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Finally, you landed here, freaked out of the official WhatsApp with far fewer features, far hampered benefits to offer, and curtailed powers. Or you may be exploring some awe-inspiring WhatsApp mod application.

In either case, you have landed at the right place. Because here at, we keep bringing unique WhatsApp mod versions that might be underrated but far better than your official WhatsApp.

Today I will introduce you to a mind-blowing mod WhatsApp application called KR WhatsApp. Keep reading to the end of this blog post, and discover a level-up WhatsApp waiting for you to press the install button.

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KR WhatsApp Pro Download

App Info

App NameKR WhatsApp Pro
Latest Versionv12.00
File Size70mb
DeveloperKiller Red Mods

Introducing KR WhatsApp

KR WhatsApp is a unique addition to the WhatsApp mod industry that has some outstanding features to offer you. Although it is nearly impossible to cover all the aspects of this WhatsApp mod version here, the following are some prominent features to mention here:

Your Location is One Tap Away:

Imagine, Driving on the road, in a rush place! Your boss is bombarding you with messages to send your location! It would be troublesome to open Google Maps first, turn your location on, choose the option to share, go to WhatsApp, and finally select the chat box where you want to drop your location.

Diametrically opposite, what if you could do all this in a single tap? Yes, KRWhatsApp lets you send your location in a freaky single click from your WhatsApp chat box. Pronto!

Anti-View Once:

This feature is just jaw-dropping. If you remember, in official WhatsApp, there was an introduced feature that lets you impede others from viewing your picture or video to view more than one time.

But Anti view once is a code to break others’ view once privacy. Thus you can watch a picture or video unlimited times employing this feature even if it is sent for viewing once only.

Data Transfer Is Unlimited Now:

Suppose you have dozens of large files to send, and your WhatsApp stops you from sending them all at once or asks you to divide your videos into small clips. This insanely freaks you out! Isn’t it?

That is true; official WhatsApp has far fewer limits of data transfer to offer to its users. But now, using this smart mod application, you can transfer unlimited files, such as video files of up to 700 MB and audio files of up to 100 MB.

Not just that, you can send 30 images at once rather than only 10. It also increases the limit of characters that you can use to write your tagline by up to 250 words. Now onwards, no worries about the limits that WhatsApp puts on you.

Themes, Wallpapers, and Emojis:

Now let’s turn to the aesthetics side of this WhatsApp mod version. Here you are going to find this WhatsApp version highly creative. It has a huge collection of offbeat wallpapers, themes, and emojis.

Also, you can download different emoji packs from the attached plugins available in this application. It is no no-brainer! Go to the WhatsApp settings, then to Themes. You will find a set of different emoji packs. Choose your best pick and download that plugin in your WhatsApp. 

Antiban with Strengthen Privacy:

Nowadays, WhatsApp mod users are facing more banning issues as the WhatsApp authorities have started a crackdown against all third-party developers. Still, the developers playing smartly are switching to antiban modifications in their versions to avoid their users from these inconveniences.

The same is the case with KR WhatsApp, where the developer, in its latest version, v12.00, has introduced some quirky and steadfast reforms to make it staunchly antiban. 

KR WhatsApp Installation Procedure On Android Devices

Step 1: Download the Latest version of KR WhatsApp from or some other authentic source. Beware of the scam files; otherwise, they will cause spam viruses to creep into your phone.

Step 2: Move the APK file to the safest place on your device so that you may utilize it for re-sharing or reinstalling if necessary.

Step 3: Now tap this APK file and choose the option to install it from a drop-down window.

Step 4: After installation, the application will ask you to provide a phone number. Provide a phone number of your secondary importance (to avoid problems if banned by official WhatsApp), and wait for a six-digit code.

Step 5: Now enter the code, and verify your phone number. Kr WhatsApp is all open to you.

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Step 1
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Personal Review

I used this WhatsApp version during my summer vacation from my college last summer. All of my friends were sitting on their couches, making a lot of laughter and sharing different creative stickers and emojis. I realized there was a difference between my ordinary WhatsApp and what most of them were using.

When I searched for some effective alternative, WhatsApp KR WhatsApp skimmed through my eyes. I instantly gave it a shot and installed it. After installing it, I got to know how my friends were using these mod versions smartly in our college WhatsApp group. Overall, this application made my memories last summer.

In Summary

This WhatsApp version has some super cool features but is highly underrated. Far fewer people know about it. Still, it is widely searched in Pakistan, India, Brazil and Indonesia.

But this WhatsApp version is worth enough to give it a shot. In its latest version, v12.00, the developers have enrolled on some new reforms, making it antiban and safe to use. If you are looking for some features given above, try KRWhatsApp right now.

As per the recent updates of this WhatsApp, version safety has taken precedence. Previously, people were facing some banning issues by official WhatsApp for an hour or two. But now the developer of this application has come up with an amazing antiban modification. Thus we can now rely on this application. Still, consider what people say about this WhatsApp mod version before installing it. 

To update this WhatsApp version, you must back up the data in your previous update. Afterward, uninstall the previous version. Now reinstall the latest update from and launch it. Finally, fetch your data back from the backup file.