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In the widespread WhatsApp mod industry, many WhatsApp versions are available to the WhatsApp community. Some of these mods have got hype due to their sleek interface, and others due to their enjoyable communication.

Most of the mods build their campaign on minor freaky features. But today, I m going introduce you to a WhatsApp version that offers you ironclad privacy as its USP (Unique Sales Proposition).

So, check out this blog post to discover the pros and cons of this DMWA before installing it.

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What is DMWhatsApp?

DM WhatsApp is a mod version of WhatsApp that is also called Dark messaging WhatsApp. As of its name, it is prevalent in the WhatsApp industry due to some of its specialties, exclusively its dark themes and privacy customization.

The latest version of DMWhatsApp is V This APK has countered other MOD WhatsApp Applications on many grounds by creating a competitive edge through value addition in its services and added features. Some other valuable MODs are following WhatsAppMA, Pink WhatsApp, AG WhatsApp.

What’s new for you in DM WhatsApp

Following are some of the core benefits you can avail yourself of after downloading DMWhatsApp.

Extended limits of Media Sharing

This APK extends all limits of your media sharing compared to other mod APKs. Now you can set your image resolution up to 90MB rather than 3MB, thereby controlling your picture quality. You can also upload a video file up to the increased limit of 700 MB with a video quality of 720p. 

Luxurious black layout

The most prominent thing about DMWA is its dark-screen interface. This layout portrays a soothing impact on the eyes. You will find darker lines and panels, which you can add to the dark mode.

Ironclad Privacy

This Apk is famous for its privacy customization. The reason is that it gives you the liberty to customize your privacy. Thus, apk keeps you at the helm of matters out of your control in an official WhatsApp version same as TM WhatsApp.


This APK presents many mesmerizing visual effects and animation options that will make you astonished. Although some of its features are under development, the idea of bringing such huge animation options to ordinary users is never seen before.

Smart Launcher Icons

Interestingly, DMWhatsApp provides a long list of its launcher app icons and notification icons popping up on your android screen. So, if you don’t like WhatsApp icons, you can always check the best out of a great variety.

Chat customization

It has an enormous variety of options to glorify your chat screen. You can modify your action bar, bubble and ticks, and conversation entry styles with DMWA. Every button on your chat screen will be in your way. 

Message Scheduler

Most of the time, you want a break from your business rather than at the cost of your connectivity with your audience. This APK will help you out. Using this feature, you can make schedule messages that you can send to your prospects time-to-time without hassles.

Hide Blue Ticks

It gives you a high-caliber blue tick control. Thus, if you turn on that feature, the blue ticks will not appear in the receiver’s chat. They will take you offline, or you still have to read their message.

Status Privacy

You can view anyone’s status even without letting them know. Plus, no matter if someone has deleted their status, only you can watch it.

Status Saver

This feature of DMWhatsApp helps you download the status of anyone you like. Thus, asking someone to send you their strings is optional.

100+ Imaginative Themes

Here you can unlock an ocean of themes and skyrocket your WhatsApp experience. For that, DMWA offers a built-in plugin to download the themes, giving you access to 100+ creative collections.

Emoji variants

Want to make your communication fun? Absolutely yes! This APK provides you with a wide variety of emojis variants. These variants are lent from social media sources such as Old WhatsApp (iOS), Facebook, Android O, and System Emoji (EXPERIMENTAL).

Freeze Last Seen

A key feature this APK dishes out to you is that you can access the content sent to you for just ‘one view.’ Surprisingly, the sender doesn’t know about it.

Anti-Delete Messages

With this tool’s help, you can stop people from deleting messages once sent in a chat. So, if used wisely, this tool can be proven a good tactic in your everyday life.

Anti Forwarded Tags

The same goes for this uncharted feature, by which you can forward a widespread message with a forwarded tag on its top. This tool will let the receiver perceive that you have typed this message.

