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Hi, all the tech geeks! Here I will uncover a matchless WhatsApp mod that will give you goosebumps. If you are worried about the curtailed powers of your official WhatsApp compared to the rapidly expanding WhatsApp mod family, you caught it right!

Because I’m going to introduce you to an awe-inspiring WhatsApp mod version called OGWhatsApp Pro. However, if you are one of its 500+ million active users per month worldwide. So stay connected to the end of the blog, and find what’s new for you.

OGWhatsApp Pro Download Latest Version

App Info

App NameOG WhatsApp
Latest Mod | Basev17.85 | v2.24.6.77
File Size70mb
DeveloperAlex Mods/Hey Mods

Developers Overview

Primarily OG WhatsApp was developed by a renowned software development Company XDA in 2013. However, this antiban apk is developed and refined by two different developers that have augmented this apk in their own way:

OGWhatsApp Pro by Alex Mods:

Alex mods is a software development company chaired by a Russian developer Alex. After adding some hot features in its upcoming versions, he has given OG a new look. Other than OG, this developer has given WhatsApp lovers a new lease of life in the form of WhatsApp Plus, FM WhatsApp and WhatsApp Aero.

OGWhatsApp Pro by Hey Mods:

This development team has also put some ingenious ideas in this apk. Overall, the continuous improvement in design and appearance has made this apk boom. Some other apps from same developer are YO WhatsApp, FM WhatsApp, Aero WhatsApp & Fouad WhatsApp.

OGWhatsApp Pro Just Nailed It

It is a WhatsApp modification, an antiban version exclusively designed by some third-party developers to unleash its offbeat performance, thus keeping you a cutting-edge technology compared to other WhatsApp versions.

Interestingly, this apk also operates along with the official WhatsApp as a secondary WhatsApp application in an easy-going way. It collaborates. After its successful launch, over 500 million people out of a whopping two billion WhatsApp community have put their big hands together for its jaw-dropping performance.

Super Hot OGWhatsApp Pro Features

There are dozens of unique features that OGWA overweighs the official WhatsApp version and will just mesmerize you.

Because this is a vast family of mods, therefore, we’ll recommend these similar WhatsApp MODs to also check: Coocoo WhatsApp, Fouad WhatsApp, TM WhatsApp.

Chat Screen Customization:

With OGWhatsApp Pro, your customization is going to be hassle-free. It gives you a vast palette in your hands; thus, you can easily modify even the tiniest details such as bubble styles, ticks styles, action bars, call button disabled, Emojis settings and more.

100% Antiban Version:

First, let me explain what this antiban means. Actually, official WhatsApp developers have sued some of the mod versions imitating the original version thoroughly. Most of these versions were banned on any application platform for the claim of intellectual property of official WhatsApp.

But some advanced WhatsApp versions like OGWA added hue value to official WhatsApp, that they cannot be claimed as a counterfeit shop of official WhatsApp. That is why this app is an antiban application.

Read Deleted Messages:

OG WhatsApp is a sneaky application that empowers you to read all the messages that once have been deleted by the senders either in a group or your private chat. You just need to enable the anti-delete messages button for that superpower.

Anti-Delete Status:

Similarly, you can also watch anyone’s status even if they have deleted it. You can also fetch a status that has recently spent 24 hours. The bottom line is that you can also download any status from the enabled download button on the status screen.

An enticing collection of Themes:

The best part is OG provides you with a vast collection of mind-boggling themes. More than 1000+ themes in the OGWA store have been categorized into different sub-categories that you must check out.

Hide Your Online Status:

How do we know about someone’s online availability? The answer is by reading their last seen status on the notification bar in their chat box. Here you often see someone’s online availability with a timestamp.

But what if OGWA offers you to control that timeline status? It implies that you can easily control someone’s perception of your online status.

Calling Unknown Numbers:

Now directly call or message an unknown number without saving it in your contract through OG WhatsApp. You just need to tap at the top right corner of your WhatsApp and tap the option ‘message a number’ where you can type any number and text or make a video call.

Business Out Reach:

OGWhatsApp is widely used by marketers as their business advertising and marketing strategy. Thus if you own a business, you can also reach out to a random audience through this innovative tool cost-effectively.

Enrich Your groups and status with more words:

Your group name matters! More often, you would have freaked out by the limited characters used in your group name. But the OGWA version extends that limit from 25 in the official WhatsApp version to 35 characters.

Although this is a tiny feature, little things have a huge impact. And the bottom line is that you can also enrich your status with more words than official WhatsApp with the new limit of 250 words rather than 130 characters in regular WhatsApp.

Scheduled Messages Make Your Life Easy:

OGWhatsApp Pro is the best app that can assist you in making continuous connections with your audience. There is no need to type repeatedly; you can just enfranchise some custom templates for your audience.

You can also employ this pain-free tool for your business by building a seamless connection with your prospects, leads, and customers to induce them and connect and buy your products and services.


Emojis and Emoticons are the nice things in your communication that make every chat string fun. Two things that make these emojis enjoyable in your communication; one their proper usage, while the other is their uniqueness. But regular WhatsApp hampers that fun part of your communication.

