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Introducing you GB WA, the optimum WhatsApp modded version that fulfills all your messaging needs that you cannot find in normal WhatsApp. GB WA plunged to the skies back in 2016 and up until now It has millions of worldwide users.

You can get the APK file of this exceptional WhatsApp alternative from the link below. But before getting any further, must read the whole blog post about how this application is gonna add value to your messaging experience.

GB WhatsApp Pro Update Latest GB WA GBWA

App Info

App NameGB WA
File Size70MB
Developers TeamGB Mods

GB WhatsApp (GB WA) Your best pick:

You might have seen your friends using various mod versions around you rather than the original WhatsApp. This is because nowadays it is trendy to be one step forward from your contacts by using the modded features, these WhatsApp versions offer you.

You will find this GB WA application in different version series because different developers have extended it with minor tweaking and features they offered you. Following are the top developers whose APKs are in high demand:

However, Alex mods and GB mods have scored their high water marks with most worldwide users. I have been a staunch lover of GB WhatsApp back in 2019 to now in 2023. Meanwhile, I have used some other WhatsApp mod versions too such as NA WhatsApp, OG WhatsApp, or ANWhatsApp.

Download GB WA Latest APK

GBWA Requirements

Android: OS 4.1 or above
iPhone:  iOS 12 or above
KaiOS: 2.5.0 or above

Features you get in GBWA

A detailed list of GBWA Pro features:

Translator Within Your Chat:

Using GB WA, you can turn each string of any language into your native language. Simply select your desired language from a long drop-down list within the chat box.

It includes 17 major languages of the world including French, English, Russian, Española, Italian, Portuguese, Turkish, Indonesian, Hindi, German, Malay, Vietnamese, Tamil, Urdu, Gujarati, Punjabi, and Bengali.

In the future, you will find a huge variety of local languages too. Now be ready to translate a message in any language you love.

Built-in Voice Changer:

Wanna make your communication fun and create bundles of laughter? Open your WhatsApp recording and turn your voice into a crying baby or some drunk man. Yes, you can now find the voice changer features within your chat box, never been seen before. Isn’t it amazing?

You can change your voice into various characters such as a Robot, baby, teenager, Deep Drunk, Fast, Underwater Slow motion, and more.

Lock Your Conversation:

If you feel that some of your chats are vitally confidential that you don’t even wanna share to them with the people who have direct access to your phone, then there is a good thing for you.

You can now lock a single chat with your specified passwords. This feature of GB WA lets you keep your passwords in Pattern, Digit, or fingerprint styles. Therefore, rest assured that your messages are in proper lock and key.

Web Access from Your Chat:

Sometimes, you need Google help to download a picture and send it to your contacts. Personally, it seems irritating to open Chrome, download that picture, and then open your gallery and choose that picture to finally upload it to your desired contact.

But now, using this smart access to Google by GB WA you can easily download and send anything within a fraction of the time.

Message Unknown Numbers:

If you want to send a message to a number without saving that contact, you can choose the option to ‘message a number’. This feature in GB WA helps you send messages to unknown numbers and you don’t need to save them for that.

Suppose your business needs to pitch your marketing campaigns to unknown people, this feature is gonna be effective for you.

Caller ID Identification:

These features will give you goosebumps. If you receive calls or messages from an unknown number, you can put up their info using GB WA. it will tell you about their name, and caller id.

Auto Responders:

Wanna keep your messaging assistant? GB WA auto responders work on behalf of you as your messaging assistant, even if you are not physically online.

Now suppose, you are steering a business you can use this feature to create engagement among your audience through your defined auto-responder messages.

You can also use that feature in combo with another superb feature called ‘ message scheduling’ to keep sending the scheduled messages to your targeted audience from time to time.

Transfer Larger Media Files:

By installing GBWA you will go to the best level of WhatsApp messages special when it comes to data transfer. Usually, in ordinary WhatsApp, you cannot send a file more than 16 MB.

Whereas, in this application, you can get beyond the limits. It allows you to possibly send grandiose 700MB video files and 100 MB audio and document files to your contacts in a cinch.

Anti-delete Messaging:

If someone deletes a message, you can still watch it. Isn’t it amazing? Using this mod feature you can read all the messages that have been deleted within the last 24 hours.