Modded/Added Features in DMWhatsApp

  • Some cardinal gadgets add more value to the developer’s portfolio.
  • It enhances your ability to send multiple images and data simultaneously to the community, even outside WhatsApp.
  • The quick options are available by clicking the chat bubble.
  • Many get annoyed with auto-downloading different junk files and pictures in our galleries. For that cause, this modded APK gives you the option to hide media from your gallery.
  • This APK offers translation of more than 18 major and 14 significant languages for default in-app usage.
  • The awe-inspiring feature of “mass message sender’ lets you send a bulky message that may include a heavy file from your gallery.
  • It gives you complete control of your home screen customization, including all the headers, rows, scaling of photos, and other meticulous details. Astonishingly, you can modify each line at any corner of your WhatsApp home screen. Hence, it makes you feel your valid preferences of yours.
  • Like the home screen, this APK also provides micro customization tools for your Conversation screen.
  • Using this APK, you can send messages without adding anyone to your contact list.
  • Above all, this DM WhatsApp has a secure security system. It entails a WhatsApp lock (pin and pattern), password recovery, and visibility control mechanisms.

How to install DMWhatsApp on Android

To install DM WhatsApp on an Android device, follow these steps:

  1. Download the APK file of DM WhatsApp to your device’s internal storage.
  2. Go to your device’s settings, then navigate to the security section.
  3. Enable the option for installing third-party apps.
  4. Open the downloaded APK file and select the “Install” option.
  5. Once installed, DMWhatsApp will verify your phone number and you’ll be ready to start using this powerful tool.
How to install Step 1
Step 1
How to install Image step 2
Step 2

6 Steps to install DM WhatsApp on PC

To install DM WhatsApp on a PC, you’ll need to use an Android emulator, such as Bluestacks or NoxPlayer. Here are the steps to install DM WhatsApp using Bluestacks:

  1. Download and install Bluestacks on your PC from the official website.
  2. Download the APK file of DM WhatsApp to your PC.
  3. Open Bluestacks and click the “Install APK” button located in the bottom right corner.
  4. Select the DM WhatsApp APK file you just downloaded.
  5. Wait for the installation to complete.
  6. Once installed, open DM WhatsApp from the Bluestacks app drawer and follow the on-screen instructions to verify your phone number.

My Experience

I am an assistant detective in California. The nature of the job demands secrecy and privacy exclusively in my communication. Once, one of my colleagues referred me to DM WhatsApp for its ironclad privacy.

Thus, I downloaded and started using it. Afterwards, I tested it from many aspects using different infringing tools. I am satisfied with its performance. Thus in my community circle, this apk has a widespread use

Final Words

This app is hyped primarily due to its Privacy customization and get the black layout. Other than that, it competes with all the mod apps on all grounds. But up until you download this advanced APK and start using it, you can not imbibe its natural feel.

The minimum operating system requirement for this apk to install is relatively low: Android 4.0.3. There always remains a space to work upon. The same goes for this DMWA.

For that cause, this apk is rapidly updating itself time by time. Hence stay tuned to our website for the most updated versions, along the fresh updates about upcoming advanced features.

4.4 (7140 votes)

Usually, all the official versions of WhatsApp are available on the play store. This is a third-party application, so it isn’t available on the play store, Amazon, Mac store, or any other platform. Rather, you can download it from online websites. More conveniently, you can download it from the link given above.

The answer is yes. You need to install an emulator. Then you can follow the procedure given above to install this APK on your PC.

This app has come up with some extended features in the market as compared to its competitors. Still, it needs some time to improve as some of its features are under development. Thus, it could be better than one of the top-performing WhatsApp apps.

The updated version has an outstanding feature of controlling the ticks in your conversation. When you send a message, you see a single grey tick just below the message. It denotes that the receiver has yet to be online. While a pair of grey ticks represent their online availability, they still need to read your message. Soon after the receiver reads your message, you see a pair of blue ticks in your chat box.

To update a mod version is a challenging thing. Very few websites serve you with time-to-time updating of WhatsApp mod Apk like DM WhatsApp. Conveniently, You can check out, where you can update DMWhatsApp and other WhatsApp versions.