What is WhatsApp Web – How to Download on PC & Full Guide

WhatsApp Web is a web-based WhatsApp service that was officially launched in January 2015. WhatsApp has over 2 billion users, with 8.79 billion visits from April to June 2023. People are switching to a PC version of WhatsApp.

You can easily access your WhatsApp account on your PC using this stand-alone web-based service by Meta. However, you can also use its PC app, which you can download from the link below:

Keep reading to explore how to use WhatsApp Web, its pros and cons, and many more exciting things you must know to have the best user experience.

3 Things you need to know before using WhatsApp Web:

If you use this WhatsApp version more often, there are some key things that you need to know:

  • Pointedly, using web-based WhatsApp, every file you open directly gets downloaded onto your PC. Therefore, your files might be accessible to other users of that PC.
  • Once you sign into a device, it will be signed in as long as you log it out.
  • At a time, you cannot log into two different web-based WhatsApp on two other devices. Even if you try, it automatically logs you from the previous one. However, WhatsApp provides you with 4 device limits to switch between.
What is WhatsApp Web - How to Download on PC & Full Guide

Benefits of Using the WhatsApp on Web

  • Web-based WhatsApp is comprehensively synced between all the devices you use. Therefore, you can fetch all the conversations in a cinch on all logged-in devices, change settings such as notifications and chat wallpaper, or log out.
  • You can now change your profile information and make new groups, view stared messages, fetch archived chats and other settings such as chat wallpaper and notifications.
  • The most beneficial thing about this web-based WhatsApp facility is it gives you access to your PC storage. So, you can upload/download files from your PC. Otherwise, you would have to connect your phone physically to your PC.

WhatsApp web Limitations

This WhatsApp version is not all-encompassing; it has some limitations, too, given as follows:

  • There are some issues while syncing your messages. It doesn’t show the current state of your chats.
  • You must already have a WhatsApp account to log in to WhatsApp Web. You cannot sign up for a new account in WhatsApp’s web version.
  • You cannot add a new contact using the WhatsApp web messenger.
  • The most curtailing factor is that you cannot make a video or audio call using web-based WhatsApp.
  • You cannot upload any status or story using WhatsApp on web.
  • Also, location sharing is not enabled on WhatsApp web.
  • In the latest web version of WhatsApp, you might see some hiccups in loading your messages. It takes far more time than the previous one, which could do it in just five seconds. Even for some users, it loads slower with holes in conversations, but its search is a bit faster than the older one.
  • Sometimes, you might see a caption, “waiting for this message. This may take a while”. Clicking on the question mark beside the caption will open a new web page with the message “”Ask the person you’re messaging to open WhatsApp on their phone.”

How to use WhatsApp Web on PC

WhatsApp offers you two methods to use its web version. First, you can use it with your browser, and second, use it with the WhatsApp Web app for PC. Using the following method, you can easily install its apk file on your PC:

  • Download the WhatsApp Web App for PC from the link given above.
  • Install the apk file on your PC and launch it; you will get a QR code after its launch
  • Scan the QR code through your phone by visiting settings>linked devices> scan QR code
  • Loading your messages will take some time, but here you go.

How to use WhatsApp Web on PC

To be clear, making individual calls is not enabled on this WhatsApp mode. However, you can make video calls by downloading the PC APK of WhatsApp web. Download the PC app and launch it. Now, press the video call button on your WhatsApp title bar and make unlimited free calls.

How to use WhatsApp on iPad/Mac

You can use WhatsApp’s web version if you are an iPad user. Just open your browser on your iPad and go to web.WhatsApp.com. Now open your WhatsApp web scanner and scan the QR code with your phone by going to the linked devices>scan WhatsApp web QR Code. You will soon be connected to web WhatsApp after loading your messages. 

Even on your iPhone, you can launch WhatsApp on web browsers such as Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari, or any other browser. However, WhatsApp allows you to log into only 4 devices simultaneously. Thus, with every addition, you must log out from previous ones. Furthermore, using a Safari browser, you can make a web WhatsApp home screen icon on your iPad.

How do you log out from your WhatsApp web account?

WhatsApp limits your web usage to only 4 devices to log in. However, you can log out from one linked device to get connected to another. To log out from a device, you must adopt the following procedure.

  • Open your WhatsApp on your mobile phone
  • Click on the three dots at the top right corner
  • Choose the linked devices and scroll down
  • Here, you will see all four devices you are logged into.
  • Tap on any device and press “Log Out.”
  • This is how you can permanently log out from a device.

WhatsApp web not Loading/working – This is how to fix it

Sometimes, users face their WhatsApp web not working correctly, loading messages, delaying notifications, or not launching. There might be various reasons behind that, given as follows:

  1. Clear Cookies and Cache in your Device:

Out-dated caches and cookies pay extra load to your device when launching a new tab. Therefore, it is necessary to shoulder this burden to make your WhatsApp web experience smooth and satisfying. You can take the following best practices to delete your cache frequently:

  • Go to your Chrome history or press CTRL+H
  • Click on precise browsing data
  • Tick marks the “Clear Cache” and “Clear Cookies.”
  • Select All times and press clear.
  1. Update your phone WhatsApp:

If you use an older version of WhatsApp on your device, be ready for hiccups. Therefore, it is a must to up-to-date your WhatsApp version to the latest and then connect with WhatsApp web

  1. Update your Browser:

This is the third and most common cause of your lagging WhatsApp Web online. Updating your browser boosts all your extensions and pages so they work smoothly.

WhatsApp Web Keyboard Shortcuts

A prominent advantage of using WhatsApp on the web over your phone is using keyboard shortcuts to find messages, archive chats, initiate new conversations, mute notifications, and much more. In this way, you can spice up your WhatsApp experience. Following are some practical shortcut keys you might love to use:

Chat Archives:

  • Mac: CMD + CTRL + E
  •  Windows: CTRL + ALT + E

Creating new groups:

  •  Mac: CMD + CTRL + SHIFT + N
  • Windows PC: CTRL + ALT + SHIFT + N

Initiating new chats:

  •  Mac: CMD + N
  • Windows PC: CTRL + ALT + N


WhatsApp web is the most effective service by Meta for the people with the most PC and iPad usage. Still, it is not the complete alternative to your phone-based WhatsApp. Some users face queries regarding messages, not loading, QR scanner issues, and others. However, you can take the troubleshooting measures above to get away with all the problems in connecting and using WhatsApp web seamlessly.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can use WhatsApp on your PC in two ways

  • Through the WhatsApp web PC application
  • Through web-based browser

You can also get WhatsApp web Applications from the web-based version by clicking on the three dots at the top right corner. Choose “Get WhatsApp Web for Windows” and install the WhatsApp PC application.

From a physical perspective, you might need to be concerned about your data being breached by some intruders. It is because you might forget to log out from a device being used by multiple users. On the contrary, multi-device login assures high security because each device has its own encryption key. Therefore, they won’t allow others to breach your EE2E (end-to-end encryption)

As for its functionality, you can operate a web version of WhatsApp on your phone to send or receive texts, files, audio, videos, images, and documents, with some exceptions.