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Looking for a stunning WhatsApp mod version? You might be freaking out about the poor performance and curtailed powers of official green WhatsApp on your device.

But here, your pursuit ends. Because I’m going to take you to an awe-inspiring WhatsApp mod version called ABWhatsApp that has spiced up the WhatsApp user experience. Keep reading the whole blog post. I will dissect the ABWA and reveal how it will make your WhatsApp experience fun.

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The initial version of ABWhatsApp is designed with a sleek black color, and it is also known as WhatsApp Ibn Al-Hajj Al-Aswad.


Moving on to the second version, AB2WhatsApp, it boasts an eye-catching red color and is referred to as WhatsApp Ibn Al-Hajj Al-Ahmar.


The third version, AB3WhatsApp, comes with a captivating purple hue and bears the name WhatsApp Ibn Al-Hajj Al-Annabi.


As for the fourth version, AB4WhatsApp, it showcases a refreshing green color and is aptly named WhatsApp Ibn Al-Hajj Al-Akhdar.


Coming to the fifth version, AB5WhatsApp, it embraces a cool blue shade and is recognised as WhatsApp Ibn Al-Hajj Al-Azraq.


Lastly, we have the sixth version, AB6WhatsApp, which goes by the title WhatsApp Ibn Al-Hajj Al-Dhahabi.

App Info

App NameABWhatsApp
Latest Versionv32.00
File Size74mb
Developers TeamAbdulmalik Alhaj
Version MODsAB, AB2, AB3, AB4, AB5, AB6
Color MODsBlack, Red, Purple, Green, Blue, Yellow

ABWhatsApp is Awesome

This masterpiece WhatsApp mod application was developed by Abdul Malik Alhaj, the developer and founder of ABMODs. With the gazillions of people downloading it, our search data shows how demanding is this WhatsApp version.

That is just because of its peerless performance, the state-of art features it entails and the continuous improvements by its developer that collectively keep it ahead of its competition.

Based on slight user preference changes, the developer has designed its six various counterparts, which are given below:

  • Black ABWhatsApp
  • Red AB2WhatsApp
  • Purple AB3WhatsApp
  • Green AB4WhatsApp
  • Blue AB5WhatsApp
  • Yellow AB6WhatsApp

We recommend using its black version if you are not looking for additional preferences.

What’s new in v32.00

AB WhatsApp v32.00 brings many new and improved features. The update makes the app faster and more stable, ensuring a safe experience for users. Now, you can easily back up and restore all your files, like photos and videos. Sharing larger documents, media, and audio files up to 100+MB is also possible.

Plus, there are fun new emoji and chat bubble shapes to enjoy. Managing messages is simpler with automatic message selection, pinning important chats, and transferring chats between phones without using Google Drive.

Editing messages, locking conversations, and seeing images next to names in groups are now available. Various bugs have been fixed, like delays in sending messages, crashes during calls or group creation, slow performance, and navigation issues.

The update also enhances styles and offers other improvements for a better user experience.

ABWhatsApp Requirements

Android: OS 4.1 or above
iPhone:  iOS 12 or above
KaiOS: 2.5.0 or above

ABWhatsApp Features

AB WhatsApp Plus provides numerous exciting features that go beyond the six available variants.

ABWhatsApp is Anti-Ban

Recently, users were facing the trouble of getting banned for one hour from their WhatsApp accounts. But now AB WhatsApp has come up with its latest update. In this update, you are no more going to face that problem.

Because the developer has modified its antiban status against any intrusion. Be assured that your WhatsApp is going to work seamlessly.

Message Bombing

This is a witty feature available to you in this smart application that you can use to send a message unlimitedly in one go. You can use this feature to make fun of your communication.

For example, last time, my bestie asked me to propose to her 20 times a minute; otherwise, she would not pick up my call. Using this unique feature, I proposed to her a hundred times in one tap. Afterwards, we cheered together. You can also use bomb messaging in many fun ways.

Voice Changer

You might have used different voice changer applications. Now imagine you could change your voice in your WhatsApp voice notes before sending it to your friends. How amazing can it be?

