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Imagine you got some supernatural powers. The powers let you fly anywhere and talk head-to-head with anyone across the globe. How fantastic will it feel? You have to take your flight and can communicate first-hand with anyone you want.

Now come to your real world where your modes of communication could be faster, more balanced, and curtailed. Even the most widespread way of communication,’ WhatsApp far, spread to the bulky 2 billion human population, is far from your imaginary world.

Even though having such a vast target audience, this mode of communication lags in many aspects; you can’t express your feelings well, upgrade to more innovative communication, and broaden your limits.

But here is a freaky solution that can get you closer to your imagination: WhatsApp Aero. Hence stick to the last line and explore what inspires you.

Whatsapp Aero Latest and Update version

WhatsApp Aero by Hazar Bozkurt

WhatsApp Aero by Fouad Mods

App Info

App NameWhatsApp Aero
Versionv19.52.6, v10.24
File Size70mb, com.aerolla, com.whatsapp
Developers TeamFouad Mods

Introducing WhatsApp Aero

The credit for this jaw-dropping antiban WhatsApp mod goes to its developer Fouad Makdad. Although renowned for other top-performing mod apps, Aero has touched the skies in far less time.

Contrary to other WhatsApp mods, it can launch itself along with official WhatsApp as a secondary application. This apk has astonishingly spiraled up in the WhatsApp family. Having been published in 2019 to date, it has exceeded 100,0000+ downloads.

Contributions by other developers

After the app’s successful launch of the apk many other developers augmented its features by teaching their creativity. The massive contribution by a Turkish developer, Bozkurt, makes this apk more charming.

He added different theme extensions and interface changings that have glorified this APK. Thus, for now, there are primarily two Sub-version of this application available to you, having some functional differences:

  1. WhatsApp Aero By Hazar Bozkurt V19.52.6
  2. WhatsApp Aero augmented by Fouad Mods V9.60

WhatsApp Aero Requirements

Android: OS 4.1 or above
iPhone:  iOS 12 or above
KaiOS: 2.5.0 or above

Let’s Dive into WhatsApp Aero Features

There is a massive list in its logbook that I can’t cover in a single blog. But here, I will recapitulate the main features and how they can benefit you in your daily e-communication. So, let’s dive into the details:

Home screen styles

A wide variety of home screen styles are available in this Aero version. The developer has put 14 different kinds of layouts that can mesmerize you. Some of them are given as follows:

  1. WA-AERO (Default)
  2. Stock
  4. Prime V1 to V6F
  5. Telegram
  6. WAMOD
  7. WACA
  8. WANH
  9. NL Mods

DATA Sharing

This Mod WhatsApp makes your data sharing far more manageable than regular WhatsApp. You can share a video of up to 100MB and more than ten pictures simultaneously.

Aero Themes

This WhatsApp mod gives you a huge collection of 3400+ themes. This large ocean of themes is broadly categorized into various types, such as Ferrari, Over watch, One Piece, Assassin’s Creed, Mountain, Gradient, Neon, Animal, and Kawaii Kitten themes, etc.

Just check out the Aero themes store, and you will be open to all Yowhatsapp and Aero themes collections.


There are many other WhatsApp mods than WhatsApp Aero. But this apk has some unique features that make it supersede its competition. Most WhatsApp mods show tons of irritating ads that freak you out. On the contrary, this antiban apk is ad-free, giving you the best apk experience.

Download status

Before learning about this mod apk, ask people to send their best status to you. But now, you are free from this request. Because the Sneaky application enables a download button on the status screen, thus by using this status saver button, you can download any status anytime. Same feature as in BT WhatsApp.

Resolution Adjustments

Want to send a heavy picture in low quality? No worries! This modded feature is inspiring if you want to control the quality of photos you send to others. It gives you a spectrum of range from 0 to 6MB for your picture quality.

‘Text Bomb’ Feature

This is an innovative addition to this apk. Using this feature, you can save some bulky messages as templates just one tap away. Thus, you can deploy this text bomb anytime while chatting with your friends.

You can also use it in your business to have some formal preplanned conversation drafts in your pocket. Thus, it can also help you fetch more business leads.

Voice Changer

It is the most fun part of this apk for me. It gives you a wide variety of voices diverse in gender, age, and tone that you can use in your voice chat. Imagine how creatively you can use it to create joy and laughter amongst your friends. So, keep this tiny voiceover artist in your pocket.

