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With the world moving towards AI and technological advancement, it has become essential to update your messaging applications too. In today’s world, more than 2 billion people are using a single application for messaging called WhatsApp.

Thus, how can you create a competitive edge over others? How can you develop innovative ideas that keep you one step forward in your everyday communication? The answer to this question lies in the WhatsApp mod industry.

The WhatsApp mod industry has come up with the idea to fill the gap between the curtailed performance of WhatsApp and the ever-increasing demand for its feature-rich experience.

In this blog post, I’m introducing you to a fantastic WhatsApp mod called GB WhatsApp Pro that will skyrocket your WhatsApp experience. Keep reading and discover what is new for you in this WhatsApp mod.

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App Info

App NameGB WhatsApp Pro
Latest Versionv17.80
File Size70mb
DeveloperAlex Mods/Hey Mods

What is GB WhatsApp Pro

You would have listened to GB WhatsApp, a famous WhatsApp mod developed by GB Mods. But I will introduce the Pro version of that GB WhatsApp, even with more advanced features.

This is an antiban WhatsApp mod application developed by Alex Mods, a Russian developer. Its latest version in 2023 is v17.80. Following are some of the features that make this APK your best:

Limitless File sharing:

You would have often realized the hampered validity of WhatsApp to send up to 10 images at a time only. But using GBWhatsApp Pro, you can send up to 100 photos in one go. You can also send videos up to 50MB and audio files up to 100MB, far beyond the limits of ordinary WhatsApp.

Scheduler Calendar:

GB WhatsApp Pro is an exciting gadget that helps you schedule your calendar with the special events specific to your life. For example, you can plan all the birthday parties of your friends and family, you can schedule your office work routine and anything you want to remind, you can simply jot it down.

Anti-Revoke messages:

This mod feature of GBWhatsApp Pro application lets you fetch all the messages deleted by the sender. Although this feature is commonly available in other mod WhatsApp applications, GB pro is no exception.

In-chat Translation:

There is an incredible tool in this GBWhatsApp Pro application that makes you multilingual. Now you can translate more than 50 major languages in your chat box. Thus, wherever you are, whoever you are talking to, you will never hesitate to communicate in foreign languages.

DND Mode:

Suppose you are playing a game, say PUBG or using something else on the mobile phone. Thus, any notifications will from your WhatsApp annoy you. Therefore, you can enable this feature to eliminate your WhatsApp notifications immediately.

Dark Mode:

GB WhatsApp pro enables a dark mod option for your eye protection, especially at night. For that, it gives an enabled button in a moon shape that you can tap to turn on.

Auto Reply:

If your job is rough and tough and your audience wants to be connected and indulged with your business, you can use this feature. Simply, you can save some templates, such as greetings, Happy new year, or other business conversations, that your audience will receive even when you are offline.

Freeze Last Seen:

To put it simply, you control the reigns of your timestamp on your timeline bar. This bar shows others your last online availability date and time. Thus, if you manage this bar from the “Freeze Last Seen option“, you can easily change people’s perception of your online availability to use it to your advantage.

Lock and Key:

GBWhatsApp Pro gives you its own safety and critical system; thus, you can set your security password in different forms, such as Pattern, number lock, or fingerprint.

Anti-Delete Messages/Status:

The most essential feature of the GB WhatsApp Pro application is that you can read all the messages and statuses, even those their sender has deleted. Additionally, you can also watch the status for more than 24 hours. Interestingly, this app also lets you download a status even without letting others know.

Send a message to an Unknown Number:

This app gives you an innovative option to send a message to an unknown number. This feature is helpful, especially if you are running a business campaign; thus, you can send different messages to various unknown numbers in your marketing campaign.

Share Locations:

In this GB WhatsApp version, you can share your location with a single tap. Thus, wherever you are from your friends and family, you are just one tap away.

Two WhatsApp Accounts

In GB WhatsApp Pro, you can run Two different accounts. However, you need two different numbers to be registered to make two other accounts on a single application. You can create one business account and one personal account at a time.

Text Modification:

This is an innovative feature you can employ to make your WhatsApp messaging prominent even in your groups. You can make your text bold, italic, underline, and even change your font styles to make your text stand out.

GBWhatsApp Pro Old Versions

The updated version of GB WhatsApp Pro is v17.80, which has been provided in the download button below. However, we cannot forget the famous old versions like v17.60, v17.55, v17.52, v17.51, v17.50, v17.45, v17.40, v17.30, v17.20, v17.10, v17.00, v13.50 & v12.00. All of them were amazing, but every app needs improvement for its emerging needs.

System Requirements To install GB WhatsApp Pro

  • You must have to ensure that your Android version is above 4.0. Below that, this APK doesn’t work at all.
  • However, you can install it on both rooted and non-rooted devices.
  • To install the app on your PC or Mac, you first need to install an emulator on these devices. Otherwise, this app cannot run on the above devices.
  • You must ensure that your device has allowed third-party installations since it is a third-party application.

