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In this world of competition, everyone wants to go from better to best. If you want to buy the latest model car, use the most updated mobile phone and try out the outfits in fashion. But what if I tell you that your WhatsApp is obsolete?

Curious! Yes, many mod WhatsApp versions are available in the ocean of the internet. Many of them truly have the potential to surpass your official WhatsApp by their performance.

Today, I will introduce you to innovative WhatsApp mod versions that will change and add value to your life if installed. And this is ‘Fouad WhatsApp.’ Within no time, let me tell you even the meticulous details of this crafty app.

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Why not official WhatsApp?

Before jumping to details about Fouad WhatsApp, it is a more important question. And the answer is that the official WhatsApp version usually has hampered features because of many limitations.

The most prominent restriction is its demographic expansion to the whopping 2 billion+ WhatsApp family. Thus, it is bound to provide reliable services at the cost of innovation and creativity.

Thus, it lags in delivering some of the special communication tools offered by any mod WhatsApp version, such as Fouad or WhatsApp Plus.

Introducing Fouad WhatsApp MOD

Fouad WhatsApp is a mod Application of regular WhatsApp. Fouad Mokdad is the brain behind this sneaky WhatsApp found app. Out-of-the-box features to you that are high in demand and keep you at the cutting edge of official WhatsApp. So, keep reading and check out everything it brings up to you.

Fouad WhatsApp Requirements

Android: OS 4.1 or above
iPhone:  iOS 12 or above
KaiOS: 2.5.0 or above

Recapitulating Fouad WhatsApp key Features

Most amazing and unseen features which make Fouad WhatsApp unique from other MODs.

Shake and meet new friends

This is a mesmerizing tool that will never let get out of its magic, I bet. You just have to shake your phone, and you can meet someone stranger around the globe. Thus, keep shaking your phone and explore friend relationships worldwide.

Added New Sticker Packs

What makes people Fouad’s fans is its huge collection of themes and sticker packs. You ca n choose the best themes. Use different stickers and make your communication a different look.

Compared to regular WhatsApp, this apk presents a much more variety of sticker packs, such as can download a category of stickers to employ in your Chat.


On top of everything, this apk makes your customization a fun thing. There are plenty of options that you can employ to make your WhatsApp looks as you want it to. You can adjust your fonts in size, color, and style.  Also, you can download different font styles. You can resize and rescale

your screen, tool, and notification bar. You can even change all the UI of the application. So it is up to you how you paint your picture to feel it is pleasant to you.

DND Mode

This model is a value addition in this smart apk. Because this enables you to operate at night without any pinching or feeling in your eyes, thus it minimizes all the sharp contrasts and gives your chat screen a smooth look to the eyes.

Caller Id

Where you can call and message anyone not saved in your contacts, others using mod WhatsApp apps also have these powers. But Fouad keeps you one step forward by giving you a controlling feature that lets you know whether anyone calling is whether spam or not. Thus, you have got a filter in your hands.

Message scheduler

You can send scheduled messages to your audience. Amazing! It means that you can run a marketing campaign on your WhatsApp. You can keep your prospects connected and get fresh leads by spreading your brand awareness without spending a single penny.


Fouad apk gives you a multilingual approach. Thus, you can be able to understand all the major languages of the world. Therefore, go worldwide with this apk without any hassle.

Send a message without saving the number

The epic tool allows you to send any message to an unknown number worldwide. It doesn’t need to be on your contact. Rather you have to type your message and write a number where to go, and Jet set Go!

FM Fouad WhatsApp Themes

Now let me take you to a huge warehouse of themes. Fouad WhatsApp Themes is a bulky theme store that offers various features related to theme customization for Fouad WA. Some of its features include:

YoThemes Download

Fouad WhatsApp has an in-built theme store that allows you to download and install customized themes for free. FWThemes enables you to access this store and choose from over 50 themes.

Theme Loading

If a WhatsApp theme is saved in the .xml format, you can use FWThemes to upload and install it to your Fouad WhatsApp.

YoTheme Saving

This option allows you to save your current theme customization and settings on your phone storage. This can be helpful if you want to restore your settings if something goes wrong.

YoTheme Restoration

FWThemes also allows you to load your saved YoTheme from your phone storage.

Preferences Resetting

If you want to return to the default theme settings, FWThemes has a feature that can reset your preferences.

File Zipping

Another mesmerizing feature enables you to send your files in zip format. Thus, this smart apk can send and receive bulky files in zip format easily.

App lock

Above all, this apk ensures your privacy by providing you a shielded safeguard in the form of an app lock. Thus, you can lock your WhatsApp in many ways, i.e., face lock, pattern, number lock, or fingerprint lock. This is the last layer of your privacy that guards your phone against hardware infringement.

