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Everybody wants an up step in his life, especially in the sense of techolic life. Here we’ll help you to get it. I’m going to introduce you to an unparalleled WhatsApp version called Cyber WhatsApp.

You would have been looking for the best WhatsApp version to address all your grievances about the official WhatsApp versions and their inability to deliver you the best.

But this WhatsApp mod is different. Just stick to the bottom of this blog, and in a cinch, you will know even the meticulous details about this Cyber WhatsApp Plus app, how it is the better WhatsApp alternative and the method to install it.

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Download Cyber WhatsApp APK

Download Cyber WhatsApp APK Latest Version

App Info

App NameCyber WhatsApp
Latest Versionv9.94
File Size59mb

Introducing Cyber WhatsApp APK

This antiban WhatsApp mod application is designed to fortify your privacy and customization. Many things keep this app best in class that are not available in regular WhatsApp versions.

Although it adopts many features from the other mod applications, some of its functions are exclusive. However, YOWhatsApp, AN WhatsApp, or AG WhatsApp may also be the WhatsApp alternatives, each of them has its unique features.

Advanced features of Cyber WhatsApp Plus

The following are the reasons why this APK differs significantly from regular WhatsApp:

Voice Changer Feature

The craftiest feature that updated Cyber WhatsApp provides you is the voice changer. We all know that voice message is the most used feature of WhatsApp.

What if you have various sounds of any gender and age? This is just mesmerizing! Yes, with this astonishing app, you can have much fun with your friends and family.

High Standards of Media Sharing

Cyber makes your media sharing easy. Conventionally, you can send only 10 images at a time. But this APK extends this limit to 90. Additionally, you can send a picture up to 3 MB resolution and videos up to 700 MB.

 Extended Limits of Broadcast Messages

If you are at the helm of any broadcast, there is great news for you. Using cyber APK, you can send messages to up to 600 contacts rather than only 250 contacts in regular WhatsApp.

Customization Made Easy

Cyber WhatsApp dishes out your huge customization options. It gives you full control of customization for your text, fonts, emojis, bar sizes and colors, background colors, and icons.

There are many fun ways to make your WhatsApp look as you want. Even the meticulous customization for notifications and widgets can be up to your choice.

Backup and Restore

Your data is now in safe hands. Because this antiban app provides the titanium backup for your data, you can fetch it anytime, even if you have lost your device or restored it.

The Blue Ticks Game

The cordial feature of this APK is to provide you with ticks’ control. Just dive into the settings and turn off the blue ticks. Now they aren’t going to show up in the chat of the receiver.

It means that by using this offbeat feature, you can read every string of information even without letting others know your online status.

Anti View Once

Enabling the crafty feature of ‘Anti view once,’ you can watch the images, videos, and files the others sent for just’ view once.’ Hence for you, there is no barrier to fetching information restricted by others.

Call Controller

This app suggests who will be permitted to call you. You can check out the drop-down list to permit friends, family, and groups exclusively.

Data Filters

It also provides a barrier for your data to enter your gallery. This is a sneaky feature for people who worry about automatically downloading redundant data into their device memory.

DND Mode

The recent updates of this APK have launched DND mode. It is bliss for the people who use WhatsApp in the dark more often.

Chat Customization

This APK has a huge variety of options to beautify your chat screen. With Cyber APK, you can customize your action bar, bubble and ticks, and conversation entry styles. You can make everything your way.

Message Scheduler

Do you want to take a break from your business? But not at the cost of damaging your connectivity and networking among your business community?

Cyber brings forward a creative solution to schedule your business messages. Thus, you have to set a template and let it be on air while sunbathing on the beach.

GIF Provider

The specific thing that it provides is the GIPHY GIF provider. So you can use them creatively.

Multilingual Translations

It enables you to translate 18 frequently spoken languages worldwide. Now onward, language doesn’t remain a barrier to your communication.

Improved Broadcasting

You might have trouble sending a broadcast message to more than 250 people. But now, with the help of this Cyber APK, you can send a message to up to 600 people.

