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Do you want to elevate your WhatsApp experience to new heights? Then you need to get your hands on the most exciting and innovative WhatsApp Mod APK called ‘Adam WhatsApp.’

Because this APK lets you unlock higher levels of productivity. Most of us want to get away with the bounded communication proposed by official WhatsApp versions.

Normally, WhatsApp users demand more independent and enjoyable communication and huge privacy standards for their regular WhatsApp versions that they cannot provide due to their curtailed potential.

But Adams WhatsApp makes your life easy by offering you dozens of unique features never seen before. So just stick to this blog post to discover what’s new for you in this ingenious APK.

Download Adam WhatsApp AD 1 AD 2

App Info

App NameAdam WhatsApp
Version MODsAD, AD2
Color MODsADAM Black, ADAM Brown

Download AD ADAM Black WhatsApp

It’s AD WhatsApp, known as Adam Black WhatsApp. Direct download from link and enjoy your chats and media sharing.

Download AD2 ADAM Brown WhatsApp

It’s AD2 WhatsApp, another name of Adam Brown WhatsApp. Just with the change of Launcher icon with a little bit change in black theme. You can direct download and enjoy it.

Introducing ADAM WhatsApp GB

Adam WhatsApp is a masterpiece of an Arabian developer ‘The Legend”. This developer has come up with another version called” Hawa WhatsApp, which was grossly admired by WhatsApp users.

Now, this adam WhatsApp is skyrocketing primarily due to its sleek interface in black and other mesmerizing features it entails. There are a total of four versions developed by ‘The Lagend’ named after Adam and Eve to denote the former for men while the latter for women as follows:

  • Adam WhatsApp Black (AD WhatsApp)
  • Adam2 WhatsApp Brown (AD2 WhatsApp)

Features of ADAM WhatsApp APK

Following are some cool features you must know before using this App.

Sleek Interface

The most appealing thing in this APK is its jet-black interface that creates a soothing look. Unlike other WhatsApp versions, it provides gradient options to modify your interface to make it look luxurious.

Islamic Collections

This feature is never seen before, I bet. This APK provides its users a built-in Holy Quran and other Islamic additions, including Hadeeth and other everyday prayers. Thus, this Apk is specially designed for Muslim WhatsApp users. 

Extra Cool Launcher Icons

Interestingly, Adam WhatsApp gives multi forms of its launcher app icons. So, if you don’t like WhatsApp icon that looks like the regular WhatsApp or like that this APK portrays, you can choose from a long list of launcher icons and replace the previous one.

Limitless Media Sharing

This APK removes all the barriers to your media sharing. Now you can set your image resolution up to 3MBs, thereby controlling your picture quality. Additionally, you can upload a video file up to the increased limit of 700 MB. 

Chat Customization

It has an enormous variety of options to glorify your chat screen. You can modify your action bar, bubble and ticks, and conversation entry styles with ADWA. Every button on your chat screen will be in your way.

Message Scheduler

Most of the time, you wanna get a break from your business but not at the cost of your connectivity with your audience. This APK will help you out. Using this feature, you can make schedule messages that you can send to your prospects time-to-time without hassles.

Hide Blue Ticks

Soon after the receiver reads your message, you see a pair of blue ticks in your chat box. Here kicks in the smart strategy of hiding blue ticks. For instance, you can read all the messages giving others the feeling that you are offline.

Status Privacy

You can view anyone’s status even without letting them know. Plus, no matter if someone has deleted their status, only you can watch it.

Status Saver

This feature of AD WhatsApp helps you download the status of anyone you like. Thus there is no need to ask someone to send you their strings.

Legend Themes

After downloading “Legend Themes,” you can unlock an ocean of themes and skyrocket your WhatsApp experience. This offers a built-in plugin to download that gives you access to 100+ creative themes.

Emoji Variants

This APK provides you with a huge variety of emojis variants. These variants are lent from social media sources such as Old WhatsApp (iOS), Facebook, Android O, and System Emoji (EXPERIMENTAL).

Freeze Last Seen

A smart feature that this APK enables is that you can access the content sent to you for just one view. Surprisingly, the sender doesn’t know about it.