Photo Editing

Before that feature, you would edit a picture on some editing app and then send it to your friends and family. Even for minor retouching, you must go for some heavy application to install.

Fouad makes it simple! Just choose a picture to send, as you usually do. Pass it through a built-in filter by this apk, edit it in your way, and finally, send it wherever you want.

Anti revoke Message and Status

This is an awesome tool that lets you retrieve all the messages that once have been deleted by others in your Chat. The same goes for anyone’s status. If someone deletes their status, it will be you only who can see it.

Old Versions of Fouad MODs WhatsApp

Let me share with you the previous successful versions of FouadWA. These include v8.45, v8.95, v9.11, v9.21, v9.25, v9.27, v9.29, v9.30, v9.41, v9.45, v9.62, v9.65, v9.71, v9.72, v9.74, v9.75, v9.80, v9.81, v9.82 and v9.83.

However, you can now download the latest update version of this app v10.10 by clicking on the button below and enjoy its new features.

How to Install Fouad WhatsApp on Android

Installing Fouad APK on your Android device is a straightforward process that can be completed in just a few simple steps. By following these steps and taking the necessary precautions, you can enjoy all the benefits of this smart messaging tool on your Android device.

Before installing this apk on your Android, you must ensure your android version is above 4.1. below that, you can not install this app. Take the following steps to install Fouad on your Android

  1. Please download the Fouad WhatsApp APK file from the link provided above.
  2. Once downloaded, go to your device settings and navigate to the security section.
  3. From there, enable third-party app installations.
  4. Next, install the app.
  5. After installation, it will prompt you to verify your phone number. Once completed, you can enjoy conversations through the app.
How to install Step 1
Step 1
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Step 2

How to Download Fouad WhatsApp on PC

To use Antiban Fouad WA APK on your PC:

  1. Install BlueStacks emulator from their official website.
  2. Download Fouad APK file from a trusted source like
  3. Open BlueStacks and install the app by dragging the APK file or using the install function.
  4. Launch the app, verify your phone number and start using WhatsApp on your PC.

My Experience

“This app is amazing! I use it to stay in touch with friends and family worldwide. The interface is much smoother and easier to use, and I appreciate the added security features.

I recently learned about this Fouad Apk from my mate in the college. I wasn’t expecting this amazing performance by this apk. This apk has made my communication fun by tapping hundreds of themes and emojis. Thus, I use these freaky cartoons to put some emotional strings in my communication.

Last Words

I hope you got a clear picture of this awesome WhatsApp mod. But still, once you download it, you can only circumvent some of its depths. This is a huge value addition to your daily e-life. Additionally, the recent version V 9.72 of Fouad WhatsApp has even more advanced features.

The developers have managed to fix some bugs and control some crashes based on users’ feedback to make your WhatsApp experience more enticing. Thus, keep in touch with to get updated with every upcoming update for this smart WhatsApp version.

4.8 (4211 votes)

This question is most important in nature. Because to update all the mod applications, you first have to uninstall the previous version and then download the latest version from an authenticated source. Therefore, you need to make your data backup. Also, the procedure to back up your data is comprehensively given above. But one key thing is that you have to back up your data in a local copy rather than in google drive or somewhere else because when you fetch your data back, the uploaded copy of your data will not operate.

There are hundreds of mod applications available on the internet. Many of them doesn’t really add any value to the user’s life. Rather their E2EE ( End to End encryption) is far less reliable and vulnerable to stealing your data from your WhatsApp. But it is not the case with each antiban mod WhatsApp version. In fact, some of the developers are outperforming in their performances. The basic yardstick for a user to check the credibility of a Mod WhatsApp version is “User Review”. makes available to you all the APKs with a positive user review.

The simple way to create your chat back up is to go to the Chat screen. Now tap at the top right corner, where you will get the Chat Backup option. Pressing that button lets you easily back up your chat data into your phone. 

There can be multiple causes for that query. The most common reasons are given as follows;

1.         If you already have installed official WhatsApp, then you cannot install Fouad with this app at the same time. First, you need to uninstall the official WhatsApp and install the Fouad by backing up your data.

2.         Check for your Google Play protection and turn it off. Because this tool works to block third-party applications from installing on your phone. Thus, your WhatsApp mod isn’t installing.

3.         Your android version is not fulfilling the system requirements of Fouad to establish. For example, Fouad Apk needs the KitKat system requirements with Android version 4.1+.

You would commonly have read the word ‘Antiban.’ What does it mean? Well, let me clarify it for you in a couple of seconds. It is, in fact, the surety that a third-party application will not be sued by the developer of the original application on the grounds of claiming them