WhatsApp Community Vs Group? Key Differences & Usage

After acquiring WhatsApp, Meta is improving this global messaging platform at a faster pace. The inclusion of features, such as WhatsApp channels, Polls, Broadcasts, and Communities, is just skyrocketing. 

Still, some might be unfamiliar with every upcoming update and its fullest potential. You might question WhatsApp communities when there are WhatsApp groups and broadcasts. If so, give this post a go, and get to know how WhatsApp communities are different from the groups and how can add stunning value to your life.

WhatsApp Community Vs Group

What is a WhatsApp community?

A WhatsApp community is a feature where you can manage all of your WhatsApp groups in a single place. Suppose you are steering a huge organization, you can manage your HR, Finance, General Management, Marketing, and other departments in a hassle-free way. A single message disseminated by you will get to the roots of your organization.

Key Things where WhatsApp communities are different from the Groups

Since, April 2022, the successful launch of WhatsApp communities has given a big relief to the people and organizations with larger communication requirements. 

Following are the key aspects where a WhatsApp community is different from the groups:

Gather Topic-Based Groups:

If you are managing many groups in the same area of interest, you can put them all together in a community.

Manage your Organization/Brand:

A WhatsApp community helps you build your brand visibility, or manage your departmental organization in your WhatsApp.

Extended Privacy:

More privacy than WhatsApp groups. no one can get to know about other community members. Members in one group can not join other groups without the admin’s approval. However, they can see how many groups are in the community. Plus, in a group, all the participants are visible to everyone. But this is not the case in communities, where only the admin can see all the participants.

Scale Up Your Business:

Companies can boost their promotional content, upcoming deals, and discounts and create more brand engagements.

Provide Customer Support:

Communities can help a lot in providing customer support. Although this was possible in WhatsApp groups, communities made it even more effective and efficient.

Build A Huge Network:

WhatsApp has extended group capacity up to 1024 gradually increasing from 256 then 512 members. Whereas, in a community, you can have up to 100 groups. Astonishingly, managing 100,000 people is not a big deal now by the virtue of WhatsApp communities feature. Additionally, WhatsApp is planning to increase its group capacity from 1024 to 5000 members this year, which is still in beta testing.

Announcements Made easy for you:

Sending a message in the community will be delivered to each group included. But, if you send a message in a separate group, that will be specific to that group. For community announcements, you must be an admin or have been assigned admin roles by the community admin.

All group Features Enabled:

To complement the communities for better communication, WhatsApp has extended the following of its group features in communities too:

  • Polls
  • Reactions
  • Large Voice Calls
  • Admin Controls
  • File Sharing

File Sharing Made Easy:

With a mega-size network, WhatsApp communities provide vast media sharing unavailable in groups. For instance, making 32-person voice and video calls and sending files up to 2 GB.

Create A WhatsApp Community on Android/ iOS/ Desktop:

You can follow the simple steps below to start your WhatsApp community in an Android device, iOS,  or PC:

  • In your Android WhatsApp swipe to the right and tap on a new community
  • Now press create a new community
  • Set the name, description, and other minor details for your community
  • Now add the existing groups only where you are the admin
  • You can also create new groups of up to 100
  • Save settings and here you go.

Note: You can follow the same steps to build communities in your iOS or desktop WhatsApp.

WhatsApp communities are a greater opportunity for people with huge target audiences. Whether you are a gigantic business with an active target audience, the head of an organization, a political activist, or anyone with considerable public interaction, you can creatively use this WhatsApp feature. Therefore it is a much-needed addition in WhatsApp that was never fulfilled by WhatsApp groups only. Also, GB WhatsApp Business has lots of cool extra features if you like mods.

Frequently Asked Questions

In the updated versions of WhatsApp usually a community contains up to 100 groups. However, WhatsApp is planning to extend its group capacity from 1024 to 5000 which is still in its beta testing phase. For now, you can build a gigantic community of up to 100,000 people in a rough estimate.

Well! A community is much higher in the hierarchy as compared to a WhatsApp group. As a community admin implies controlling up to a hundred WhatsApp groups with your appointed admins. However, you can delegate community powers to up to 20 people as co-admins. A complete admin switch is not possible in a community.

A broadcast is a WhatsApp feature especially launched to send bulk messages to your chosen contacts. Whether it be your business feeds, news updates, any or other marketing campaigns, the broadcast is the best tool for it. However, it is limited to only 1024 people. For more business engagement, you can go for WhatsApp Business or WhatsApp Business API.