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Collaborating your WhatsApp in your business has become a dire need in this era where a whopping 2 billion plus people are physically available most of their time on WhatsApp. Every business need sale. Right?

But for that, we often have to pass through various buyer’s awareness levels by creating an unbreakable engagement with them until they make their buying decisions.

That’s why GB WhatsApp has come up with a creative mod version called GB WhatsApp Business to boost your business. GB Business can really ease your marketing experience by helping you create more engagement among your audience.

In this roundup, I’m going to tell you how amazing this app is and how you can effectively use Gb Business to supercharge your business. Therefore, before grabbing your APK file from the link below, just give this article a go.

GB WhatsApp Business

App Info

App NameGB WhatsApp Business
Versionv9.82, v2.23.14.81
File Size70MB
Developers TeamGB Mods

GB WhatsApp Business APK

GB WhatsApp Business Requirements

Android: OS 4.1 or above
iPhone:  iOS 12 or above
KaiOS: 2.5.0 or above

GB WhatsApp Business; Your Business Assistant:

This nifty modified WhatsApp will help you manage your business as well as your daily communication. Check out its unique features below:

Built-in Video Player:

Normal WhatsApp video player is just meh. It doesn’t give you the best user experience that freaks out most WhatsApp users. That’s why GB Business offers you its own video player that gives you a seamless watch time.

You can speed up a video, increase or decrease brightness, and everything that you get in a separate video player application you will now get built-in GB WhatsApp.

Download And Repost Status:

Have you ever asked anyone to send you, their status? But from now onward you don’t need to ask for it. Using this mod feature of GB Business you can download, copy, or repost any status you want.

Your WhatsApp is Customizable Now:

The one most lucrative thing about GB is that it lets you customize its UI(user interface) as per your requirements. You can choose, your best pick launcher icons, Calls Screen, Chats Rows Screen, Chats Header, and Conversations Header Screen. Conversations Chat Screen, and many things more.

Instant Clean Up:

Through instant clean-ups, you can wash away your redundant WhatsApp messages and junk files that keep piling up in your phone memory. If your phone doesn’t contain a handsome memory, this feature is going to be an effective tool for you to maintain the optimum performance of your device.

Photo Editing:

You can edit an image just before sending it to your contacts.

High-resolution data Sharing:

Normally on ordinary WhatsApp, you know that you cannot send an image in good pixels. If you think to turn it into a document then again you cannot go with more than 16 MB files. What if you want to send a photo up to 40 or 50 MB resolution? GB will help you out with a 50MB resolution limit.

Enhanced Media Sharing Limits:

It also increases your limits in data transfer as you can now send up to 90 images in one go and a bulky 700 MB video file. Not just that, you can upload a 30-minute-long business marketing video to your status without even cropping it.

How to use GB Business for your small businesses

  • Treat your business as a person who has a face, personality, tone, and voice. Using all the mod features of GB business, you can elicit your business on WhatsApp in a creative way.
  • You can use this platform for quick and effective customer support. Resolving issues on WhatsApp has become a trend in small and medium businesses. Using the auto responders in GB business you can effectively provide them customer services.
  • Using the crafty mod features of this mod application you can run your marketing campaigns. You can put your promotional messages on a 30-minute-long status. Also, you can schedule your marketing campaigns for your contacts or public groups to provide fresh feeds about your products or services.
  • You can send personalized messages including, new year reels, birthday gifts, and thank-you messages to your customers to keep them engaged and maintain your brand loyalty.
  • You can also collaborate your customer Relationship system (CRM) with a WhatsApp business API. This AI will keep attending to your customers on behalf of you pertinent to your business demand.

GB WhatsApp Business Installation Guide

By taking the simple steps below you can install GB Pro on your Android:

  • First thing first, go to your settings and allow the ‘third-party installations
  • toggling on the option “installations from unknown sources”.
  • Get the APK file of the latest GB Pro version from the link above.
  • Tap on the downloaded file and choose the install button
  • It will take a couple of minutes, let it finish its launch
  • Now enter your WhatsApp account number and wait for the six-digit code
  • Enter the code and get your number verified.
  • Start your WhatsApp business pro journey
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My Opinion

I use my WhatsApp to keep my customers satisfied, keep them connected and engaged, and find more leads. I think collaborating with WhatsApp in your business keeps you more connected to it than any other medium you use.

The most important thing, we have been tuned to quickly respond to our WhatsApp streaks as compared to emails and Facebook messages. Therefore, this WhatsApp instinctively makes my response rate rapid.


GB WhatsApp Business Pro is a level-up version of WhatsApp business. In this fast-paced era where WhatsApp has taken a pivotal role in public life, you can collaborate WhatsApp mod version in your business and boost your business growth.

The latest version V9.82 is far more advanced as compared to the older versions such as v8.75 and v8.40. However, if older versions are compatible with your devices you can go for them. You can also check out WhatsApp Plus or GB WhatsApp Pro if looking for some sort of personal usage.

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GB WhatsApp is specially developed as a clone version of WhatsApp for your personal usage. whereas WhatsApp business has exclusive features that support your business to grow. You can use GB WhatsApp Business Pro as an extended version of WhatsApp Business to supercharge your business growth.

Technically yes, but you have far better options for your personal WhatsApp usage such as GB WhatsApp, WhatsApp Plus, WhatsApp Aero etc.