Why did my WhatsApp get banned? How to Fix it?

Have you got your WhatsApp account banned? WhatsApp is day by day fastening its policies about account banning against misuse of WhatsApp under the WhatsApp policy guidelines. However, sometimes WhatsApp raises a red flag against your WhatsApp account for apparently no reason. Keep reading, and discover how you can avoid WhatsApp banning issues, and how to restore your banned WhatsApp account.

Why did my WhatsApp get banned?

Top 8 Reasons Leading to WhatsApp Account Ban?

Following are the most common practices that can lead you to your WhatsApp account ban:

  • Using unofficial versions of WhatsApp sometimes leads to temporary bans of WhatsApp. However, you can switch to some Mod WhatsApp with ironclad anti ban protection such as WhatsApp Plus, Aero WhatsApp, MB WhatsApp, or GB WhatsApp Pro. These WhatsApp versions are way more advanced than normal WhatsApp with their antiban feature to avoid any WhatsApp banning.
  • Using WhatsApp for malware, scamming, or sending spam can lead to your account being blocked.
  • If you keep adding various people in your groups without their permission. You will get banned.
  • Sometimes, spreading the fake news can get you into the keep observations of WhatsApp machine learning system.
  • To be clear using, a third-party WhatsApp mod is against the terms of service of WhatsApp. However, due to the leverage and advanced features they provide, you can benefit from them for your secondary WhatsApp accounts. Choosing the safest mod app is crucial.
  • If you are being reported by other user’s time and again, WhatsApp starts investigating your activities.
  • Getting involved in scraping leads to your WhatsApp account bans. Scrapping is an automated way of fetching basic information about users such as their phone numbers, profile pictures, statuses, and other details on a larger scale.
  • Automated bulk messages can make your WhatsApp activity suspicious for banning.
  • using abusive language. WhatsApp anti-spam filters get activated by finding someone sending the same message to multiple people simultaneously.
  • Overuse of broadcast lists can be dangerous to your account safety. Cz, if your broadcast is not very valuable containing loads of thin content, people might block your number.
  • Using Jailbroken, or rooted devices can also pose a threat of your WhatsApp account banning.
  • Joining too many groups too quickly might imply a bot thereby banning your account.

How to Avoid WhatsApp Ban?

By avoiding the following practices, you can secure your WhatsApp from banning:

  • Sending viruses or malicious files including viruses gets captured as steer violation of WhatsApp terms of service.
  • WhatsApp denounces, Auto messaging, Auto-dialling, or bulk messages to be used excessively.
  • Avoid sending repetitive promotional messages that much so that users get annoyed.
  • Even after unbanning, WhatsApp can reinstate the account ban if someone continues malpractices. In some cases, WhatsApp bans accounts permanently.
  • Avoid using random contact lists for your business campaigns. You can use legal ways to pitch your business ideas through WhatsApp communities, WhatsApp businesses, and WhatsApp Business APIs.
  • As a business, avoid going a maximum of 256 unique users per list in sending your business promotional messages.
  • Fake news might include, misrepresentations, falsehoods, and other misleading statements.
  • Avoid spammy content for which WhatsApp introduced a “forwarded tag” to let you differentiate the spam.
  • WhatsApp has categorized the illegal content that must not be shared with users to avoid account banning. This content includes obscene, defamatory, intimidating, illegal, harassing, threatening, or ethically offensive content.

How to Resolve WhatsApp Banning Issues?

WhatsApp keeps banning and unbanning various accounts after reviewing your account activities against its terms of service. If you get unbanned, you will need to register your number against your WhatsApp account.

  • If you receive the account banning notification, you can take the following measures in the first place,
  • Uninstall the WhatsApp and then reinstall it. Now register your WhatsApp number again. Mostly, it doesn’t work within 30 days of your violation, based on your violation. If so, try again after 30 days.
  • You can request a review, to unlock your WhatsApp account. Upon registering into the app with your blocked number, WhatsApp displays a support section where you can raise your review after filling out a review form.
  • You can also contact online WhatsApp support to raise a review application against your blocked account from the link below:



Other than the above direct reasons sometimes, WhatsApp flags you by mistake. For instance, using a new number in WhatsApp gets your account banned. The most common reason for this is that the number was previously being used as violating WhatsApp terms of service. Even so, you can follow the same recovery procedure as given above.

Frequently Asked Questions:

You will get the following notification. “Your phone number is banned from using WhatsApp”.

Most of the older operating systems don’t launch their latest security updates and therefore don’t fall under WhatsApp’s criteria to functionally operate. However, if your phone is under OS 5.0 up to 4.0 you can use some mod versions that seamlessly operate on these systems such as WhatsApp Plus, or TM WhatsApp. Below are the following versions of devices you might find your WhatsApp not working smoothly:

  • iPhones below iOS 12
  • Androids below OS 5.0