Privacy Customization

It enables you to customize your privacy with every chat. You must dive into the custom privacy settings in the top right corner of this APK. You can easily select different privacy modes for different people in your network.

If you want to hide blue ticks, the second tick, “typing…” and View status, enable it from the drop-down menu after touching the contact’s name.

Cyber WhatsApp APK Old Versions

As we know, an app has its old golden era plus it updates day by day. Some Cyber WhatsApp APK old versions were v8.60, v8.65, v8.92, v8.93, v8.95, v9.11, v9.29, v9.30, v9.41, v9.45, v9.52, v9.61, v9.62F, v9.72, v9.75, v9.80, v9.81, v9.82, v9.83, v9.86 and v9.94 as its latest new version. I have provided its download button here.

How to Install Cyber WhatsApp on Android

Learn how to install Cyber WhatsApp on Android in just a few simple steps. Follow this easy guide to enjoy the features of this smart tool.

  1. Download the file and save it in a separate folder on your mobile.
  2. Go to settings on your Android device and click on “Security.”
  3. Enable third-party app installations.
  4. Click on the downloaded file and select the option “Install.”
  5. Verify your phone number.
  6. Start using Cyber Plus WhatsApp.
How to install Step 1
Step 1
How to install Image step 2
Step 2

How to Download Cyber WA APK on PC

Follow these easy steps to download Cyber WA APK on your PC

  1. Download and install the Blue Stacks emulator on your PC.
  2. Download the Cyber WA APK file and download it on your computer from the above link.
  3. Open the Blue Stacks emulator and navigate to the location where the APK file was downloaded.
  4. Drag and drop the APK file into the emulator or use the built-in install function to install the app.
  5. Launch the Cyber WhatsApp APK and start using this smart messaging app on your computer.

Personal Opinion

I watched a YouTube video when I first got an advertisement about this apk. That ad was a nail put right because I was looking for something to address my grievances about my WhatsApp version. I read all the pluses and minuses of this antiban APK.

When I installed this app, I got goosebumps. Then I realized how many people get offline while chatting with us. This app revealed every smart technique to me. Now, I use all its features wisely. And all this is by Cyber WhatsApp.

Last Critique

Cyber WhatsApp is a best-in-class version exclusively designed to provide fortified privacy to its users. However, the apk has also adopted top-notch WhatsApp features. I hope you have an idea of its features. But until you don’t dive into it, you will not be able to imbibe its optimum potential.

Additionally, you will find the latest version of this APK that is V9.53F, on Some old versions like 8.60, 8.65, 8.93, 9.11, 9.29, 9.30, 9.35, 9.41, 9.45 have been discontinued. You can also check out for upcoming updates to feel the best experience.

4.8 (2144 votes)

Cyber WhatsApp is a third-party antiban version of WhatsApp that is not available on the Google play store, mac store, or any other application platform. Thus, its updates can only be available online. You can conveniently check out for the latest updated version of Cyber APK.

 WhatsApp has extended to a whopping two billion human population. Due to having such a huge target audience, you may think to play your cards wisely to secure your reputation and stature. For that reason, official WhatsApp versions do not provide extended features that could otherwise be harmful. Though it is fair enough to admit a few security risks involved with extended WhatsApp versions, it is not the case every time.

It is an impressive feature mostly available in mod WhatsApp versions such as cyber WhatsApp. Its primary function is to give unlimited access to the data marked by the sender only for one view.

Suppose a person on the opposite side of your communication loop is using a mod WhatsApp version. They would have the same controls that you have. Here you have to take care of their powers too. For instance, you should be okay with having someone offline; they might be fetching all the data you are putting online.

After reading the whole guide, many might think this app would be too complicated. It is not the case. The good thing is that you can understand this apk in one go because of its friendly layout and interface. Additionally, you can get through different added functions by selecting a drop-down menu in the top left corner. Its usage is no different from regular WhatsApp. So, if you are new to this mod, don’t worry and start using it.