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Apkfew WhatsApp is a mind-boggling WhatsApp application on the Apkfew platform that you can utilize to track WhatsApp of your family and children, fetch their data, or record their incoming and outgoing calls.

Sometimes, it becomes vital to breach your child’s communication space, to delve into the troubles they are stuck in. But, ahead of the E2EE(End-to-end Encryption) introduced by WhatsApp, this becomes a herculean effort to creep into someone’s WhatsApp.

But no worries now! this WhatsApp tracker makes it easy for you. Thus, you can keep a protective eye on your family and children using this WhatsApp application.

Apkfew WhatsApp Tracker Download

Apkfew WhatsApp Official Whats Tracker Download

App Info

App NameApkfew WhatsApp Tracker
File Size18mb
Developers TeamApkWA Mods

Introducing Apkfew WhatsApp Tracker

This is a stunning application, with its latest update. Its current version is v4.0.4. With huge applause in WhatsApp community circles, it has maintained its 4.2-star rating since its inception. Its variety of 16 languages gives people an epic user experience worldwide. This application keeps tracking the messages and activities of the people you know in your social circle.

If you want to checkout other WhatsApp Spy tool then must try Social Spy WhatsApp. More elaborately, following are some key features to mention here:

Apkfew Requirements

Android: OS 4.1 or above
iPhone:  iOS 12 or above
KaiOS: 2.5.0 or above

Messages Tracking

Using that tracker, you can access your prospects’ WhatsApp messages. Whether outgoing or incoming messages, you will be notified every time your targeted person sends or receives a message.

Call Recording

Although this feature is mostly unavailable to use, it still works. You can record all the incoming and outgoing calls from the person you want to eavesdrop on. Then it sends all the recordings to your admin account, where you can easily access or download them. You can easily use that tracker in your family to monitor your child’s activity through call tracking. You can fetch the details of your family members’ frequent calls, including call length, timestamp, and their recipients.

Location Tracker

You can set the location tracker, especially for your family members. This feature is amazing; that helps you locate your children and other family members quickly. But here is a catch, the phone you will track the location must be attached to the internet.

Chat Stats

This is an amazing feature in this WhatsApp tracker application that you can use to analyze the statistics and download or upload a chat conversation. Using this feature, you can transform any chat into a document, thus making it easy to browse and explore, such as common chat phrases and words. It works under the Google Play Store terms and conditions and is safe to use.

How Apkfew Tracker Works?

This application’s working mechanism entails downloading an application to your target person’s phone. You can easily do that for your family members. But for some outsiders, you might need some incognito and unethical methods. After downloading the application on the opposite side of the loop, you can easily monitor it from your device.

Benefits of APKfew Platform

Following are the benefits of relying more on Apkfew or other third-party application platforms:

You can access many applications you might not get on the Google Play Store.

You can use the older versions of the application, i.e. if you don’t like the updated versions. It won’t compel you to get away with the older versions while switching to the latest ones.

You can get free with the geographical issues related to an application. For instance, if WhatsApp is banned in your area, you can switch to some smart alternatives.

If you have already saved or downloaded the APK files, you can make offline installations more frequently on your devices.

This web-based platform has a huge database with a massive collection of applications verified with the Google Play Store. You can also fetch all the history of versions of applications.

With its easy UI, you can easily navigate to the APK you seek. On top of everything, it provides everything for free.

You can also access the applications locked by some regions on the Google Play Store. It might be that in your area, your desired application does not work. Here, you can get different alternative applications on that platform.

The unique thing about this application platform Is that it keeps launching new updates and versions even before the Google Play Store. Thus, this is a smart alternative to Google Play Store most of the time.

Drawbacks Of the Apkfew Platform

Every even has an odd attached to it. It is therefore considered better to install all the applications from Google Play services. As per a report by the Android security team, you can avoid 10 times harmful applications on your device if downloaded from the Google Play Store. There might be the following problems you can face on this application platform:

There are always security concerns when it comes to third-party installations.

This application might sometimes belong to fraudulent developers, if not every time, that could intend to fetch your data or some other filthy objective.

Although it is a verified source, per a huge user experience and feedback, your device will always consider its application a third-party source application. This issue of legality is ever-present.

It is not necessary whether the application you will download is compatible with your device.

The applications downloaded from this platform are not always updated automatically as they are in the Google Play Store.

You will find many ads on the website that might irritate you in downloading your desired application.

These platforms do not provide any official support to the users for any inconvenience against any application or a court of appeal.

ApkFew WhatsApp Installation method

Before installing it, you must ensure your Android is above 5.0. Otherwise, it won’t work for you.

  1. First, download the APK file of APKfew WhatsApp.
  2. Go to your device’s settings and turn on app installation from unknown sources.
  3. Tap the downloaded APK file to install it on your device.
  4. Enjoy yourself with this amazing WhatsApp tracker.
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Apkfew Application Platform

Apkfew is an amazing application platform that keeps introducing different ingenious applications. For WhatsApp tracking, it offers the top applications widely used by WhatsApp users worldwide, such as Chat Chart, Chat State, WP-Tracker, Chat Analyzer, WhatsApp Tracker, etc.

Apkfew offers various paid or free WhatsApp tools and applications you can use daily for smarter communication. At this platform, you can also get various verified collections of system apps, beta versions, or early-release applications. Moreover, you can check it for some older version applications. It is because, sometimes, users prefer to use older applications pertinent to their devices and other requirements.

Last Words

Apkfew WhatsApp is an effective tool that you can use positively or negatively. There might be an ethical objection by some people. But there is a catch; this application is developed with the positive intention of keeping an eye on your family members and children. Still, one cannot deny the fraudulent practices of some people spying on you. Keeping the ethical issues aside, as per the effectiveness criteria, this application is above the mark.

4.2 (4600 votes)

Although this WhatsApp application contains some top-notch features, it is surprisingly free. But there might be a flood of ads that might annoy you. Otherwise, you can use all its features free of cost.

To update this WhatsApp version, you have no other way but to download the latest version, delete the previous version, and then install the updated version of this WhatsApp application. It is primarily due to the non-availability of this application on