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There are many WhatsApp versions prevalent in the WhatsApp app community. Based on the unique sales proposition and user preferences, people use different versions in different regions worldwide.

Today I will introduce you to a finely developed WhatsApp mod version called ‘FM WhatsApp,” exclusively designed for its cool features and horrific visual experience.

This app has come up with many ingenious ideas never seen before. Of its unparalleled performance, FM WhatsApp Updated version is spreading in the WhatsApp community by leaps and bounds.

Before jumping to the download link, we suggest you read all of its lights and darks so that you can clearly see FMWA before installing it.

FM WhatsApp Download Update & Latest version

Update FM WhatsApp

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55130 reviews

App Info

App NameFMWhatsApp
File Size71mb
Developers TeamFouad Mods

Why FMWhatsApp?

Before addressing the above question, you first need to know why to choose a mod WhatsApp version rather than an official version.

The answer is the hampered capability of the regular WhatsApp version leaves a gap in public demand that is appropriately filled by the mod WhatsApp industry.

In fact, the mod WhatsApp version gives you more freedom in many aspects of your communication that might seem risky for the official WhatsApp to launch to a whopping 2 billion community of WhatsApp, Like YO WhatsApp, NS WhatsApp, CooCoo WhatsApp & GM WhatsApp.

Now let’s come to your true concern of why FMWhatsApp? In the mod WhatsApp industry, many WhatsApp versions are prevalent among WhatsApp lovers, different in different regions of the world.

Whether it is your privacy-related concern or demand for deeper customization, sleek design, mass data sharing, or anything beyond your expectations, the FMWA keeps you at the cutting edge with most other WhatsApp mod apps. Despite its better performance and enticing user review, it has rapidly prevailed in the WhatsApp family. 

FM WhatsApp Themes

iOS Theme Light

iOS Theme Light

iOS Theme Dark

iOS Theme Dark

Stock Light UI

Stock Light UI

Stock Dark UI

Stock Dark UI

One UI Theme Brown

One UI Theme Brown

One UI Theme Android

One UI Android

One UI Theme Navidad

One UI Theme Navidad


One UI Theme Platinum

FMWhatsapp “An Overview

This APK doesn’t need an introduction, as most of you have already heard. But you don’t know that it is the masterpiece of Fouad Mods, which is why it is abbreviated as FMWA. Although some other antiban WhatsApp mods apps were developed by Fouad Mods, FMWhatsApp has got hype among the WhatsApp family mostly due to its innovative features.

The latest version is v10.10 so far, but it is expected that rapid changes in the WhatsApp industry will launch its new version very soon. Following are some features that keep a clear distinction from regular WhatsApp versions.

FM WhatsApp Latest version Requirements

Android: OS 4.1 or above
iPhone:  iOS 12 or above
KaiOS: 2.5.0 or above

key Features

Most amazing and unseen features which make FMWhatsApp unique from other MODs.

Hide View Status

More often, you decide not to reveal to some specific people that you pursue their stories. But you wanna see their activities. Ironically I might be your crush. Whatever it is, you need a tool to see their stories without letting them know.

Fortunately, this app allows you to do it in one go. It enables an eye button on the WhatsApp status screen for that. You just need to turn that button on and get fully incognito.

Huge Emojis Collection

Emojis are a fun part of your WhatsApp communication. Doesn’t official WhatsApp have too thin a collection of emojis that even fit your perspective (more often)? But FMWhatsApp has a solution! It collaborates with different social media APKs for a combined emojis collection.

For that, this apk provides you with Facebook, HWhatsApp and other emojis sources. You just need to install the plugin available in the top right corner of FMWA and make your every chat colourful.

Hide Blue Ticks

Another incredible tool that FMWhatsApp offers you is full control of blue ticks in the chat screen of the receiver. In fact, the blue ticks are the symbols that denote different meanings to your string of chat.

When you turns your blue ticks off, the sender receives only a single grey tick, so he can no longer guess your online availability. In comparison, you can fetch all their messages even without letting them know.

Enabled Status Saver

If you are an official WhatsApp user, you must’ve asked your friends and family to send their stories to you that you loved to share as status. But FMWhatsApp makes you independent of the people of your contact and lets you download every status story you like.

Messaging to Unknown Numbers

It is a fantastic tool in today’s world of e-business. Suppose you are running your marketing campaign where you have to get your reach to the people of a specific region of the country.

You just need to type random numbers entailing the country code preceding the number. Employing this technique can target your marketing to your target audience. Thus, the above tool of FMWA has multifarious advantages if used smartly.

Getting rid of the ‘Forwarded Tag”

Before learning about another interesting feature, imagine when you read a message from your friend, a wisely crafted message on a societal cause. But when you read the word forwarded at the top of this message, you suddenly disapprove of your friend’s wisdom, saying it is just a forward message.

What if you remove this tag and send that write-up to someone else? Now they will think that this message purely belongs to you. Such an interesting impact this freaky tool creates? 

Broader Customization Tools

This WhatsApp version gives you a huge array of customization options. You can modify your chat screen, status bar, chat bubbles, ticks styles, effects and animations, and emojis scaling. There are hundreds of other options that you can use to set your WhatsApp adaptable to your preferences.