Lock your chat now

Aero resolves to strengthen your privacy with its offbeat features. It gives you a chat lock option, a one-step forward to your app lock. For example, suppose your bestie knows your application password; she isn’t going to access some of the top-secret chats.

That you have locked, additionally, it also provides you with the option to hide some of your chats rather than locking them. So, just be confident!

WhatsApp Aero other Added Features

There are dozens of other features that extend to Aero’s portfolio. These features are adopted from other famous WhatsApp mods such as GB WhatsApp, YO WhatsApp, and WhatsApp Plus.

You can check out all these WhatsApp versions at Some of these added features are brought to the limelight below;

Blue Tick Control

The nice feature that Aero unleashes to you. Mastering this technique can increase others’ perception of your online availability. In a gist, this apk can always denote you with a single grey tick to make someone perceive that you are offline but aren’t.

DND Mode

This unique tool enables you to use this aero version in the dark more easily. it is an excellent feature that has a soothing effect on your eyes.

Home and Chat Customization

Keeping everything aside, you can easily conclude that this apk keeps you at the cutting edge by giving tremendous customization tools in your hands. You can adjust everything here, including color, size, font, gradient UI layout, etc. So, consider your WhatsApp as a canvas and paint your portrait in your way.

App Password

Interestingly, apk has its shielded security system. Thus, your data in your WhatsApp is far more secure with this password that you can employ in different forms such as pattern, face lock, digit, and thumb impression.

Anti Delete Status/ Chat

You will be one step forward with this freaky tool. Thus, no one can keep you blind after they share anything with you. For instance, you can watch someone’s deleted status or chat. Also, you can fetch a status that has recently completed its 24 hours.

Auto reply option

This option is a small but effective solution to your worries about repeatedly typing the same message. This autoresponder also acts as an effective tool if some client approaches your business on your WhatsApp. Thus keep your customer services up with your e-responder.

Dual account

You can add two different accounts on the same device, either iOS or Android. Interesting enough? These incredible features can make you manage two accounts on two different numbers. But here is a point: You can only operate one account on a single phone number.

Photo Editing

Before that feature, you would edit a picture on some editing app and then send it to your friends and family. Even for minor retouching, you must go for some heavy application to install.

Fouad makes it simple! Just choose a picture to send, as you usually do. Pass it through a built-in filter by this apk, edit it in your way, and finally, send it wherever you want.

Anti revoke Message and Status

This is an awesome tool that lets you retrieve all the messages that once have been deleted by others in your Chat. The same goes for anyone’s status. If someone deletes their status, it will be you only who can see it.

Aero WhatsApp Old Versions

Like many users, I prefer to use older versions of apps because of their familiarity and ease of use. Using the same app over time allows for a smooth and fluid experience in navigating tabs and settings and even customizing the UI/UX in daily life.

Some WAAERO WhatsApp old versions have successfully retained users, such as v8.11, v8.21, v8.36, v8.40, v8.60, v8.61, v8.70, v8.80, v8.86, v8.93, and v8.95, v9.62, v9.72, v9.74, v9.75, v9.80, v9.81, v9.82, v9.92, v9.93, v10.01.

Although the latest and updated version of AEROWA, v10.24, has been provided above, we will remember to give you access to the older versions. You can get your favorite old version from the download buttons below and enjoy.

Some Demerits of WhatsApp Aero

On this platform, it is our prime responsibility to skim through the broader picture of this apk. Hence, the following are some dark sides of this mod apk at the cost of the above benefits.

Legality Issue:
The primary concern with this app is its legality. It’s essentially an antiban-modified version of the official WhatsApp, but the makers of WhatsApp consider it illegal since WhatsApp is their intellectual property. Even though this apk offers superior services compared to the official version, its legal status still needs to be improved. It could be described as a “grey-list” application.

Update Issue:
Since this apk is declared illegal by Play Store, its updates are not available on any platform such as the Mac store play store. Thus, to update this apk, you need to go online and download the latest version. However, its developers keep launching its latest versions.

No Google Drive Backup:
The most important thing is that this apk doesn’t fetch any back from any online source such as google drive. Instead, you must ensure that you have backed up your data in a local copy rather than google drive to protect your data.

