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Hello, mod WhatsApp lovers! Welcome to a sneaky WhatsApp mod application, AZ WhatsApp. You might be fascinated by some super famous WhatsApp mod applications, such as GB WhatsApp, GT WhatsApp or WhatsApp Business, currently in the hype.

Or you might be entirely new to the mod WhatsApp experience at all. In either case, this blog post will give you a new insightful WhatsApp mod version that is an ocean.

AZWhatsApp performs better than your ordinary WhatsApp by meta or even the top-notch mod WhatsApp applications. You can find this application in two forms based on minor differences, i.e., AZWhatsApp1 and AZWhatsApp2.

Below is the link to install this sublime WhatsApp application. But before getting the APK file must skim through the below mentions of features it offers.

AZ WhatsApp APK Download

Download Updated AZ WhatsApp

Download both versions of AZWhatsApp AZ1 WhatsApp & AZ2 WhatsApp.

App Info

App NameAZ WhatsApp
File Size60mb

AZ WhatsApp: Not Just a WhatsApp

This sneak-peak WhatsApp mod application is the brainchild of Omar Ali al-Zaabi. Although it is little known to most WhatsApp mod users, it has its legacy. Still, this application is widely used in some regions, such as Azerbaijan, Hungary, Paraguay, Türkey, and Pakistan. Following are a few mentions of exceptional features this application offers to you.

AZ WhatsApp Requirements

Android: OS 4.1 or above
iPhone:  iOS 12 or above
KaiOS: 2.5.0 or above

Lock Your WhatsApp Chats:

You can apply the built-in lock provided by AZWA to get extra protection from intruders. If your phone is often exposed to your spouse, siblings, or parents, they might know your passwords.

But by putting an extra layer of security into your WhatsApp chats, you can rest assured that your private data is secured. It offers various locks such as Pattern, digit lock, or figure impression.

Themes and Customization:

WhatsApp UI matters the most! In ordinary WhatsApp, you might get annoyed by every time green WhatsApp with no customization at your end. But by using AZWhatsApp, you have multiple options to make your WhatsApp look soothing.

With 3000+ mesmerizing themes and 30+ ingenious fonts, AZ opens up numerous creative possibilities to beautify your WhatsApp.

Mega Files Sharing Made Easy:

If you feel hampered in your file transfer on ordinary WhatsApp, you can resolve it using AZWA. This WhatsApp version enables you to send video and audio files up to 50MB with up to 100 images to be sent in one go.

Moreover, it provides more characters to write your status line under your profile, up to 250 characters, which is only 139 in normal WhatsApp.

Download Status and Stories:

This is the most cherished feature of AZ WhatsApp. It is no brainer. Go to your WhatsApp’s status screen, choose a status, and press the download button at the bottom right corner. The status will be within your gallery in a go. You can also download video and audio status.

DND (Do Not Disturb) Mode:

Suppose you are sitting in a meeting, getting annoyed by your WhatsApp calls and notification, and don’t want to turn your internet off entirely. You can simply turn on DND mode in this kind of scenario.

This freaky tool becomes highly effective in some situations. For example, while playing games, you can suppress your WhatsApp notifications.

Languages and Translation:

This WhatsApp version resolves your language issues and offers built-in translation options to communicate globally without any hassles. It includes all the world’s major languages in the drop-down list within your chat box. Choose a message and the language you want to translate, and Presto!

Drawbacks of AZ WhatsApp

Even though this WhatsApp is spellbinding, it has some demerits that you must need to know before installing it, such as the following:

  • Its default design is not catchy. Its custom UI design includes shades of red that do not impact the eyes well. However, you can change and customize everything in the UI as per your choice.
  • The update mechanism of AZ WhatsApp is not the same as ordinary WhatsApp. Instead, you might find its updated versions online rather than on the Google Play Store. Thus, to update your WhatsApp, you first need to back up your data and install the most updated version of AZWA. 

Step-by-step Installing Procedure of AZ WhatsApp:

Installing this WhatsApp mod version on your Android device is pretty simple. Before that, just ensure that your Android is above the 4.4 version, plus the ‘installations from unknown sources’ are turned on.

Afterward, you can follow the steps below to install this application in quite an easy-peasy way:

  • Get the APK file of AZWA from the above link at
  • Tap on the APK file and press the install button.
  • After installing the application, press ‘Verify your phone number,
  • Receive a 6-digit code on your number and enter it to verify your account
  • After verification, start using AZWhatsApp.
How to install Step 1
Step 1
How to install Image step 2
Step 2

My Personal Experience:

As a mod WhatsApp user, I have experienced many WhatsApp versions. Every mod application has its specialty, with most features as standard. Using AZ WhatsApp, I felt it was an enjoyable and light-mode application. I customized it, and it gave me free options that could be paid for otherwise. Overall AZwahtzapp is worth enough to install it.

Last Words:

AZWA is an outperforming mod application roughly in the top WhatsApp mod applications used online. Still, it needs many more features to embed in it.

Nowadays, WhatsApp is getting updates more frequently; therefore, to keep itself at the competitive edge of official WhatsApp, AZWA developers need to pay more consideration to user experience and innovative features.

However, the latest update of V10.90 has come up with some exceptional features in it. I must give it a shot and discover many more things that I couldn’t mention above. 

4.7 (4500 votes)

The answer to the question of the legality of AZ WhatsApp is a little vague. Official WhatsApp claims its patent rights on the WhatsApp trademark; that’s why most WhatsApp mod applications get penalties. But wise WhatsApp mod developers keep changing and introducing anti-ban features to give their users a seamless experience. 

This WhatsApp mod application is specially designed for Android devices. It is currently not available for iPhones. However, it works for rooted and non-rooted devices.