GB WhatsApp for iOS – Is It Really Worth It in 2024?

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Having seen the boom of GB WhatsApp worldwide, iPhone users have also started striving to use this jaw-dropping WhatsApp mod application on their iPhones. Hundreds of GB WhatsApp lovers keep searching for ways to somehow interrupt the security layers of iOS.

But here is the catch: iOS never accepts any third-party application to launch on it. Although, GB WhatsApp has some really alluring features that make your communication foolproof. But the core question is whether it is worth enough to be installed on your iOS at the cost of the security vulnerability of your data. Whereas, most websites online pretend to offer GB WhatsApp iOS versions without jailbreaking.

In fact, they provide some third-party applications as a catalyst to install this mod application on your iOS. In this article, I will share some cool ways to install this application on your iPhone. But still, I won’t recommend you install it if your data breach is your topmost concern.

GB WhatsApp for iOS

App Info

App NameGB WhatsApp iOS
File Size70MB
Developers TeamGB Mods

GB WhatsApp for iOS IPA file

GB WhatsApp Requirements

iPhone:  iOS 12 or above

The Pros And Cons Of Using GB WhatsApp On Your iPhone

Before installing this application, you just need to know the potential benefits as well as the threats this application poses you. Following are a few mentions of advantages you will get using this mod application even on your iOS.

Share large files:

Using GBWA, you can share even larger files that you cannot even think of on normal WhatsApp. Usually, WhatsApp allows you to send a file up to 16 MB. You can send an intensive 700 MB video and 100 MB audio and document files.

Freeze Last Seen:

No one is gonna guess about your last activity online. Simply, you are online, but it would seem that you are not available yet. You can choose any other setting you specify.

Anti-Revoke Messaging:

Sometimes you come across deleted messages that keep you in more extended periods of curiosity. But using this feature, you can simply remove the deleted notification and get the actual text revealed within a single tap.

Translations Within Chat:

If you come across some multilingual situations in your day-to-day messaging, this feature is gonna be helpful for you. In your chat, you can switch among various languages of the world simplistically.

Just tap on a text, press the translate button in your conversation, and choose whatever language you like from a dropdown list of 40-plus languages.

Video Recording During Video Call:

Suppose you are making a call to someone; you can record their videos as memories. This unique feature helps you with the E2EE encryption of WhatsApp, and you can get a video record of your every call without letting know the person on the opposite side of the loop.

3D Stickers And Emoji:

This is the most prominent thing in which GB WhatsApp performs ordinary WhatsApp; it offers you really mind-shattering stickers, emojis and emoticons that you can use in your day-to-day communication.

Blue Ticks:

The topmost mod feature everyone likes is the control on blue ticks. You can get complete control of the ticks others see against the messages they send you. A blue tick implies that you have obtained their message.

By controlling this feature, you can show them a single grey tick indicating that you are offline or a couple of grey ticks that denote that you are online. However, you haven’t read their message so far.

Drawbacks of Using GB WhatsApp on iOS Devices

As a third-party application, GB WhatsApp can do a lot of fishy things behind the scenes. Some of them are given as follows:

  • It can steal your data as the developers can have access between you and your contacts; thus, your E2EE encryption gets compromised.
  • It keeps on sharing ads. Even if you can remove these ads from GB WhatsApp settings, it still holds some advert campaigns for which the companies charge the developers. Therefore, if you love GBWhatsApp, don’t feel shy about ads.
  • It violates the terms of service by the Apple store. Usually, the verified applications work under the veneer policies envisaged by the Google Play Store and Apple Store. They keep updating to fix the bugs and recurring non-compliant issues within them. But this is not the case with GB WhatsApp, which offers a manual mechanism to update it.
  • For your iOS, it always involves some third-party application platform for its successful installation. Therefore, with the addition of each third-party application, your iPhone becomes more vulnerable to jailbreaking.
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GB WhatsApp Installation Methods On iOS

First, you can use TweakBox to install GB WhatsApp on your device. Tweakbox claims to be a safe method to install any third-party application on your iOS without jailbreaking. Based on solid user feedback, you can give it a try.

For that, you first need to download and install this IPA file of TweakBox from Google on your iOS; after that, open this third-party application store and type GB WhatsApp. Get your desired application; you can easily download and install it on your iOS.

My Personal Experience

As far as my personal experience is concerned, I didn’t find anything odd regarding my data breach or account banning during the time I was using GBWA in my iOS. I was using an iPhone 5 back in that time when I first installed GBWA in it. However, I used to keep a check on my device performance to figure out any difference a third-party app poses.

Wrapping It Up

With the rising security concerns of people about GBWhatsApp, I won’t recommend you use it on your iOS. However, you can use its app version on your Android or PC without hassles. Although you might get some exciting perks given above, you won’t really like to put your iOS security at stake.

Therefore, it is better to use this application with dire care on your iOS. If you are comfortable with the strings attached to this application, you must give it a shot.

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Technically, yes, but ethically, no. You can install and launch GB WhatsApp on any iOS device, but it is not possible without any jailbreaking mechanism. Most of the sources online would be telling you the methods to use some third-party applications to install this mod WhatsApp version. However, using this application on iOS violates the terms of service by the Apple Store, not to mention other privacy issues attached to it. If you are okay with these concerns, you can follow the simple method above.

As a third-party application, GBWA keeps showing up some adverts as a part of its ad campaign. But You can remove your ads on GB WhatsApp in the super simple way given below:

  • Go to your GB WhatsApp settings
  • Tap on the privacy option
  • Choose ‘Show GB WhatsApp popup
  • Turn this on from the toggle button.
  • By doing so, you can easily avoid the adverts.

On an iOS, an APK file doesn’t work; you need an IPA file to get the installation done. Here is a catch: GB WhatsApp has no IPA file at all. It is purely designed for Android. However, you can use Cydia Impactor, Tweakbox, or any other third-party application platform to install GB WhatsApp on your iOS.