Some Unique Features:

Following are some gadgets that add more value to the developer’s portfolio.

  • Many get annoyed with auto-downloading different junk files and pictures in our galleries. For that cause, this modded APK gives you the option to hide media from your gallery.
  • It enhances your ability to send multiple images and data simultaneously to the community, even outside WhatsApp.
  • The quick options are available by clicking the chat bubble.
  • This APK entails more than 20 languages in it.
  • It is exclusively made for the Arabic language, therefore, has a great collection of different font styles for the Arabic language.

ADAM WhatsApp GB 5 Hot Features:

  • AD WhatsApp offers a great variety of Islamic collections, a feature never seen before. You can get access to built-in Holy Quran and Hadith collections.
  • The awesome feature of “mass message sender’ lets you send a bulky message that may include a heavy file from your gallery just like DMWhatsApp.
  • It gives you full control of your home screen customization, including all the headers, rows, scaling of photos, and other meticulous details. Astonishingly, you can modify each line at any corner of your WhatsApp home screen. Hence, it makes you feel your true preferences of yours.
  • Like the home screen, this APK also provides micro customization tools for your Conversation screen.
  • Above all, this Adam WhatsApp has a secure security system. It entails a WhatsApp lock (pin and pattern), password recovery, and visibility control mechanisms.

How to install ADAM WhatsApp APK

To install ADWA APK:

  1. Download the file to your device’s internal storage.
  2. In your device’s settings, go to Security and enable the installation of third-party apps.
  3. Open the downloaded file and click “Install.”
  4. The app will verify your phone number.
  5. Once installed, start using AD WhatsApp.
How to install Step 1
Step 1
How to install Image step 2
Step 2

How to install AD WhatsApp on PC

To install ADAM WhatsApp on PC using BlueStacks:

  1. Download and install the BlueStacks emulator on your computer.
  2. Get the ADAM WhatsApp APK file and download it to your computer.
  3. Open the BlueStacks emulator and find the location where you saved the APK file.
  4. Drag and drop the APK file into the emulator, or use the in-built install function.
  5. After the installation is complete, launch the ADAM WhatsApp APK and start using WhatsApp on your PC.

Personal Review

As a crazy WhatsApp scroller, I have tried many modded versions of WhatsApp. Although there are some other outstanding versions, such as WhatsApp Blue, Gold WhatsApp, and GB WhatsApp, Adam WhatsApp has some advantages over others.

Exclusively, its Arabic touch in its designs and layouts is its specialty. On the flip side, one may dislike the oversimplification of its icons.

Still, it counters this by presenting a great variety of launcher icons. Overall, it equips you with deeper customization of even the minor things other apps do not provide.

Above all, its huge emojis collection, also borrowed from Facebook, gives you more creative options while chatting. Months passed while using it, and my experience with this awe-inspiring APK is the best.

Final Words

After reading the above article, you would have built a clear image of that dashing APK. But up until you download this advanced APK and start using the app, you can not imbibe its real feel. Literally, you will start feeling like having more control over your WhatsApp communication than before.

Still, there always remains a space to work upon. The same goes with this ADWA that is updating itself at times. Hence stay tuned to our website for the most updated versions, along the fresh updates about upcoming advanced features.

4.5 (6609 votes)

The Answer is yes. You just need to install an emulator. Then you can follow the procedure given above to install this APK on your PC.

The updated version has an outstanding feature of controlling the ticks in your conversation. When you send a message, you see a single grey tick just below the message. It denotes that the receiver has yet to be online. While a pair of grey ticks represent their online availability, they still need to read your message. Soon after the receiver reads your message, you see a pair of blue ticks in your chat box.

Normally, all the official versions of WhatsApp are available on the play store. This is a third-party application, so it isn’t available on the play store, Amazon, Mac store, or any other platform. Rather, you can download it from online websites. More conveniently, you can download it from the link given above.

To some extent, we can notice a difference in gender preferences between the two. Other than that, most of the structural features are the same. For instance, the Hawa version has more feminine colors and interface settings. In contrast, the Adam version has more of a masculine touch.