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When the world is moving towards more advanced technology, such as virtual reality and metaverse, how can one limit the recent communication models that are more behind user expectations?

For example, WhatsApp is widespread worldwide as over 2 billion people use it, and daily billions of messages are being sent to WhatsApp. Does that mode of communication match the fast-moving technology?

Honestly, it’s not the reality. Because people demand more liberty, powers, and features in their communication. This gap has been filled by the WhatsApp mod industry, where different developers have developed new innovative ideas.

And today, I will introduce you to one such WhatsApp mod that has blown away people with its jaw-dropping features and benefits attached to them. So in today’s blog post, you will learn about WhatsApp GB lite. Keep reading the review post to the end and find what’s new for you.

GB WhatsApp Lite Mini APK Latest

GB WhatsApp Lite APK

App Info

App NameGB Lite / GB Mini
Latest Versionv19.90
File Size36.6mb
Developers TeamAtnaf Hoaks
MODsGB WhatsApp Lite, GB WhatsApp Mini

Introducing GB WhatsApp Lite Mini APK

 GB WhatsApp lite is the lighter version of GB WhatsApp developed by Atnaf Hoaks for its high performance and peerless features. If you have less compatible devices, this lite version is specially made for you.

The WhatsApp version is far sleeker in design and far more effective in that it doesn’t burden your device’s memory or slow down your system.

With dozens of the key features for GB WhatsApp, GB lite has become famous in the WhatsApp industry, and hundreds of people are downloading it and giving positive feedback worldwide.

You can also check other famous WhatsApp mod versions, such as GB WhatsApp, WhatsApp Aero, WhatsApp Plus, OG WhatsApp or Fouad WhatsApp.

GB Lite Requirements

Android: OS 4.1 or above
iPhone:  iOS 12 or above
KaiOS: 2.5.0 or above

Let’s Uncover GB WhatsApp Lite features

Following are a few mentions of the features for which this WhatsApp version has got gazillions of downloads:

Emojis and Emoticons

GB lite gives you dozens of options to customize your chat. It gives you different emoticons, emoji packs, and everything you can do to decorate your chat and messaging. This is your best experience if you are new to a GB Mini mod WhatsApp version.

Occupy Less Memory

Your regular WhatsApp or even mod WhatsApp version occupies a huge portion of your phone RAM memory. Therefore, the GB lite offers a sleek and compact WhatsApp mod that doesn’t occupy any space (Only 36.6mb).

It also hampers junk files and extra data from creeping into your device. Thus, it makes your device efficient even if running out of memory.

Share your Location

You can share your location in just a single tap with GBWA lite. Interesting? Sharing your location becomes very difficult sometimes, even through a Google map, for example, while driving. But With this WhatsApp version, you can do it in a single simple step without any hassles.

Multiple accounts with GB WA Lite

You can make multiple accounts for your GB WhatsApp lite. For example, you can simultaneously add a business account and your regular messaging account in the same app.

But for that, you need two different numbers to register for two different accounts. GB WhatsApp Mini gives you an easy way to switch to different accounts in the same WhatsApp application.

Blue Ticks in WhatsApp Lite APK

Blue ticks are the core benefit of  GB WhatsApp lite. With this lite version of GB WhatsApp, you can control others’ perceptions about your online availability.

When you send someone a message if they are offline, you see a grey tick below the text you sent them. But you see a pair of grey ticks if they are online and not reading your message.

If they have read your message, you see a pair of blue ticks against their chat. That’s why you have noticed that now they are online. What if they have turned the blue ticks off using any mod WhatsApp version?

Then how do you judge their online availability, and how are you going to check whether they have your message or not? Thus this feature lets you control others’ perceptions simply!

Media sharing in Lite WA

GB WhatsApp lite extends your media sharing limits to keep you at a competitive edge compared to ordinary WhatsApp users. You can now send up to 90 images simultaneously, with 100 MB audio and 50MB video in one go.

Message Scheduling

It makes your messaging far more interesting as you can now schedule your messages to someone. Suppose you are running a business and someone, let’s say some prospect, contacts you when you are offline. This feature can help you to engage them even if you are not available online.

WhatsApp Lite 1MB

WhatsApp Lite is also known as WhatsApp Lite 1MB due to its lightweight and small app size, which consumes very little mobile RAM and makes it faster to run compared to other MODs available online.

How to download & use WhatsApp Lite

Now I’m going to tell you the easy-peasy ways to install GB Lite APK on your android in just five steps, even if you are the first timer

Step 1: Install GB WhatsApp lite apk from

Step 2: Save the APK file in a particular place on your device. It will help you to install it and share it with someone else.

Step 3: Now tap the apk file, and two options will come to the fore; one is to install, and the second is to cancel. You must tap the install button and wait until the application gets installed.

Step 4: After installing this apk file, you will see a window to verify your phone number. Now, enter your phone number and wait for the 6 digit code that WhatsApp will send you.

Step 5: Verify your phone number and enjoy the best experience with GB WhatsApp lite.

How to install Step 1
Step 1
How to install Image step 2
Step 2

How to install GB WhatsApp Lite on PC

There is a little difference between installation on an Android on PC. You can also install this apk file on your PC. Before that, you just need an emulator such as blue stacks. you can follow the following steps on your PC to install it.

Step 1: First thing first, download the bluestack emulator on your PC and launch it

Step 2: now go for GB lite APK file online and save it in a secure place on your PC

Step 3: Open your BlueStack screen; it will behave like android  

Step 4: From the screen, navigate to the location where you have saved your APK f step for tap the apk file and install it.

Step 5: Lastly, verify your phone number as you do on android and start using GB WhatsApp lite.

Personal Experience

My experience with this version is quite interesting. I was admitted to the hospital and dripped by the doctor, and then I downloaded that version. Seems strange? I launched the application and started looking for what was new for me.

I learned that it has many more futures to make fun of with my friends and family. Then, I started poking them with emojis, emoticons, and other creatives that this WhatsApp version provides to relieve my stress. 

Interestingly, I engaged with my near and dear ones for those three days. Ironically, No one believed that I was really ill, so I had to send them my pictures in my patient’s tracksuit. If you wanna laugh even in your pain, download this application.

Summing Up

GB WhatsApp lite is the above-average WhatsApp mod version. It could be better to mod WhatsApp, but it is one of the top-notch WhatsApp mod versions available online.

As every system has room to improve, it also has many things that need to be addressed. For that developer has developed new versions in 2024 to give you the best WhatsApp experience.

Overall, this WhatsApp version, with dozens of features, makes your communication safer, healthy, and more fun. Keep following for more of the WhatsApp mod version and their updates.

4.7 (6330 votes)

There is no competition between GB WhatsApp and GB WhatsApp lite.GB WhatsApp is a broader package with detailed features and more things to offer. GB lite offers you all these features in a lighter mode if your device doesn’t support GB WhatsApp. Additionally, with the fingers pointing toward GB WhatsApp nowadays, GB lite is far safer based on its positive customer feedback.

Like GB WhatsApp, GB lite also provides you with a built-in GBthemes plugin that you can install to access hundreds of crafty themes and wallpapers.

For phone lovers, it is good news that now WhatsApp Lite is also available on iPhones and MacBook. The installation guide is given above.

You will not find this WhatsApp version on Google Play Store because it is developed by a third-party developer. Thus you can not install it on any application site such as Google Play store, Mac store, or any other. You can only download it from some authentic online source.