ZE WhatsApp Pro APK Download (May 2024) v7.85 Update

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You might be struggling to get away with your WhatsApp version on your phone right now. Obviously, it is for various reasons such as its restrictions and fewer powers of customization it delegates to you and many more. At apkwa.net, we have vowed to present you with the best mod WhatsApp versions from time to time.

Today I will introduce you to such a mod application with a worldwide reach and raving fans due to its offbeat features and spectacular performance. So be ready to discover about ZE WhatsApp before installing it. This blog post will reveal its pros, cons, unique features and installation methods. So, here we begin!

Download ZE WhatsApp Here

ZE WhatsApp Download

App Info

App NameZE WhatsApp
Latest Versionv7.85
File Size33mb

Introducing ZE WhatsApp

This fabulous application is the mod replication of the official developed by ZEMODS. The developer has introduced some matchless features in it that you will not find even on a regular. Following are a few mentions of the startling features this application has:

DND Mode:

DND is the acronym for ‘Do Not Disturb’. This feature is useful, especially when you don’t want notifications to disturb you. For example, suppose you have a very important meeting ahead and don’t want to be interrupted by messages and notifications from your contacts. In that case, you can simply turn on the DND mode.

UI and Layout:

The most appealing thing you would love about ZE WhatsApp is its golden and black combination of colors and gradients. Unlike the traditional Hulk, like greenish, it has a far catchier look. Thus overall, it gives you a luxurious feel.

Switch Between World Languages:

On top of everything, you can connect to the world using this multilingual application. No matter who you are talking to at any nook and corner of the world, you can simply translate what people say through a single tap in your chat box. Pretty simple! For that, just select the written text in any language and use the translate option in any language you choose, and Presto!

Mind-Boggling Use of the Blue Ticks:

The blue ticks option is a widely used feature this application offers. But you are not going to find this feature on the official WhatsApp. Using this feature, you can control your blue ticks from showing up in the chat box of a sender that sends you a message. Rather they are just going to see a single grey tick.

This implies they cannot guess whether you have read their message, even if you have done it. Isn’t it amazing? You can use it in many creative ways in your smart communication.

Status Saver:

This is a witty feature available to you in ZEWA. This application provides a built-in status downloader button on your status screen. You will not need to ask anyone to share their status or stories. You can simply download your favorite status on your own.

Location Sharing:

This amazing feature allows you to share your location with a single tap. You must go to the chat where you want to send your location and tap the linchpin button at the bottom right corner of your chat box. Here you will find an option for location sharing. By tapping on that option, you can simply share your exact or nearby location with your friends and family anywhere you are.

Method to Install ZEWhatsApp on Your Android Device:

ZEWhatsApp  is basically made for Android devices above 4.0 Android versions. You can follow the super simple step below to download this application on your Android.

  • Get the app from apkwa.net and secure it in a different place on your Android device.
  • Tap the downloaded APK file and install it.
  • After installing it, verify your number by providing a six-digit code the application will send you.
  • Explore the best experience with ZE WhatsApp.
How to install Step 1
Step 1

Install ZE WhatsApp On your PC & Desktop

To install this version on your PC, you need an emulator, the Blue Stacks emulator. Hence there is a little variation in the installation procedure on PC given as follows:

  • First, install the Blue Stacks emulator and launch it on your PC.
  • Now download the ZeWhatsApp app and move the file to a different place where you can reinstall and share it if needed.
  • Open Blue stacks, and from the emulator window, navigate to the downloaded APK file.
  • Right-click the file and install it.
  • Verify your number and start using Epic ZE WhatsApp.
How to install Image step 2
Step 2

Personal Review

This WhatsApp version is a super cool application; I have used it for over a week. It is light in weight and highly adaptive to my small device with 2 GB RAM. The most fun thing about this application was its versatile UI, layout, and gold and black combination of colors and gradients. It also has creative themes and wallpapers that beautify me, which I love. Overall this application added some value to my life.

In Summary

This WhatsApp mod application is an amazing addition to the mod industry by ZEMODS. The latest version that has been recently launched in 2024 has stirred the raving community. Although this application has tremendous potential, there are some dark spots on which the developers are working in its upcoming updates.

If you are looking for some light in weight but fun mod version, just go for ZEWhatsApp. You can also check for other WhatsApp versions, such as WhatsApp Plus, Gb WhatsApp Lite, WhatsApp Aero & Fouad WhatsApp on apkwa.net.

4.8 (6770votes)

This WhatsApp version is not available on the Google Play Store. Therefore, you might have trouble updating to the newer versions. You need to install the latest version from apkwa.net or some other authentic platform. Keep the backup of data of your previous version and uninstall it. Now you simply have to install the latest APK file and fetch your data from the backup file you made.

To be very clear, this is a mod application. Although it has some unique benefits, it might have some cons too. For example, an official might ban your number for an hour or two for using this application. But this has been observed rarely. Overall, we recommend you check out the user feedback before downloading any mod application; if the world is chanting about it, go for it.