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If you have not heard about GB WhatsApp, you lag behind the technology. This WhatsApp mod has brought a new wave of the shift from ordinary WhatsApp to the WhatsApp mod industry.

Since the development of WhatsApp in 2013, when it was rapidly expanding to people worldwide, the desire to go beyond the limits rose among the WhatsApp community.

Soon after the successful marketing campaign of WhatsApp, its developer XDA launched its mod version called GB WhatsApp in 2016 to address the growing demand of WhatsApp fans.

This blog post will be exciting and informative, including meticulous details about GBWhats and how it can better serve you.

GB WhatsApp GB MOD SAM MOD ALEX MOD HEY MOD Download and Update APK

Download l Update GB WhatsApp

App Info

App NameGB WhatsApp APK
Latest Versionsv13.50 | v9.98 l v17.80 l v20.63.02
File Size53mb
Package Namecom.gbwhatsapp
Developers TeamAtnfas Hoak (Omar)
MODsGB Mods l HeyMods l AlexMods l SamMods

What is GB WhatsApp

Although this apk doesn’t need any introduction, let me start. This is an antiban WhatsApp mod application developed by GB MODs under the supervision of XDA in 2009.

Still, in 2023, this apk has no comparison with any other WhatsApp mod. Like YO WhatsApp, JT WhatsApp, NS WhatsApp & OG WhatsApp. It best serves you with its ultimate features to keep you with cutting-edge technology.

Its latest version are v9.63, v17.80, v20.63.02 in 2023, which you can download from the link above. But here let me take you to different developers that have contributed to updating and refining GBWhats in its most recent form being presented to you:

  • GB Mods
  • Hey Mods
  • Alex Mods
  • Sam Mods

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GB WhatsApp Requirements

Android: OS 4.1 or above
iPhone:  iOS 12 or above
KaiOS: 2.5.0 or above

GB WhatsApp Specifications

This WhatsApp GB mod has come up with some cool features that keep this application far advanced from its competition, not to mention the regular WhatsApp, which is far behind, hampered and curtailed. Following is the massive list of features that make this GBWhats mod stand out:

Self-Destructive Messaging

You can employ this intelligent feature when sending your messages without receiving them from the person on your opposite side.

Decorate Your Messaging

GBWA gives easy options to decorate your messages with tools such as Bold, Italic and underline. The astonishing thing is that you can change language styles and fonts while messaging in other chat boxes of groups. Thus, you are going to be prominent among your fellows with this sneaky tool.

Mark the Important Chats Before Everything

Suppose you are chatting with your many friends along with your boss. Obviously, any messages from your boss would be more important to you.

Thus, you want to avoid searching for it repeatedly in the long list of notifications of second priority. Here, GBWhatsApp gives you an easy-breezy solution. You pin your important chats, and they will always show up to you above every chat.

Pin Your Frequent Chats

This is a feature literally one-of-the-kind. If you have some contacts with whom you frequently keep chatting, then you can pin it to your home screen on your device or wherever you want. This will give you quick access to your primarily used contacts.

Hassle-free Media Sharing

Before this WhatsApp mod apk, there was a recurring problem on WhatsApp that you could not share the larger media files. This application has made your life easygoing.

Thus, now you can send up to 1 Gb of video in a single tap. Not just that, you will not feel any hurdle in sending any file, including PDF, TXT, PNG etc. It enables you to send an audio file up to 50MB, 100 MB. Impressive!

Now Every Language is Your Language

GBWhatsApp has unique features, for it genuinely deserves to be worldwide. It presents you with an translation of all the world’s major languages, including Spanish, English, Urdu, Hindi, Vietnamese, French and German, and the list goes on.

Thus, you can share your feelings with anyone across the globe using the innovative in-app translation feature of this WhatsApp mod version.

Share your Live Location in ONE Tap

Suppose you drive your car on a rush road and want to share your location with your boss. You will find it troublesome to open your Google Maps and then pursue a long process of sharing your location with your boss.

