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Have you ever imagined how far your WhatsApp can go to make your communication fun? But this is not possible on your ordinary WhatsApp. However, to feel this you first need to install RC YO WhatsApp an ingenious WhatsApp mod version.

Nowadays, where WhatsApp mods are trending, RC YoWA has made its own high watermark in your WhatsApp experience. In this blog post, you will learn how RC WhatsApp can change your WhatsApp e-life. Thus before installing it, we recommend you to have a full read of this page.

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RC YOWhatsApp

App Info

App NameRC YoWhatsApp
File Size70MB
Developers TeamRichar Correa

RC YoWhatsApp APK

RC YoWhatsApp: Your Level-up Communication:

This smart application was developed by Richar Correa in 2019 and to date it has skyrocketed among WhatsApp mod lovers. However, it operates on Android devices with higher Android versions and specs.

The latest RC YO version Updated is 11.2.2 that supersedes its previous counterparts v10.2, v9.52, v9.12, and v7.90 in many ways. Have a look at the quirky features it will offer you:

RC YoWhatsApp Requirements

Android: OS 4.1 or above
iPhone:  iOS 12 or above
KaiOS: 2.5.0 or above

IOS User Interface:

The most appealing thing you would find in RCYOWA is its iOS user interface. Thus, if you are an iPhone lover, this apk is gonna be your craze. It usually inculcates iOS 15 and 16 themes in it. Thus, it offers you themes of more than 150 in various varieties. You can choose one that matches your personality the best.

Alluring Anti-Revoke Messages Feature:

Most of the time you see people delete a message just after sending it to you but you only see a notification of a deleted message. To be candid it keeps irritating most people ‘why did they delete that string? Was it something secret?

But you can get access to all the revoked messages through the built-in feature in RC YoWhatsApp called ‘Anti-Revoke Messages’. Just tap on the deleted notification and it will bring back the original message for you.

Control Your Ticks:

You can get full control of your ticks shown to the others under their message. Suppose, someone sends you a message on your conventional WhatsApp, you will see a single grey tick if you are offline. Soon you get online, they will get double grey ticks showing that you have got online.

But when you give their message a read they will see a pair of blue ticks just under their message. Now using RC YoWhatsApp, you can control and let them show any ticks, thereby controlling their perception of your online availability.

RC YO WhatsApp Variants:

This WhatsApp version is available to you in different variants with totally different user experiences. Choose the best out of the following that best matches your style:

  • iOS
  • GLAX
  • UIS
  • And dark edition

Status Stories Downloading:

If you were borrowing various statuses and stories from your friends then stop doing so! Cz this WhatsApp application has its status downloader. Thus every time a story or reel appeals to you in your WhatsApp, you can grab it with a simple click into your gallery.

Anti-view once:

Sometimes, people send you photos and videos for only one view for the reason they don’t want it to be on your phone. When you are done seeing these messages, they won’t open again.  

Interestingly you can secure that data in your phone using RC YOWA. Now suppose, it is your bestie’s memorable picture you don’t wanna lose, fetch it and save it! The best part is that your sender will be unaware that you have got the data they send you for only one view.

This Is How You Can Install RC YoWhatsApp On Your Devices

For an Android device you need to ensure the following steps:

  • Check-in your settings that you have enabled ‘installation from unknown sources
  • Now download the RCYOWA APK file from the link given above and move the file to a secure place in your device.
  • Tap the APK file and choose the option to install your RC YOWA APK
  • Launch the application and verify your phone account number
  • Start your journey of better communication on RC YO WhatsApp
How to install Step 1
Step 1
How to install Image step 2
Step 2

Installation on PC

For PC, you need an emulator required to launch RC WhatsApp. Download the Bluestacks emulator and launch it.

  • Now download the RCWA apk move it to some secure folder.
  • Open Bluestack and navigate to the file location
  • Right-click the file and install it
  • Verify your phone number and start using RC YO WhatsApp.

My Personal Experience

I have seen this WhatsApp alternative in my friend’s Android. He is quite an iPhone lover but due to some reasons cannot buy it right now. However, he keeps various gadgets to make his Android more like iOS. When he showed me the iOS theme on his phone through RC WhatsApp, I decided to give it a shot.

Soon after it was installed, I found that this application was worth installing even before. It included many extra features that I hadn’t even imagined in my freaky ordinary WhatsApp. Especially the privacy features such as anti-revoke messages, Anti view once, and Blue ticks control are just out of the box. Based on my personal experience I recommend you to give it a shot.

Wrap up

This WhatsApp mod version is specially designed to give you an iPhone-like feel through its customization options, themes, and layout. If you are an iPhone lover, go for it. Still, it has many more unique features that might inspire you to replace your ordinary WhatsApp with RC YO WhatsApp. Due to its matchless user experience, it is widely used worldwide with more concentration in India, Peru, South Africa, Colombia, and Italy.

4.7 (8100 votes)

With thousands of worldwide users and huge public feedback, this app ensures you safe communication. Although it is a mod WhatsApp application you can feel free to communicate with your community circle through RC YOWA.

You can follow the super simple steps below to change various themes in RC WhatsApp:

  • First, you need to download the theme from the link given inside the app.
  • Now unzip the theme file and get the .xml file out of it
  • Then go to RCYOWA settings>YoMods
  • Here selects the option to load themes