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WhatsApp has spread to a massive chunk of the human population, exceeding 2 billion. Still, it lags to satisfy all the public demands, as depicted by tremendous public feedback.

Although the developers update WhatsApp continuously, it still hampers the users in many aspects. The WhatsApp mod developers have revealed their solutions to the public to fill that gap.

However, different WhatsApp mod developers have introduced some super-intelligent WhatsApp features, strengthening your privacy, media sharing, customization, and more.

Today I will take you to a widespread WhatsApp mod version called ER WhatsApp by Assam Maghboob that has skyrocketed among the raving WhatsApp community. Keep reading the blog post to the end and reveal how this WhatsApp version can elevate your lifestyle with a real-time WhatsApp experience.

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App Info

App NameER WhatsApp
File Size65mb
DeveloperAssam Maghboob

Introducing ER WhatsApp

ER WhatsApp is an astounding contribution by Assam Maghboob to the WhatsApp mod industry. It is named after Erutugrul Ghazi, a famous Turkish series that has recently skyrocketed.

This WhatsApp version outperforms regular WhatsApp in many aspects. Due to its offbeat performance, it has a huge demand worldwide, especially the countries such as Germany, Denmark, the Netherlands, Pakistan, and Bangladesh.

Moreover, you can also give a shot to other WhatsApp Mods such as Red WhatsApp and Cyber WhatsApp, FM WhatsApp among others.

Added Features of ER WhatsApp

Check out its few aspects before installing ERWA:

Control Blue Ticks:

You might know that it is the blue ticks through which your receiver ensures you have read their message. This feature by WhatsApp sometimes goes against our wishes.

Probably you come across a point where you want to give someone an impression, ignore someone’s message, and want to read it simultaneously. Using this smart tool, you can keep others blind to your reading status.

Bombing a Message:

This unique feature lets you have fun and laughter. It is super simple, make a template and bombard it to your receiver even a hundred times. For instance, you can send a text, say ‘SORRY,’ to your bestie gazillions of times in a single tap until she forgives you. Amazing!

Text Embellishment:

Using this innovative feature, you can decorate your text message before pressing the sending button. Keep pressing the embellishment button after writing a text, and there are various template fonts available that you can choose from.

Protect your Chats:

ER WhatsApp provides safeguard protection against any physical intrusion, especially by your wife (in my case). You can lock your chats and put a strong password in different formats, such as fingerprints, patterns, or codes.

This is the last layer of security to your WhatsApp. Your WhatsApp is still protected even if someone has accessed your phone password.

Use your Favorite Video Player:

You might get annoyed by the built-in video player in your WhatsApp. It really sucks! You can not speed up the boring videos, skip a few seconds, or increase brightness. With no respect, it seems user-friendly. To that cause, this unique WhatsApp version has created a unique solution.

Now you can enable an external video player to play your WhatsApp videos in your chat box. Seems crazy yuh! This will really improve your WhatsApp experience to the next level.

Go limitless with ER WhatsApp:

On the official WhatsApp, you have different barriers regarding data transfer that you might observe. You can not send more than 10 images or more than 30 documents in one go. Also, it hampers you from sending larger media files in MBs, not GBs. But now, no worries.

You can extend all your data limits to the skies with ERWA. You can send an audio file of up to 100 MBs and a video of up to 700 MBs. Additionally, you can send more than 30 documents and 10 pictures in one freaky tap.

Auto Reply/Message Scheduler:

You can use this quirky feature to engage with your active audience 24/7. Suppose you are running an agency that deals with travelers. In that case, you might receive various messages you can not address around the clock.

But using that smart feature, you can save some templates according to your business to send to the people as a reply. Hence, whenever you get a message, your WhatsApp assistant will manage your customer care.


Unlock the beast mode of customization with WhatsApp ER. This WhatsApp version allows you to change and modify even small details you cannot imagine on your official WhatsApp. You can change background colors, apply gradients, scale emojis size, modify fonts, and add more details to beautify your WhatsApp.