How to install GB WhatsApp Pro on Android

Installation on Android is different from the other applications you install. Since this app is a third-party application, you can only install it from some authentic web source. You can download its APK file from the link given above at

  • First, download the GB WA Pro APK file from and save it in a separate folder.
  • Now you need to locate the file and tap it. A window to install the file will show up. Press the install button there.
  • Here GB WhatsApp Pro will verify your phone number. Enter your number after pressing the ‘Verify’ button and wait for a six-digit password on your same number.
  • Enter the code, and your number will be verified
  • Enjoy experiencing the GB Pro app.
How to install Step 1
Step 1

GBWhatsApp Pro iOS for iPhone

With the rapidly growing WhatsApp mod industry, especially the GB Pro versions, there has been a considerable demand from the iPhone crazy people to introduce GB in iPhones too. Now keeping massive public feedback in view, GBWA Pro has launched its iPhone version, which you can easily install on your device using the following method.

  • Download the GB WhatsApp for iOS file of the GB pro application from the above link at
  • Locate the file on your device and save it in a different place.
  • Now tap this setup file to install it
  •  After installation, launch the app
  • Directly verify your number from the pop-up window.
  •  Enjoy the GBWA Pro on your iPhone!

GB WhatsApp On your MAC

GB PRO is also available on your Mac now. Following are steps you can take to download and install this app from

  • Download the GB Pro app from the link above given in
  • Install Blue stacks emulator on your Mac Open the GB Pro APK file.
  • Now locate the downloaded APK file from the emulator screen and tap it to install
  • Enjoy your best experience with GB Pro WhatsApp.

GB WhatsApp On your PC & Desktop

  • You cannot install this application on your PC only with an emulator like Bluestacks. Thus, the following are the steps. You can take to install this app on your PC:
  • First, install the BlueStacks emulator on your so your system can behave as an Android device.
  • Now, download the GB Pro application from and take it to a separate location on your PC.
  • Navigate the APK file on your emulator screen and press to install it.
  • Now verify your phone number from the pop-up window. GBWA Pro will send you a verification number for that.
  • Enjoy GB on your PC
How to install Image step 2
Step 2

Dark sides of GBWhatsApp Pro

Although GB Pro WhatsApp latest version has some super stunning features, it also has some drawbacks that you need to know before installing it. Following are some of the demerits that need to be addressed.

  • Like GB WhatsApp, this app also holds people’s reservations about their data security. Actually, all the third-party mod applications can get access to your E2EE (end-to-end encryption) data; therefore, it can be used in an abusive way against you.
  • Sometimes the WhatsApp mod applications can slow down your devices. In fact, Gb WA Pro or other mod applications have some bugs, which is why they can slow down your devices.
  • Just like other WhatsApp mod versions, this application also runs ads that can irritate you.
  • There remains an ever-present issue of legality over this app. The claimant’s official WhatsApp keeps suing cases against mod WhatsApp developers as stealing their intellectual property rights. Therefore, some mod applications get banned sometimes. Although, some of them claim to be antiban mod versions of WhatsApp.
  • Some people claim that this mod application or others are unethical. In fact, many features can be used in an exploitative way. Thus, the question of ethical usage holds true. We recommend you use this application for utility and ease rather than the disgrace and exploitation of human beings.

Personal Review

My experience with GB WhatsApp Pro is just awe-inspiring. I have been using this GB version since the start of 2023. There are remarkable features that make you love that APK, especially its cool messaging and the way it makes you communicate using different emoticons and emojis.

Along with that, a massive set of other features made it my habit. Thus, I really recommend this WhatsApp mod to you. You cannot say it is the top mod WhatsApp APK, but this is one of the best WhatsApp mod applications.

You can also check for other WhatsApp versions, such as WhatsApp Plus, Gb WhatsApp Lite, WhatsApp aero & Fouad WhatsApp on

In Summary

Although this apk is said to be the Gb WhatsApp Pro which implies that it is the far better version of GB WhatsApp. But it is not the case, in fact. This apk lags in many features as compared to GB WhatsApp but GBMods.

Thus, GB WhatsApp Pro by Alex Mods is less popular than other mods by some other developers. But considering the security risk involved with GB WhatsApp nowadays, people are inclined towards GBWhatsApp Pro with fewer features but more data security assurance. Overall, this apk also has some ingenious features you will not find in ordinary WhatsApp.

4.8 (18030 votes)

This is an antiban WhatsApp mod application developed by Alex Mods, a Russian app development Agency. This WhatsApp mod gives you the best experience in many ways. It has many features available that are absent even in ordinary WhatsApp. Its recent version has come up with new modifications that you must discover.

In my personal review, GB WhatsApp Pro does not compete with GB WhatsApp in many ways. Actually, these apps are developed by two different developers, i.e., the former by GBMods and later by Alex Mods. But in some aspects, GBWhatsApp Pro is far more reliable, especially regarding your data protection. Overall, it depends upon the user’s preferences.

This is a third-party application. Therefore, you cannot download it from any application site such as Play Store. To update it or any other mod application, one has to take the pain of first uninstalling its previous version and then installing it while keeping its data backup.

Gb Mods is the development agency of GB WhatsApp. Whereas, GB WhatsApp Pro is developed By Alex Mods. Other than that, some other developers have given their own GB variants, such as HeyMods and Fouad Mods.