Old Versions of FMWhatsApp

From its release in 2013 till now, we have seen many old versions of this WhatsApp Like v7.90, v8.12, v8.35, v8.45, v8.51, v8.95, v9.25, v9.27, v9.29, v9.30, v9.35, v9.41, v9.45, v9.50, v9.52, v9.62, 9.72, v9.74, v9.75, v9.80, v9.81, v9.82, v9.92, v9.93, v9.95, v9.98, v10.06, v10.10.

This list was improved a lot. But after the new features releases of Official WhatsApp, FMWA has improved a lot to give you what they’re not giving you by going the extra mile.

Now we’ve stepped into 2nd phase of the revolution, and we have an ongoing list of v17.40, v17.60, v17.90, v19.11, v19.29, v19.30, v19.35, v19.50, v19.52, v19.52.6 till now we have reached to the v19.52.6 an update version of v19.52. Download it and enjoy your chats.

Other Bright Sides of FM Whats

  • Sleek Design: It has a user-friendly interface and a catchy layout that entices the user.
  • Mass messaging: You can send bulky messages up to 700 MB using FMWhatsApp.
  • Anti Delete messaging: This apk empowers you so that no one can delete their messages once they have been sent into your chatbox.
  • Media sharing: It improves data transfer in high resolutions in your daily life. You can send a photo up to a solution of 3MB and a video up to 700.
  • Heavy Audio Files: This outstanding feature lets you send an audio file up to 100 MB. This feature is a creative addition to the latest version of FMWA that is never seen before.
  • Extended Pinning: In this antiban APK, you can pin 100+ chats.

What’s New in v10.10

FMWA gives huge importance to customer feedback. Based on some previous customer reviews of the older versions of FMWA, it has brought some structural improvements in its latest version that include;
Fixed crashes
The recurring problem of crashing while running has been fixed.
Bug fixes
Some malfunctioning bugs are set to ensure a smooth experience in the latest update.
Bug fixes
the camera-related issues were resolved that were brought up by some users.

FM WhatsApp Updating/Installing Procedure

Before installing this app on your android, you must ensure that your android version is above 4.1. Below that, you can not install this app. Take the following steps to install FMWA on your android. 

  1. Download the FMWhatsApp APK file from above Download link and save it is storage.
  2. After that, go to settings and then click the Security button.
  3. Enable third-party app installations.
  4. Now come back to your download, click the downloaded file, and install it.
  5. After installation, it will verify your number and
  6. Start using this amazing app.
How to install Step 1
Step 1
How to install Image step 2
Step 2

How to Download FM WhatsApp on PC: A Short Guide

There are a few steps to download FMWhatsapp on your PC:

  1. First, you have to download and install the BlueStacks emulator on your PC.
  2. Now, download the FMWhats APK file from the link above.
  3. Open the BlueStacks emulator and open the location of the APK file
  4. Drag and drop the APK file into the emulator, or use the built-in install function to install the app
  5. After installation, launch the Antiban FMWhatsApp APK and enjoy using WhatsApp on your PC.

Never Choose FM WhatsApp APK if:

  • You are not interested in any mod features these antiban apps offer you.
  • You are worried about the slow performance of your android. Because, more often, modded apps slow down the system performance.
  • You wanna play it safe. It has been seen that many WhatsApp mods fetch your data as it remains no more encrypted. Thus you need to rely on user reviews primarily.

App Review

In my region, people use WhatsApp mods more commonly, so I could not cut off from my community. When I heard about FMWhatsApp from one of my colleagues, I started ferreting out about it. After installing and using it. I felt a real difference between this and regular WhatsApp versions. I have been using this apk for a long period with no hassle. So far, my experience with this apk is joyful and amazing. I give the big thumbs up to its developers.

Last Words

FM WhatsApp is a horrific WhatsApp mod version with a tremendous variety of features. People have encouraged it with hugely positive feedback based on its performance. The latest version is v10.10. On the flip side of the coin, this app still needs to bring some innovative ideas to compete with highly demanding WhatsApp mods such as GB WhatsApp, Yo WhatsApp and WhatsApp Plus.

Still, it has a wide spectrum of specialties that appeal to many people based on their preferences. Additionally, the developers of FMWhatsApp are concerned about adding some new creative features such as Avatar and voice-changing options. Thus, connect to for further updates and time-to-time innovations in your WhatsApp.

It is an enabled option in mod WhatsApp mod applications that allows you to access the data sent by someone for only one view. Thus, there is no barrier to your communications set by official versions of WhatsApp.

There are hundreds of mod applications available on the internet. Many of them doest really add any value to the user’s life. Rather their E2EE ( End to End encryption) is far less reliable and vulnerable to stealing your data from your WhatsApp. But it is not the case with each antiban mod WhatsApp version. In fact, some of the developers are outperforming in their performances. The basic yardstick for a user to check the credibility of a Mod WhatsApp version is ‘User Review.’ makes available to you all the APKs with a positive user review.

There are many WhatsApp mod applications. Some of them are famous due to their sleek design others are to strengthen privacy. But this Apk has its design and customization as its unique sales proposition.

Official WhatsApp managers consider many aspects of a huge WhatsApp family exceeding 2 billion. Therefore they avoid everything that can be used in exploitative manners. Whereas the mod versions come up with these, filling product gaps. 

If a person on the opposite side of your communication loop uses a mod WhatsApp version. They would have the same controls that you have. Here you just have to take care of their powers too. For instance, you should not be befooled by having someone offline; rather, they might be fetching all the data you are putting on the air.