Yes! ABWhatsApp Plus provides you voice changer in your chat box where you can replace your voice with different options such as Baby, Drunk, Deep, Robot and Underwater. Time to have fun and laughter.

Disappearing Messages

The unnecessary chats and conversations might freak you out, blah! They carry extra space in your phone. Additionally, you are in real trouble if you find a particular chat.

But by using disappearing messages, you can let go of all day-to-day conversation that doesn’t need to be saved. But here is a catch! AB WhatsApp enables you to customize your disappearing messaging with various contacts individually.

You can also choose from various periods available in a dropdown list. After that, your messages will disappear from the receiver’s chat box if they don’t want to save them.

Ocean of Wallpapers

A soothing wallpaper behind your chat energizes you whenever you open your chat box. Right? That might be a serene waterfall, a Barbie girl with shiny eyes or anything that matches your vibes.

That is why AB WhatsApp offers you 1000+ wallpapers that are state-of-art. You can just go and select any matching your personality.

Single Tap Location Sharing

This is the top most feature I like most about ABWhatsApp. This quirky WhatsApp version allows you to share your location with anyone with a single tap from your chat box.

You must select the bottom right pin sign in your chat box. It will open a window with different options, such as poll-ins, documents and location sharing. Taping on your location sharing option, you can share your pinpoint location with your friends and family and the nearby places you have.

Sticker & Emoji Packs

You might be expecting it. Yes! This is the feature for which most of the crazy fanboys of AB WhatsApp are here to download. Fortunately, the developer offers you a huge variety of sticker packs of various kinds.

You can simply download a genre you love the most and start using it in your communication and messaging. It will color your chat box with a new zeal, I bet. You can get various stickers, such as Foodies, Asian Love, Mandalorian etc.

Holy Quran And Islamic Collection

Finally, this is good tidying for gazillions of Muslim WhatsApp users. The developer Alhaj addresses the need for an Islamic collection in WhatsApp that gives easy excess to Muslims spending most of their time on WhatsApp.

Therefore, you can recite the holy Quran here and not just that it provides you built-in Islamic literature such as Prayers, ‘Adhkaars’ and many more. Thus, this application is a level-up WhatsApp approach for a practicing Muslim. No worry if you are not a Muslim. You can also explore what Muslim literature says in your leisure time.

Your Virus free WhatsApp

Where WhatsApp has gone prevalent with whopping 2 billion humans across the globe, spamming and viruses have also crept into your WhatsApp. People use different spammy methods for their vested interests, for example, to fetch your data and outreach you illegally.

But thanks to ABWhatsApp, you can now filter out all the viruses and spammy contacts through your ‘Cut virus option In the Alhaj setting of this WhatsApp mod version. Be secure with this amazing value addition to your life.

ABWhatsApp MOD Features

Besides the unique features above, this WhatsApp version also entails the mod feature commonly available in other mod WhatsApp versions like BT WhatsApp & Imune WhatsApp but not in official WhatsApp. Following are some mentions of the mod features it offers you.

1 Hour Long Status

This feature is amazing and is available on a few top-notch WhatsApp mod versions. Enabling that you can upload a video status for up to an hour. But here is a catch: only those who have installed AB WhatsApp on their devices can watch your full status.

Meticulous Customizations

Regarding customization, this application leads all the mod WhatsApp versions. It enables you to modify every nook and corner of your WhatsApp. Whether it is the status screen, chat screen, or overall WhatsApp, you can customize, modify, animate and beautify your WhatsApp.

Freeze last seen

This feature is frequently in demand and available in mod WhatsApp versions. In other chat boxes, you can freeze your last seen timestamp and date beneath your name tag. Now onward, they aren’t going to guess your online availability.

Custom Privacy

ABWA provides iron-clad privacy options such as blue ticks, Anti view once, and disable forwarded. But on top of everything, it gives you the control to customize your privacy with your every contact. That is a wise tool. Pointedly you better known to manage different privacy circumstances with different people in your contacts.

Media Transfers

This WhatsApp version makes it a high watermark by offering you to send an image up to 3 MB resolutions. Not just that, you can send 10 image files in one tap.

Additionally, the most astonishing thing is that you can send a video up to 700MB in one go that you cannot even think of on your official WhatsApp. Amazing! This WhatsApp operates beyond the limits.

