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You are looking for a change. Right?  You have been using WhatsApp as your instant messaging application for years. Now you might astonish to know that there are some startling alternatives to your WhatsApp version.

If so then this is the place where you should have come before. Because there is a parallel mod WhatsApp industry to ordinary official WhatsApp that is in your phone right now; WhatsApp with the hampered feature, and curtailed powers.

Today I’m going to introduce you to a quirky WhatsApp mod version that will make you bite your nails.  Welcome to GM WhatsApp, the WhatsApp mod version specially designed for WhatsApp users that want to get prominent among a whopping WhatsApp family exceeding 2 billion.

Keep reading the whole blog post and reveal some super cool features of this unique WhatsApp version for your best personal experience.

GM WhatsApp Download and Update

GM WhatsApp v27.00

App Info

App NameGM WhatsApp
Latest Versionv27.00
File Size61mb
MODsHeymods/Jehad Al-Demshki

Meet Gm WhatsApp

This is the WhatsApp modification of official WhatsApp with far extended and smarter features than ordinary WhatsApp. This WhatsApp version has been developed by Heymods and advanced by Jehad Al-Demshki. 

GMWhatsApp has multifarious features that you can use in your daily e-communication to have the best WhatsApp experience that on your regular WhatsApp, you cannot even think of. You have more options in case of unique features you want, like WhatsApp Imune, CooCoo WhatsApp, OG WhatsApp & AG WhatsApp.

GM WhatsApp Requirements

Android: OS 4.1 or above
iPhone:  iOS 12 or above
KaiOS: 2.5.0 or above

GM WhatsApp Features

Due to its sleek design and smart features, this WhatsApp mod has got its widespread usage worldwide with more downloads in the areas of Australia, Germany, Switzerland, and Czechia. Following are some of the features I brought to you:

Enticing Animations

In GM WhatsApp, you can enable different animation tools to make your WhatsApp more appealing to you while using it. It gives you many animation options such as you control the intensity of your animations, speeding up and down every swipe of your WhatsApp also you can add different animation effects. Thus, you can give your WhatsApp an iconic touch with this iconic feature.

Built-in Proxy Server

This proxy server is a super-ingenious feature for you if you are in a location with banned access to some websites. You can also install this WhatsApp version in the regions where WhatsApp is officially banned. Thus, this apk, makes your WhatsApp experience unstoppable.

iPhone Layouts

There is good news for iPhone-crazy people they can enjoy their WhatsApp experience on android as they are using it on an iPhone. Interestingly, It provides you with different layouts that best match your iPhone preferences.

Ocean of Emojis

There are gazillions of emojis that this WhatsApp version offers you to gear up your messaging. You can employ these fun emojis to create laughter and fun in your messaging. For that, GMWA provides 5 different sources from where you can get their emojis packs.

Voice Notes

This is one of the features that are now being introduced in official WhatsApp. Now you can send your voice note status to your story. But, GMWA never lets you lag behind your official WhatsApp and keeps you at the competitive edge. For more features like this visit TM WhatsApp & BT WhatsApp.

Data sharing Beyond the limits

Now GMWhatsApp has broken all the limits of data transfer that the official WhatsApp version provides. You can now send a video and audios up to 100MB whereas, 90 images at a time. Additionally, you can send bulk messages to unlimited contacts in just a fraction of a second. Go beyond the limits with GMWA.

Online Incognito Mode

You can remain online without letting others know. Instead, You can simply read others’ messages and reply to others, still them perceiving you as offline. That happens when you turn off, your timestamp and last seen activity from your GMWhatsApp settings.

Thus, every time someone opens your profile, you won’t see any online or last-seen status. Additionally, anything like recording audio, or writing will be suppressed. Thus, no one can really, guess your online availability.

Lock and Key

This application has one interesting thing it provides you with a separate password and security mechanism.  You can set a password in pattern, digit lock, or fingerprint lock with different ways to restore your password if you forget. Thus, it ensures your data is safe with the last layer of security against any intruders.

Pros and Cons of GM WhatsApp

Before recommending you download this application, it is my primary responsibility to put to the limelight the drawbacks of this WhatsApp mod application. Therefore, the following are some of its dark sides that you need to consider before you install it:


There lies an issue with the legality of this WhatsApp version. This is the mod replication of the original WhatsApp by some third-party developer. Thus, there is an ever-present threat for this apk to be banned by official WhatsApp.

