WhatsApp business API rather than App. Additionally, having WhatsApp Business API gives you the green tick next to your business name which is in itself a sign of legitimacy for your audience.

Difference between WhatsApp Business and WhatsApp Business API?

Following are the Key differences:

Why WhatsApp Business is Trending?

Last year WhatsApp Business as alone generated 123 billion dollars in revenue for businesses as per Statista. More countries are adopting this innovative mode of communication as their business strategy with Brazil, Mexico, and Peru are on the lead.

Businesses understand that connecting to customers in the same network they use for their friends and family builds a relationship based on trust. Especially, the free connectivity and easy accessibility have lured businesses to adopt this positive change in communication.


Using WhatsApp Business is a more dynamic experience than using normal messaging WhatsApp. It is best for small business owners and is based on its limited but free reach. It is easy to handle and to access. However, if you have personal usage among friends and family, you should opt for normal WhatsApp.

Still, if you are looking for some exceptional business WhatsApp features in your regular WhatsApp, you can go for some top-notch WhatsApp mod versions such as WhatsApp Aero, FM WhatsApp, GB WhatsApp, or WhatsApp Plus.

Frequently Asked Questions

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