Amazing WhatsApp Texting Features You Can Use In 2024

WhatsApp is improving its messaging experience day by day. In comparison with Telegram or Mod WhatsApp versions, it had far fewer options for users to apply in their messaging. However, in 2024, WhatsApp has now introduced plenty of features to optimize your messaging experience.

Check out the following WhatsApp features you can use in your text messaging:

WhatsApp Texting Features Image

WhatsApp Message Forwarding:

On WhatsApp, you can forward a message to up to 5 contacts at a time only. WhatsApp keeps a check on curtailing the rumors, viral and fake news. That’s why it implies the forwarding limits and tags such as “forwarded”, or “Forwarded many times”. Sometimes WhatsApp imposes a limit on a message that can not be forwarded anymore. Using WhatsApp Mod versions you can forward a message to unlimited contacts even without forwarded tags.

Click-To-Chat Feature:

Now you can send messages to random people by creating their links without saving their contacts in your device. Other than Androids, and iOS, this feature also works on WhatsApp Web. 

Create your link:

Using the format below you can create your link for someone to message you through to chat feature:<number> (here <number> is your full phone number in international format)

Disappearing Messages:

WhatsApp offers you disappearing messages, a quirky feature that automatically makes your messages disappear from the other’s chat box. You can set the message disappearing time for 24 hours, 7 days, or 90 days. 

As a group member, you can turn to disappear messages that cannot be changed by group admins:

  • Tap on any group, and click on three dots
  • Tap on disappearing messages
  • Press Continue
  • Select the time duration for a message to disappear
  • Specify the chats you want to enable within the group
  • Press OK.
  • You can disable it afterward in the same way.

WhatsApp Text Formatting:

WhatsApp helps you format your text message through the following options:

  • WhatsApp offers you three font sizes,(small, medium, large). Select the font you are comfortable with. 
  • Using the combinations of all text formatting techniques you can make your t4ext stand out.
  • To make a text bold, you need to use an asterisk (*) before and after the text. For instance, you need to write it like *This is bold*
  • To make a text italic in WhatsApp chat, use underscores(_) before and after the text such as _This is Italic_
  • Using tidal (~) before and after any text will give you a strikethrough
  • You can use monospacing to make text prominent and different from the rest by adding three backticks (‘’’) before and after the text.

Message yourself:

Now WhatsApp enables you to send messages to yourself. Just select the message, search your profile name in your chat box, and send it to your profile.

Edit Your Messages Before They See It:

  • You can edit a message within 15 minutes after sending it. 
  • However, you can edit photos, documents, or videos.
  • Every edited message mentions the word “Edited”

Delete A message:

Selecting a message for deleting gives you two options below:

  • Delete for me: It will vanish from your chat leaving no trace, still visible to others
  • Delete for everyone: It will disappear, leaving a notification “This message was deleted”


If you delete a message for everyone, it will leave a trace “This message was deleted”. You can also delete messages as a group admin as other messages within 2 days of their sending time. Still, it will leave behind your name as:

“This message was deleted by admin [admin name].”

Frequently Asked Questions:

How to start a new chat?

To start a new chat, you can take the following steps:

  • First, save the contact number on your device
  • Now, open your WhatsApp and search for the contact name in your search bar. The contact will show up if it is registered on WhatsApp
  • Tap on the contact and type your message in the chat pane
  • Press the send button, and here you go. 
  • In the same way, you can text in WhatsApp groups and communities.

How to Copy/Paste a message in WhatsApp?

You can also copy/paste a message in WhatsApp:

  • Select a message by Long pressing it
  • Now tap on three dots (:) then >Copy
  • Now open the chat box you wanna send that message
  • Long press the chat bar and press the paste button
  • Press the send button and bingo! 

How to send messages to unknown numbers in a group?

In your group, you can send messages to any member without saving their number.

  • Tap on the group chat
  • Now tap on the contact you wanna send a message
  • From the pop-up press “Message <phone number>” 
  • If you don’t find your desired contact in the chat box, you can locate them in Group Info>members
  • You can use third-party WhatsApp mod versions that enable sending messages to unknown numbers hassle-free.

Can I read A deleted message?

If you delete a message you can only get it back from your chat backups. Other than that there is no way to fetch it.

There are some mod WhatsApp versions in which you can read even the deleted messages as one of their additional features such as GB WhatsApp, WhatsApp Aero, FM WhatsApp, or WhatsApp Plus.