But GBWhatsApp simplifies it, giving you a single-tap option to share your location with anyone. Anywhere you are, you are just one tap away.

Effects and Animations

You can use this cool celebrative feature, especially on birthdays and parties. This makes you send your data or text with special effects and animations. These effects contain some emojis bulging out from your chat and many things. Thus, this makes others feel the same feeling as yours.

Themes and Personalization

Although every mod application gives you a little liberty to personalize your WhatsApp, GBWA goes beyond the limits. Thus, you can modify each chat box, bubble, bar font, style, sizing, stickers, UI and layout.

Additionally, it gives you a plethora of themes where you can choose the one that best resonates with your thoughts. Thus, you can feel your best experience with GBWhatsApp.

Custom Video Player

No one likes WhatsApp build video player. Yuh! That is why GB WhatsApp allows you to select the best thing for you. You can attach the best video player you use on your device to your WhatsApp. Thus, there is no need to use the default video player WhatsApp offers.

DP video Instead of DB Picture

Have you heard of using a video as DP (Display Picture) rather than a picture? This matchless feature offered by GB WA has given you a new fun way to denote yourself on your profile picture.

Using this feature, you can upload a video of up to 10 seconds to best explain yourself in video format. Even you can employ this innovative feature in iPhone and Mac also.

GB Video Recordings:

This stunning feature will show you that you can use it in many ways. You can now record the videos every time you make a video call to your friends and family. Thus, you can save the memories and threads on your communication or for evidence and proof. Thanks to GB.

Conference Calling in GB

Now, GBWhatsApp can manage your conferences. You can make video calls in groups with more than one person.

People Nearby

this feature, although not present in regular WhatsApp or any other WhatsApp, is available on Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok. But now GBWA is introducing it to you. Thus, you can quickly discover the new people around you to make them your contacts.

GB WhatsApp Download Old Version

GB has been the most searched and downloaded WhatsApp mod ever in history. Therefore, many developers have made their customized versions accessible to the public through GB Mods providers.

Let me discuss the most downloaded old versions of GB WhatsApp. You can safe download their up to date versions in one click.


v4.20, v5.90, v6.10, v6.60, v8.75, v9.00, v9.50, v9.60, v9.63, v9.64


v11.00, v12.00, v13.00, v13.50, v14.10, v14.20, v14.30, v14.40


v16.10, v17.00, v17.10, v17.20, v17.30, v17.40, v17.50, v17.80, v18.20


v20.10, v20.40, v20.50, v20.62.06, v20.63.02, v20.199.14, v20.206.24, v21.4.22, v21.7.14, v21.11.17, v21.21.17, v22.2.73, v23.3.77

Added features in GB WhatsApp

Although having some out-of-the-box features, GBWhatsApp also gives you some extra od features available in other mod applications but not in ordinary WhatsApp.

Revoke Messages: You can revoke multiple messages at a time

DND: you can enable the ‘do not disturb option’ when you don’t want to be distracted by the calls, messages and notifications by others.

Download status: You can download the status of everyone without letting them know. Additionally, you can watch a status after 24 hours that the sender has deleted it.

Status Characters: In ordinary WhatsApp, you only have 120 characters to write your tagline beneath your name. But now, with GBWA, you can use 255 characters to best explain your tagline.

Blue Ticks: Like other WhatsApp mods, this apk also lets you enable the blue tick option. In fact, when you turn your blue ticks off, no one will perceive whether you have read their message.

Anti Once View: Using this mod feature, you can see all the messages and media people send for only one view.

Freeze last seen: this tool makes your control your timeline that tells others about your last availability and online status.

Improvements in Latest GB WhatsApp

Though famous worldwide, this mod apk is improving daily to control its weakness ahead of the competition. Thus, GBWA developers launched some improvements after considering the user demand in 2023 in its latest version, v9.64.

