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GBWhatsApp has given a new dimension to your WhatsApp experience in an ever-expanding community of over 2 billion+. Where most people keep searching for the most updated versions, some smart geeks look for old versions, too, for various reasons.

It might be that older versions might comply with your device’s compatibility, or you might have attached nostalgia to a specific update, or it might be that you find a particular version easy to use.

Based on considerable user feedback, we are giving you the trending old versions of GB WhatsApp that are skyrocketing even ahead of the latest updates.

If you are looking for any previous version of GBWhatsApp, give this blog post a go, and you will find the best performance that best matches your preferences.

GBWhatsApp Old Versions

App Info

App NameOld GBWhatsApp
Old GB Versionv6.85, v8.25, v9.0, v10.0, v11.0, v12.0, v13.0, v13.50, v14.0, v17.00 & more
File Size33MB, 53MB, 60MB & 70 MB
GB Old Years2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023

GBWhatsApp Old Versions are Trending Now

GB WhatsApp has worldwide millions of downloads. It is in the hype in every nook and corner of the world, especially the Solomon Islands, Burundi, Somalia, and Zimbabwe.

The Alex Mods, the Russian developers, developed this mod. The latest version trending now in 2024 is v17.52. However, a few of its previous updates are also in demand for their difference in user experience.

If you like playing games and chatting on GB WhatsApp, you’ll have fun checking out the advance server. It’s a special place where you can try out cool new stuff in Free Fire before everyone else gets to see them.

RC YoWhatsApp Requirements

Android: OS 4.1 or above
iPhone:  iOS 12 or above
KaiOS: 2.5.0 or above

GB WhatsApp Old Versions; Never Getting Old

Following are the top trending GB Old versions worldwide so you can also choose your best match from it. For the latest GB variants, you can try GB WhatsApp, GB WhatsApp Pro, GB WhatsApp Prime, and GB WhatsApp Lite.

GB WhatsApp v6.85

Since its inception, GB WhatsApp launched all the basic mod features in its v 6.85. This update will give you a simple mod experience with its simplistic is not the first one, v4.20, v5.90, v6.10, v6.25, v6.40, v6.70.

However, V6.85 is a complete set of features, which resolves most of your recurring issues and bugs. If you want to get away with the redundant features in your GB WhatsApp for super effective usage, you must try it out.

GB WhatsApp v8.25

This update is the one prominent of the former versions of GB WhatsApp. You will find a simplistic layout and a story bar similar to Instagram. This update was launched by the Alex mod on 17-12-2019 and made compatible with more Android devices.

Using this version, you can add or remove the viewed status section in the story list. Also, the developers have resolved the status downloading issues in this update. If you are looking for a simple but effective mod WhatsApp, give it a whirl.

GB WhatsApp v8.40

This 2020 update brings a lot more fun features for you. Other than the basic mod features it enables an Improved Lock UI (Pattern – PIN) in it. However, it mainly focuses on the bugs and fixes in its previous versions, such as issues related to font styles, updates, and notification options. Therefore, you will find it more smooth-sailing functionally.

GB WhatsApp v9.00

If you focus more on UI design and layout, this update is best for you. It was launched on 11/11/2020 with the base update This update shows you the new UI styles for your status screen, more like Instagram, improving the bottom bar styles and beautifying the UI for Airplane Mode Light/Night Mode.

Moreover, it enables more color options for your story elements. Apart from that, you will find translation options in it, and it requires the Google Translate app to be installed.

GB WhatsApp v10.00

On 14/02/2021, the developers added more meticulous details in GBWhatsApp to adapt it to the growing user feedback. Therefore, you will discover more fun features in this version, such as introducing blue ticks in groups and increasing the Forward Message Limit to 250, which is exceptional.

It also resolved some concerning issues, such as Backup not being found. Thus, if you are searching for an old version with some practical additions, give it a go.

GB WhatsApp v11.00

This update is somewhat the same as v10, with the only difference being its added ability to save a profile picture. Moreover, you can use this version without hassles if your phone faces a status spiller crash. However, if you have 11+ Android versions, you might face some troubles in data backup.

GB WhatsApp v12.00

V12 has some creative vibes besides the mod features in Base Update You can copy and share the captions and a story you are to download. It also inculcates improved language translation options for German, Turkish, Spanish, and Russian. Overall, this update is a better-performing version as it comes up with significant fixes.

GB WhatsApp v13.00

In this version of GB WhatsApp, you can enable the feature to save a profile picture of anyone you see online. However, it doesn’t contain much different from its previous counterpart.

Still, the developers focused more on crushing the recurring issues such as Delay Messages On Some Phones, Calls Crash in Some Android 11 Devices, and Arabic Alignment Issues in all previous versions.

GB WhatsApp v13.50

This version includes 3 top-notch mod features never available in GB WhatsApp, including Send and Open View Once Media, Message Scheduler & Auto Reply, and Fast Playback for Voice Messages 1.5x to 2x.

However, this update mostly resolves the issues in its previous version, such as Hide View Status Not Working, Blue Mic Not Working, etc. Still, you may find some call crash issues in 11 and above Android versions. 