But after that time it will vanish from your chat box. Still, it is quite relieving from the situation where someone deletes a message and keeps you in confusion where you ask yourself self ‘What it could be?’.

More Than One WhatsApp Account:

Using this witty feature in GB WA you can keep more than one WhatsApp account in a single application. However, you need two different numbers to make two different accounts.

This feature helps you relieve yourself from the banning issue. If one of your accounts has been banned by the official WhatsApp temporarily, the other will keep working smoothly.

Unique Emojis and Emoticons:

Do you really want your messaging fun and full of emotions, and feelings? GB WA will help you portray your emotions through emoticons and emojis that you might not have seen in official WhatsApp.

You can discover the plethora of emojis packs built-in in this application. Just download your favorite emoji genre and color your messaging with creative vibes.

Text Modification:

If you find your sent message is short of text, you can modify it afterward. This quirky feature lets you modify the fonts, text, and style of the text you have already sent to others.

However, if someone on the other side of your loop is using GB WA, they will see your last modified time and date. against normal WhatsApp users, it is obviously an effective tool to mend your messages.

GB WA Installation Method

Installing this application is a bit off the way you follow normal applications from the Google Play Store. However, following the steps below will help you install it on your Android in an easy-peasy way.

  • Grab your GB app from the download button given above.
  • Place the APK file in a secure place on your Android.
  • Here get into your settings and turn on the ‘installations from unknown sources’
  • Now tap on the downloaded file and install it.
  • Enter your WhatsApp phone number and wait for the six-digit code.
  • Enter the code to get your account verified and
  • Be ready to Fly above the mist.
How to install Step 1
Step 1
How to install Image step 2
Step 2

There Are Some Strings Attached:

Even though this mod application serves you best-in-class as compared to normal WhatsApp, it has some serious concerns attached to it. Following are some of its drawbacks that you need to know.

Account Banning:

Recently, the official WhatsApp has started emphasizing its patent and intellectual property rights on its all clone versions. Therefore, it has started punishing the mod WhatsApp users with temporary bans for one hour or longer.

Although GB WhatsApp takes its anti-banning measures, you are always the potential threat of being banned.

Data Theft:

There are staunch proponents of the claim that GB WA sells your private data to the dark web. They explain it by saying that it compiles a huge array of data from our routine matters and conversations then this data is sold to the leading marketing bigwigs to make their optimum marketing decisions. However, people with this allegation never come up with some concrete proofs.

Updating Issues:

You won’t grab the latest updates of this application automatically as you do for other applications usually. being not available on the Google Play Store, it can only be available online from trusted websites.

My Opinion

My experience with GB has some nostalgic feelings attached to my college life when I used to create peals of laughter and merry among my mates through WhatsApp groups. Now when I’m in my 9 to 5 professional life, I still find it effective as a communication medium in my official correspondence. I will give it a high five.


GBWA is skyrocketing nowadays and it keeps fascinating its millions of users among the WhatsApp family exceeding 2 billion. It is a real extended version of ordinary WhatsApp with some extra super cool features in it.

On the contrary site, there are some core public concerns about the developers of this application that they might be using the private data of the people for some sort of their vested interests.

Thus, the developers need to take some concrete steps to ensure guaranteed data protection along with state-of-the-art mod features in this application.

4.8 (59300 votes)

As far as its safety is concerned, there are two major opinions online; one is that it is completely safe in its data protection as the positive feedback is based on millions of its users. Others say that it sells your data to the dark web and other marketing trends settlers that study modify and meet public demands through their products.

However, for an individual, this isn’t gonna be too much fishy. Still, if you are too much concerned about your data security, don’t go for it.

Using GBWA, you might face some ads over and over, this is because it is a third-party application that keeps marketing the same adverts on a monetization basis. However, you can get rid of these ads by simply enabling the settings below:

  • Get into your GBWA settings and click on the privacy option
  • Now tap on ‘Show GB WhatsApp Pop up and turn this button on
  • From now onward you will not see any ads.

GB WhatsApp offers you its own built-in GB themes that you can choose from your desired ones. Just go to Gb settings>GB theme>Download GB themes and get what you are looking for.

In a single number, you can only make one account at a time. Now if you are logged in to WhatsApp and in the same number you sign in to some other device in GB WhatsApp, your previous WhatsApp will wash away. However, you can have more than one account on different numbers in one GB of WhatsApp applications.