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If you are looking for smart alternatives to your regular WhatsApp or to find an extra cool WhatsApp gadget that overweights all the other modded WhatsApp extensions, this article is for you.

So, keep reading because we will introduce you to “Pink WhatsApp” the panacea to all your worries related to your previous official versions of WhatsApp.

The reason why a great many people are switching to this OB version is that people find regular WhatsApp versions incompatible with smart and strategic communication.

Thus, some third-party antiban extensions have come up with fantastic ideas to fill that gap where this APK stands out.

WhatsApp Omar Pink is an efficient WhatsApp extension that gives your communication a new lease of life. By using it, you can boost your day-to-day conversation to its pinnacle.

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Introduction of Pink WhatsApp

This famous WhatsApp version will confuse you with the reason of having a lot many names. But I’m here to clear up all the confusions you have related to this modified version.

So, if you hear someone talking about Omar Al-Wardi WhatsApp, OB2 WhatsApp, or simple ‘Omar WhatsApp’ Pink, think straight away about ‘Pink WhatsApp,’ the noun most famous among its users.

Pink WhatsApp is, in fact, a prototype of OB WhatsApp. This is also called OB2 WhatsApp. Because of its feminine color, this app replication is more prevalent in girls. 

This antiban APK is developed by ‘Omar Badeeb’ an Arabic developer, to switch the WhatsApp community of more than 2 billion to the next level. Princess WhatsApp also have 90% same features.

MOD Features of Pink WhatsApp

Following are some cool features you must know before using Pink WhatsApp.

Freeze the Last Seen

The Pink version of WhatsApp, developed by Omar Badeeb, offers exclusive features and better services, including ironclad privacy tools. One such feature is the ability to freeze the last seen message by enabling it in settings.

Another unique option is the “Anti view once” feature, which gives you unlimited access to messages that were intended for one-time viewing. For more exciting features use AN WhatsApp.

Anti Delete Messages

OB WhatsApp also allows you to eliminate the word “Forwarded” that appears above your chats, making it appear as though all text is original content. Additionally, you have control over who can call or text you through the “My phone, My will” feature.

A powerful button called “Anti delete messages” prevents your sender from deleting any content that has already been sent to you.

Status Privacy

There are many custom privacy options available, allowing you to tailor your privacy settings to your specific needs. For example, you can make your status visible only to your contacts and choose how to see your messages offline.

Hidden Blue Ticks

Additionally, you can control the blue ticks strategy to inform your receivers as much or as little as you want. Overall, the Pink version of WhatsApp offers unparalleled privacy features that will help you secure your conversations.

Modify Themes

Get ready to take your creativity out of you. This modded extension helps your creativity to modify your WhatsApp as per your choice. You have full control of customization for your text, fonts, and icons. In fact, there are a lot of fun ways to beautify your WhatsApp. 

Group Management

If you are administering any group, there is a great feature that strengthens your controls by empowering you to delete any message in a group that irritates you and others.

Not just that, you can see the past participants of a group, i.e., who left and when. The most interesting thing is the added availability of polls in a group. So can rely on the democratic solution to different matters discussed in a group. Thanks to democracy!

Ultimate Emoji Packs

The Pink version of WhatsApp, developed by Omar Badeeb, offers a variety of emojis to enhance your chat experience. By downloading different emoji variants, such as Facebook, Old WhatsApp (iOS), and Android O, you can access a wide range of emojis to express yourself creatively.

Edit Launcher Icon

In addition to emojis, the Pink version of WhatsApp also allows you to customize the appearance of the app with multiple launcher icon options. If you don’t like the Pink WhatsApp icon, you can choose from a long list of alternatives and replace it with the one that you prefer.

Unlimited Sharing

The modded app also includes a feature to hide media from your gallery, eliminating the annoyance of auto-downloading unwanted files and pictures.

Furthermore, it allows you to send multiple images and data simultaneously to the community, even outside WhatsApp. This makes it easy to share your media with friends and family.