GB WhatsApp v14.00

This feature is renowned for revoking the WhatsApp feature of view once. Before that feature, you could only see specific media files for once sent by others. But this update enables you to open and download all the files people send you for only one view.

Similarly, it adds up an intelligent feature that helps you sort out all the messages by a single contact in a group. Further, if you face some notification issues or opening hidden chats, this update will work for you.

GB WhatsApp v17.00

It includes all the incremental reforms for the recurring problems users faced from onward to v16.20. You will find more languages in it, this time including Vietnamese”, “Tamil,” “Urdu,” “Gujarati,” “Punjabi,” “Bengali.” The features like double tap emojis, who can call me, and how Notification for Blocked Calls Due to Calls Privacy are just a few mentions where the list goes on.

GB WhatsApp v17.10

This update includes crafty features never seen in official WhatsApp or any other mod WhatsApp application. You can send multiple files even outside the WhatsApp platform hassle-free.

Additionally, you can see the past participants and preview images before letting them creep into your gallery. Beyond that, if you need to back up your data, you can create a zip file steadfastly. The list goes on, get this update and discover what’s more.

GB WhatsApp v17.20

The previous versions had some hurdles in translations and languages. But v17.20 is exclusively developed to resolve language issues. You will find Arabic, Urdu, German, Turkish, Spanish, and Russian Translations in their improved form. Additionally, it includes post-voice notes.

GB WhatsApp v17.30

After collecting considerable user feedback, this update comes up with impressive reforms. It primarily works on fonts and UI styles. You cut a status online and repost it in an easy-peasy way.

You can also set your proxy settings in this version. Moreover, you can forward captions along with documents. It fixes most of the recurring issues in its previous launch. Must try this update and discover a lot more in this update.

GB WhatsApp v17.40

This version is on Base Update It works on some bugs and fixes. Still, you might face some banning issues in this version. If it is so, you can switch to a level-up update.

GB WhatsApp v17.45

This update in June 2023 has spiced up GB WhatsApp with the most demanding features. It enables you to restore all the media files, including videos, audio, and text.

Plus, you can send files of more than 100 MB. You will also get a unique iPhone emoji’s sticker pack to color your WhatsApp messages. If you still face 1-hour ban issues, this update has coped with that recurring issue. Overall, this update is worth exploring update that is not so old.

GB WhatsApp v17.51

Based on the update, this version is not so old, launched on 20/07/2023. It improves your location map and other crash issues.

GBWhatsApp Old Year Versions

Why People Choose Older Versions?

If you lie among the following circumstances, you just need to opt for an old version of GB WhatsApp rather than the latest ones:

  1. Straightaway, your device is not compatible with the latest versions of GB WhatsApp; if you still want to use WhatsApp GB, go for an older version. You might find issues such as storage issues, overload on your RAM, or other issues that you can mitigate by choosing some old updates.
  2. Sometimes, users become nostalgic about a specific update for its UI UX. If this is the case with you and you love a typical previous stuff, you must try it.
  3. It may be the case that newer updates cause more data consumption in your phone. Thus, if you have controlled data usage, keep up with the previous ones.
  4. If you want to use the GB app in its simplest form and avoid the bloated and less intuitive features, the old versions are best for you.
  5. If you are worried about the new privacy concerns and data breaches in the latest GB application, you can safely use its old versions that do not inculcate that privacy issue.
  6. In most cases, people are change-resistant. They get sick of every upcoming update and continue their previous versions.
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My Perspective

I have used the latest version of GB WhatsApp. But, I found it better to use its previous version, v6.84, for various reasons. This was the most praised version in 2019 when this slick application was everywhere. It was the first time I started using the mod WhatsApp application.

It was sleek, simple, and effective. I used to make bundles of laughter with my mates using this WhatsApp mod. In a sense, I attached my nostalgic feelings with that update. But now, I find many redundant features in the latest GB app. Therefore, I chose to stay with the previous GB WhatsApp.

Wrap up

The previous versions of GB WhatsApp lag in many new upcoming features, but they have some pluses, too. If you are looking for the simplest-looking WhatsApp at the same time having all the creative mode features, you can keep using the old GB WhatsApp versions.

In comparison, v6.85 is a hot favorite than v7 or v9 among the GB fans that you must check out. However, using an older version can sometimes bring more trouble to you in the form of banning issues, bugs, or stoppages.

This is because, in every upcoming performance, developers keep removing all the bugs and hiccups. Still, there are some top-performing GB WhatsApp old versions given above that you must give them a whirl.

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GB WhatsApp or other third-party applications might launch some adverts on your WhatsApp that sometimes annoy you. But you can get away with this by entering your GB WhatsApp settings> Privacy> Show GBWA Popup. After turning this feature off, you will stop seeing ads on your WhatsApp.

GB WhatsApp now comes with antiban protection, so you might not get into trouble. However, if you are using an older version and got banned, you can uninstall and reinstall this application to keep it smooth sailing.

GBwhatsapp Pro provides you with gazillions of themes in nearly all updates. To discover the mesmerizing themes, visit the GBWhatsApp themes store from the GB settings.