  • Some recurring bugs are fixed now.
  • Before, this apk used to get crash for android version 4.4, but now it has been resolved.
  • Some issues related to status download were also addressed in its new update.
  • The issue pertaining the Contact Toast Online is resolved now.
  • During Searching Themes, some users observed the crashing. Now, this recurring issue has been fixed.

GB WhatsApp Advantages and Disadvantages

Even with such advanced features, GB apk has some drawbacks that must be addressed to give you an ultimate user experience. Following are some of the dark sides that need to be addressed.

  • This is a third-party apk that cannot ensure your data privacy 100%. Some users also point fingers at its data piracy, but this matter remains to be verified. Overall, this apk is coming up with newer versions to cover that uncertainty gap.
  • Mod applications, such as GBWA, can slow down your device.
  • This apk runs ads just like other mod apk versions. Thus, if ads irritate you, you should not opt for this WhatsApp mod.
  • There always remains an issue of legality. Since all the mod applications are a carbon copy of the original WhatsApp, the WhatsApp developers keep suing the cases against them as their intellectual property. Therefore, there is an ever-present threat of your account banning. However, all the mod applications keep changing their app to avoid banning by external threats.
  • Some people regard the usage of GB WhatsApp as unethical because it can be used as an exploitative tool for others.

How To Install GB WhatsApp On Android

GB WhatsApp can be installed on android version 4.4 and above. To install this apk on your android, you can follow the below steps:

  • Download the GBWhatsApp apk from an authenticated website such as And save the apk file in a separate place on your phone.
  • Now, go to the security settings of your android and allow the installations from other sources.
  • Now tap the downloaded apk file and install it.
  • A pop-up window will appear to verify your number; enter your number and reply with the 6digits code sent on your phone.
  • Enjoy experiencing GB apk.
How to install Step 1
Step 1
How to install Image step 2
Step 2

Installation GB WhatsApp on PC

To install it on your pc, you need a blue stack emulator. You can follow the steps given below:

  • First, download and install the bluestack emulator so your system can run as an android device.
  • Download GB apk from and save it separately on your pc.
  • Drag the apk file to the emulator and press the install button
  •  to verify your phone number on the emulator.
  • Use GBWA on your PC.

My Experience

The same everyone once has also got the craze about GB WhatsApp. Everyone was talking about it in my college. I started searching this apk on my phone. After installing this apk, I realized it’s a natural feel.

This apk gave my WhatsApp experience far better than the original WhatsApp. I could make laugh, troll my friends in the groups and communicate well. This apk was my first WhatsApp mod experience that was the best of its kind. Still, in 2023 this apk has more advanced features that will make you love this.

Summing up

Though everything is flawed, we cannot claim this apk the complete WhatsApp replication. There are some strings attached to this apk that need to be addressed.

For example, this should ensure your data security and make an ad-free experience. But on the flip side, this GB WhatsApp has given the new normal to the WhatsApp mod industry.

Even the regular WhatsApp developers had to introduce more and more features to sustain ahead of the fast-moving WhatsApp mod industry. Keep visiting to discover more features and incredible WhatsApp versions occasionally.

GB WhatsApp Rating

4.7 (109880 votes)

There are many doubts about its safe performance. We recommend not using this APK if you are far more concerned about your data privacy and security. But to be very safe, we the answer to this question on user reviews about this app. Thus, until now, this apk has had more than 10+ billion downloads worldwide, with great applause from the WhatsApp community. Therefore, keeping your safety measures, you can give this apk a go-ahead.

Most of the mod WhatsApp applications have the same problem of too many ads. And GB WhatsApp is not an exception. But as per user Review, this apk has far fewer ads than other WhatsApp mods flooding with advertisements.

In 2023, the latest GB mod version is V9.64. But very soon then, you will be able to download its next versions are v9.63, v17.80, v20.63.02 in 2023.

No, there is no GB WhatsApp available for iPhone.