Chat Bubbles

Additionally, it provides you with quick options that you can access by clicking on the chat bubble. This makes it easy to access frequently used features and keep your conversations going smoothly.

Fun Ways of communication

Why do we use WhatsApp? It makes our communication an easy and enjoyable thing. But this APK brings up further innovation in your communication.

Thus you can add fun emojis to your every chat just by double tapping your mobile screen. Additionally, this antiban application enables you to filter unread messages using a unique search button.

Last but not least, a call rejection type’ option can specify and elaborate on why you rejected a call. Astonishingly, that freaky option saves the receiver from thinking ambiguously about you.

The smart choice of in-app translation is the uniqueness of this MOD extension of WhatsApp. More in-chat translation languages include Vietnamese, Tamil, Urdu, Gujarati, Punjabi, Bengali, and other major world languages.

Thus, from now onward, no language is new to you. 

How to install Pink WhatsApp on Android

If you’re looking to install the Pink OB2 WhatsApp, here’s a step-by-step guide on how to do it:

  1. Start by downloading the APK file of Pink OB2 WhatsApp and saving it in a separate location on your internal storage.
  2. Next, go to your phone’s settings and navigate to the security settings.
  3. In the security settings, enable the option for third-party app installations. This will allow you to install apps from sources other than the Google Play Store.
  4. Once you’ve done that, locate the downloaded file and click on it. You should then see an option to “install”.
  5. After installation, the app will verify your phone number and you’ll be all set to start using it.


After installing this OB2 WhatsApp, you may get a pop-up window asking you to update the app. The APK would have gone through new updates until you downloaded it. So, don’t worry and update the app to its latest version for a better experience.

How to install Step 1
Step 1
How to install Image step 2
Step 2

Download Pink WhatsApp on PC

If you want to run the Pink WhatsApp on your PC using the BlueStacks emulator, here’s a step-by-step guide on how to do it:

  1. Download and install BlueStacks on PC.
  2. Download APK file of Pink WhatsApp.
  3. Drag and drop APK file into BlueStacks.
  4. Installation process will begin.
  5. Open the App and verify your number.
  6. You are ready to use Pink OB2 WhatsApp on PC.

My Opinion

Pink WhatsApp has unique Arabic designs and pink layout. Offers variety of launcher icons for customization. Equips with deeper customization options and large collection of emojis from Facebook. My experience with it is the best among modded versions of WhatsApp.

Final Words

After reading the above article, you would have built a clear image of that dashing APK. But, until you download this Pink WhatsApp and start using it, you can not imbibe its real potential.

Literally, you will start feeling like having more control over your WhatsApp communication than before. Still, there always remains a space to work upon.

The same goes with this OB2 WhatsApp that is updating itself at times. Hence stay tuned to our website for the most updated versions, along the fresh updates about upcoming advanced features.

4.4 (1300 votes)

OB WhatsApp is available in many forms for android users. But, so far, there has yet to be an iPhone APK that also serves iPhone users. For more updating, keep following this website.

This is an antiban and modded extension of official WhatsApp that outperforms in various aspects from the official versions of WhatsApp.

The updated version has an outstanding feature of controlling the ticks in your conversation. When you send a message, you see a single grey tick just below the message. It denotes that the receiver has yet to be online. While a pair of grey ticks represent their online availability, they still need to read your message. Soon after the receiver reads your message, you see a pair of blue ticks in your chat box.

Normally, all the official versions of WhatsApp are available on the play store. This is a third-party application, so it isn’t available on the play store, Amazon, Mac store, or any other platform. Rather, you can download it from online websites. More conveniently, you can download it from the link given above.

ThisAPK is a third-party app that isn’t available on the Play Store. To that cause, some might point fingers towards its legality. It was developed by Omar Badeeb, a renowned Arabian Android apps developer, to work seamlessly with official versions of WhatsApp. But, per its user review and performance efficiency, it is a grey list app.