ABWhatsApp is coming stronger in 2024

In its latest update, this application has developed some structural reforms that make it your first and foremost selection. Obviously, this application had some flaws as made by a human. But how its developers reacted to the critics and public feedback is commendable. Following are a few mentions of the recurring issues that have been fixed now:

The antiban protection has been modified and strengthened now. Now you will not get the trouble of a repeated 1-hour ban.

The users were observing the Auto reply/ forward crash. But now it’s all gone.

Until v24, there were recurring issues related to the Fingerprint lock that have been fixed.

The problem of slow copying in the chat screen has been resolved now.

Many other fixes ease your WhatsApp experience. Time to discover by yourself.

ABWhatsApp Plus Installation guide on android

Before installing this application, you must ensure your Android is above the 4.1 version. Additionally, you will have to turn on the third-party installation for the settings. You can install this application on your Android device by following the easy-peasy steps below:

  • Firstly, download the apk file of AB WhatsApp from or any other authenticated source online.
  • Second, save the downloaded apk file in a different place to share it or reinstall it if needed.
  • Third, tap the apk file and install it
  • Fourthly, launch the apk file and verify your phone number.
  • Enter the world of creative communication with AB WhatsApp.
How to install Step 1
Step 1
How to install Image step 2
Step 2

ABWhatsApp Plus Installation guide for PC

The installation method for PC is slightly different from that of Android. You need an emulator on your PC, most preferably Blue Stacks Emulator. Follow the steps below to install this WhatsApp version on your PC.

  • First, download and launch the blue stack emulator on your PC.
  • Download the Apk file of AB WhatsApp and secure it in a different place on your PC.
  • From your blue stack screen, navigate to where the apk file is placed.
  • Right-click the file and select the install option
  • Follow the same procedure of verifying your phone number as on your Android You do
  • Start using this quirky WhatsApp version on your Android.

User Review

I had heard of this amazing WhatsApp version from a friend in my hostel. Then I wasn’t expecting this much potential in this application. But soon, I downloaded and explored it, and it gave me goosebumps.

This WhatsApp mod version is unlike most other mod applications that provide lip services. The most loveable thing I find in it is the option to share your location instantly.

Moreover this application has many more gem features that, all of a sudden, I find every time I open it up. Then I say, why didn’t I know it before. To cut a long story short, it is just amazing.

Last Words

AB WhatsApp is a trending WhatsApp mod version, a masterpiece by Abdulmalik Alhaj. In its previous versions, there were some crashes, and on top of everything, banning issues were observed.

Consequently, the developer called for an emergency update. now in its v32.00, most of its recurring issues have been addressed. Overall, now, It has far more things to offer you other than what I mentioned above. Therefore I recommend you dive in and explore it yourself; it is worth finding.

4.9 (9050 votes)

You can simply download Official and latest version from our site. Save this URL. And we will upload all updates here.

As of its latest version that is v25, it is safe to say that ABWhatsApp is an antiban WhatsApp mod application. The reason is that the developer has modified all the claims based on official WhatsApp clamping down on its mod replications. Resultantly you will not see any temporary banning for 1 hour or 2. Be confident in using AB WhatsApp, which is far more secure now.

There might be various reasons for your WhatsApp not working properly. Such as:

  • Your Android is below the 4.1 Android version
  • Your phone has storage issues, therefore when applications make a cache, your device slows down.
  • Resolving the above issues, you can ensure the seamless working of WhatsApp on your device.

ABWhatsApp enables a bot to download any status or story you love the most. It provides a button on the bottom right corner of your status screen. Tap the downloader button, and the status or story will be in your gallery in a cinch.

It is outperforming and astonishing users with its offbeat features. I would say that it lies among the top-notch WhatsApp mod versions available online. But still, we cannot declare it the best. Because it primarily depends upon your preferences regarding which combination of tools you want to see in your WhatsApp. This WhatsApp version is best for you if you want the above features. You can also check out some prominent WhatsApp mod versions of, such as WhatsApp Plus, WhatsApp Blue, GB WhatsApp, FM WhatsApp and WhatsApp Aero.