Installation Guide on Android for WhatsApp Aero

To install this apk on your android device, please follow these steps:

  1. Download the app from the link provided above.
  2. Go to your device’s settings.
  3. Enable third-party app installation using the method attached in the pictures.
  4. Go back to the app.
  5. Install it.
How to install Step 1
Step 1
How to install Image step 2
Step 2

WhatsApp Aero Guide for PC

Apply these steps to use WhatsApp Aero on your PC:

  1. Download the APK file by clicking the download button provided above.
  2. Choose an emulator from popular options like BlueStacks, GameLoop, or MeMU Play to use on your PC.
  3. Download and install your preferred emulator on your PC.
  4. Once the emulator is installed, drag and drop the downloaded APK file into the emulator.
  5. Enjoy using the APK on your PC through the emulator.

Some recent fixes in WhatsApp AERO:

With the growing demand for WhatsApp Plus, the developers opened the channel for public feedback. Thus, along with huge applause, the developers observed a significant criticism of some recurring issues.

Therefore, taking this criticism constructively, the developers have launched a recent version in 2024. In this latest version, most of the queries have been resolved.

The most current version of this apk has come up with some cardinal reforms and fixes that have made your user experience even more enjoyable. Following are some of the resolved issues based on the feedback provided by users worldwide:

•On some devices, chat screen crashes were observed and fixed.

•Some users raised issues that caused the app to freeze and could not be used

•It was reported that the Calling via phone call option sometimes returns the wrong number. But now this has been resolved.

•Similarly, the issue with the blue voice feedback icon on your home screen has been resolved.

•Another recurring issue was that the MOD Backup folder took up a lot of storage space, which has been successfully resolved.

Never Choose a Mod WhatsApp APK if:

You don’t need any additional features these antiban apps offer.
You’re concerned about your Android device’s performance, as modded apps tend to slow down the system.

You prioritize your privacy and security, as many WhatsApp mods can compromise the encryption of your data.

you want a hassle-free experience without constantly updating the app, opt for a single auto-updating application instead.

User Feedback

I am blown away by this fantastic application. In my college WhatsApp group, I wanted to create something different and fun. I asked Google, and I got an easy-peasy chicken squeezy gem!

Now, with this Aero mod, I poke my friends and create peals of laughter using different stickers and other chat features. So, I love it!

Let’s Conclude

Although, as an internet geek, you can learn everything about this apk, until you install and start using it, you cannot master all its aspects. This antiban apk has tremendous potential to serve you better than official WhatsApp.

Especially in 2024, the developers resolved to make it more adaptable to your preferences predominantly based on a plethora of user feedback.

The last thing about this app is to install and use it for more updated information keeping yourself connected with, where you can access new knowledge about all the WhatsApp mods and their updates.

4.7 (7335 votes)

The good news is this mod application is free of cost despite having many startling features. It is a third-party application; thus, any application platform such as Google Play store or mac store doesn’t own it. So, you can get it from any authentic online source free of cost.

This is an antiban WhatsApp modification developed by Fouad Mods and enhanced by a Turkish developer Hazar Bozkurt. Until now, it has two different prototypes available online, i.e., WhatsApp Aero from Fouad Mods V19.52.6 and another from Hazar Bozkurt V 9.60. This version has a bunch of unique features for your best user experience.

To be very candid, It is a third-party application; thus, you have a right to point fingers towards its safety and your data protection. Conversely, the answer to this question lies in a user review. Over time, its 100,000+ and positive user feedback implies that it is safe to use.

No worry if this is your genuine concern. Because it was a bug issue in the previous versions of this mod application, but in the latest AERO version, v9.60, this bug has been fixed. Thus, you need to back up your data and uninstall the previous versions. Then you need to install the latest version, and you won’t find that issue again. Additionally, you can install it on both rooted or non-rooted Android devices.

Although many more WhatsApp mods are available online, WhatsApp aero has its USP (unique Sales proposition). Due to the above-mentioned unique features, this apk has 1000,000+ downloads worldwide. Holistically, along with colossal applause from users, some critiques came to the fore. Taking that criticism cheerfully, the developers have launched the latest update in 2023 that is far better than previous ones and user-friendly.

The answer is Yes. Unlike other mod versions, this Aero apk can function as a secondary application on the same device while the official WhatsApp is kept as the primary one. However, you need to make different accounts on different WhatsApp. To be more precise, you can only run one WhatsApp on an exact number.