Everyone uses emojis in regular WhatsApp, so they are no longer unique and ultimately appealing. But, it is not the case with OGWA. This apk provides you with a massive collection of creative emoticons that will be unique every time. So, use these emojis creatively amongst your friends and blow them away.

Dual Accounts:

Although this is a widespread feature commonly available in many other mod WhatsApp applications, this entirely uses full in OGWA. Compared to official WhatsApp, you can have two different accounts in a single WhatsApp application in an easy-going way.

File Transfer:

you can transfer any file in any format without hassles, including all significant formats such as eBook, PDF, PPT, TXT, and Docs having sizes up to 100 MB.

Audio Files:

OG WhatsApp Pro keeps your preferences as the first and foremost priority. That also applies to your audio files; you can now send far lengthy audio than you do in official WhatsApp, up to 100 MB.


This might be the most appealing feature that OGWA offers you. Wherever you are, whatever you are doing, you can share your location with anyone with a freaky single tap. Interesting? Yes, these features become effective at crucial times, such as sharing your location quickly, even during driving.

OGWhatsApp Pro Old Versions

Even Rome wasn’t built in a day. Similarly, OGWA has also evolved from its base version in its upcoming update. The recently launched latest version of OGWhatsApp Pro is v17.85, which has been provided in the download button below. However, we cannot forget the famous old versions like v17.60, v17.55, v17.52, v17.51, v17.50, v17.45, v17.40, v17.30, v17.20, v17.10, and v17.00. All of them were amazing, but everything needs improvement due to the emerging needs of users.

How to install OGWhatsApp Pro on Android

To enjoy the benefits of the intelligent messaging tool, OG WhatsApp, on your Android device, you can follow these simple steps to install its APK.

However, ensure your Android version is 5.0 or higher before installing, as this app cannot be installed on versions below 5.0. Here are the steps to install OG WhatsApp on your Android device:

  1. Download the OG WhatsApp APK file from a reliable source.
  2. Before installing the APK, go to the security settings on your device and enable “Unknown Sources” to allow the installation of apps from outside the Google Play Store.
  3. Locate the downloaded APK file in your device’s file manager and tap on it to install it.
  4. Follow the on-screen prompts and agree to the app permissions requested by OG WhatsApp.
  5. Wait for the installation process to complete, which may take a few minutes.
  6. Once installed, open the app and enter your phone number to verify your account.
  7. Finally, customize the settings to your preferences and start using OG WhatsApp.
  8. By following these steps and taking the necessary precautions, you can easily install and enjoy all the benefits of OG WhatsApp on your Android device.

How to install OGWhatsApp Pro on PC

To download and install the OG APK on your PC, follow a few simple steps. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Download and install the BlueStacks emulator on your PC from its official website. BlueStacks is an Android emulator that enables you to run Android apps on your PC. Once you have installed it, download the OG WA APK file to your computer from a trusted source, such as Apkwa.net. You can download the APK file by clicking on the download link provided.
  2. After downloading the APK file, open the emulator and go to your saved APK file.
  3. To install the APK file, you can either drag and drop it into the emulator or use the built-in install function. Select the APK file, which will be installed on your PC.
  4. After the installation is complete, launch the OGWA APK and verify your phone number to start using the app on your PC.

By following these steps, you can easily download and install the Antiban OG WhatsApp APK on your PC and enjoy using WhatsApp just like on your Android device.

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Personal Review

I have been using different WhatsApp mod versions since 2019. I tried most WhatsApp mod versions, such as WhatsApp Plus, GB WhatsApp, FM WhatsApp, Fouad WhatsApp, and others. Although some of them outperform as compared to others.

But my experience with OGWhatsApp Pro by Alex Mods has been the best. What truly appeals to me is its UI layout and themes that fit my aesthetic preferences. Overall, this apk needs some minor improvements too. I will give it 8 out of 10.

In Summary

The best thing about this apk is that its developers continuously update it with the rapidly upgrading competition to keep you one step forward. But some ramifications are attached to this, such as, as a third-party application, users have the same way to update OGWA or any mod application like this.

Therefore, there is a dire need to channelize an efficient way to upgrade this apk to its most recent version. On the flip side, this apk is outperforming in many aspects. In a gist, up until you install and use it, you cannot get its most packed feel. So, keep visiting apkwa.net for more of it, and you will get new feeds and updated versions of all the WhatsApp mods.

4.8 (15400 votes)

To be clear, this apk developed by a third-party developer. That is why it is not available on any application platform such as the Mac store, Play Store, etc. Rather, you can download it from an authenticated website. For your convenience, check out the above link to download this app.

This is a third-party application; thus, one may have the right to point fingers about its safe operations. But, for a third-party application, we only have one parameter to measure its actual performance, and that is its customer feedback. And for OGWA, there is a huge applause by its users over time. Over 500 million people have downloaded it so far, and its continuous growth amongst the WhatsApp community is stunning.

As a third-party application, this app isn’t available on Google Play Store. Thus, for its updated versions, you must visit an authentic website. You need to uninstall by keeping your data back up and installing the most updated version.

Yes, this app is antiban, which implies that it cannot be claimed by official WhatsApp as their intellectual property.