Themes and Plugins:

This is where this fabulous WhatsApp version goes into beast mode. You can get gazillions of themes in this WhatsApp version super quickly. Just go to ERWhatsApp Plugins, and it will show up hundreds of these categories in a row. Choose the one that best matches your mind and Pareto!

Be Multilingual:

There are dozens of languages available in this WhatsApp mod version. It covers the world’s 40+ significant languages English, Hindi, Chinese, Urdu, Italian, French, Spanish, etc. Don’t worry if you wanna talk to some stranger in another corner of the world. Go worldwide with Erutughul WhatsApp!

What’s new in v36.5

Before the latest update, users faced the repeated on-hour banning by the official WhatsApp. This is because, sometimes, WhatsApp clamps down against all the mod clones of it.

But the developers keep introducing different antiban modifications. The same goes for the latest update v36.5 in ER WhatsApp. Now you will no longer face banning issues rather than a seamless performance.

Similarly, people faced an issue with viewing status, especially when they turned off the ‘Hide view status. But in its recent update, this problem has been catered to.

ER WhatsApp Requirements

Android: OS 4.1 or above
iPhone:  iOS 12 or above
KaiOS: 2.5.0 or above

Installation method of ER WhatsApp on your Android

This WhatsApp version is a third-party mod application, so it is unavailable on the Google Play Store. Therefore, you can only install it from an authentic online source. The six super simple steps are to install this WhatsApp version on your Android.

  • Download the Erutughul WhatsApp application file from
  • Tap the APK file and choose the option to install it.
  • Complete the installation process and launch the application
  • Verify your phone number
  • Move the APK file from the download section to some secure place for resharing or reinstalling in the future.
  • Start your journey with ER WhatsApp.

Installation guide of ER WhatsApp on PC:

To install Yo WhatsApp Plus on your Android device, follow these steps:

  1. Install the blue stack emulator and launch it.
  2. Download the APK file of ER WhatsApp from or any other authentic source.
  3. Open the blue stack screen and go to where the APK file is placed.
  4. Right-click on the file and install it.
  5. Launch ER WhatsApp and verify your number.
  6. Move the APK file to a secure place so that you can share it or reinstall it in the future.
  7. Start using WhatsApp
How to install Step 1
Step 1
How to install Image step 2
Step 2

Personal Experience

I was looking for the latest episodes of Dilliris Erutugrul online when I came across this WhatsApp version. Nostalgic by the excellent series, I got curious about the WhatsApp application made in the name of the main character of the series Erutugrul.

I downloaded the application and started using it. Literally, I found this WhatsApp version 10x better than my ordinary WhatsApp. I found a lot of fun features in it that I use in my day-to-day communication. I would say that this application is fantastic and worth installing!

Last Words

The Erutugrul WhatsApp ER is a mind-blowing WhatsApp mod version. It got a sudden boom from the famous series of Erutugrul, which you can say is a marketing strategy.

But based on its performance, its developers are doing a fabulous job. Although it had some hick-ups in it, such as banning the issue of your phone number for an hour or two.

But in the recent update of v36.5, nearly all the barriers have been removed to streamline your WhatsApp experience. Overall, if you are using ordinary WhatsApp, I recommend having ER WhatsApp as a secondary WhatsApp version with some secondary phone number.

4.7 (6500 votes)

Due to the mod status WhatsApp, it is unavailable on the Google Play Store, Mac Store, or any other application platform. Thus the mechanism to update is not the same as for other applications. Instead, you would have to visit online for the latest version of it and install it. Before installing the latest version of V34, keep a backup of your precious data.

There is a massive collection of stickers available in ER WhatsApp. Just go to Settings and then ER themes. Now select AG themes, where you will get various sticker packs. Download your favorite stickers and enjoy yourself with ERWA.

There is a considerable demand for ER WhatsApp by the iPad users, but still, It has no launch for iPad and iPhone lovers. It might be that the developer will launch the iPhone and iPad versions in the future. Keep visiting for other WhatsApp mod versions available for iPhones and pads.