End to End Encryption(E2EE) can be Breached:

The third-party developer of this apk can get access to your data as most of the data is open to the developers of this application. So, if your privacy precedes your preferences and choices, never choose this WhatsApp mod version.

GMWhatsApp is Coming stronger in 2024

Although this WhatsApp version has made its mark across the globe, especially in Australia, Germany, and Czechia, there were many cons in the previous versions of this apk.

Keeping in view the drawbacks in the previous versions, this application has brought some structural changes to give you a streamlined WhatsApp experience.

  • The proxy option was not working in some countries that were prohibited from WhatsApp, but now in v27 that proxy has made it possible for them to use this WhatsApp version in v27.
  • In its previous versions that backup was occupying space but now with the titanium backup in the latest version, it doesn’t take too much.
  • Some crashes and bugs have been removed in the latest edition of GMWhatsApp.

How to Install GMWhatsApp on Android

Before installing this WhatsApp version to your android, you have to ensure that your android version is above v4.1, Below that android version, this apk doesn’t operate.

Following are the Five simple steps you can follow to install GMWhatsApp on your android even if it is your first time:

Step1: first download the apk file of GMWA from or any other authentic website, you avoid malware and scam files

Step 2: Now, go to your downloads and move the apk file to some separate place in your android. You can use this file to reinstall and share it with someone afterward

Step3: Tap the ap file and choose the ‘Install’ option below

Step 4: Wait till the installation process gets complete and then launch GMWA.

Step 5: verify your phone number and start using GM WhatsApp on your phone.

How to install Step 1
Step 1
How to install Image step 2
Step 2

Install GM WhatsApp on your PC

You can also install this WhatsApp version on your PC. Before that, you need to ensure that your PC has installed an emulator. An emulator lets your PC behave like an android. Thus, you can follow the steps below to install this apk on your android:

Step 1: First thing first, install and launch the BlueStacks emulator on your android.

Step 2: Now the second thing that you have to install is the apk file for GM WhatsApp.

Step3: Now open the blue stack emulator and navigate to the apk file from the emulator screen

Step 4: Right click the apk file and install it

Step 5: Now, verify your phone number on GMWA and enjoy the best experience with this WhatsApp mod.

My Review

I have used GM WhatsApp on my android. This WhatsApp version is just awesome. The best thing about it is its layout makes me feel like iPhone every time I use this WhatsApp version.

Additionally, its mod version with a sleeker design in blue makes it awe-inspiring. Still, I’m using GMWhatsApp on my PC and I think this app has added some value to my life. I would recommend you download this WhatsApp version if you haven’t used any WhatsApp mode version before.

Last Words

This WhatsApp version has many advantages over regular WhatsApp. On the other side, there are also some strings attached to it. The core decision to download this WhatsApp version lies in your preferences, and if you are looking for the features it provides, this GMWA is for you.  Up until now, this mod has the latest version v27.

Additionally, you can simply follow for more of its latest feeds. You can also get other WhatsApp versions here such as WhatsApp Plus, WhatsApp Aero, GB WhatsApp, and FM WhatsApp.

4.7 (6630votes)

The latest version of GMWA in 2023 is v21. You can follow for more advanced versions of this apk.

This WhatsApp version was developed by Heymod a third-party developer. For that reason, you cannot update it on the Google Play store as you usually do for other applications. Rather you can find its latest version online for updates. The following process you can follow to update your GMWA version with the latest one:

  • First backup your data in a local copy (If you make an online backup such as google drive, GM WhatsApp will not respond and you may lose your data)
  • Uninstall the previous WhatsApp version
  • Now, download and install the latest version of GM WhatsApp.

Yes! You can download and install this WhatsApp version on your iPhone also. Already this WhatsApp gives you iPhone vibes even if you are using it on your android as it is famous for its layouts and UI like iPhones.

To be honest, this is not the best WhatsApp version in the WhatsApp app mod industry. But you can consider it one of the top-performing WhatsApp versions. There are different WhatsApp versions prevalent in different regions of the world. Thus, this apk has widespread usage in the above-mentioned regions. Secondly, this application is best for you if your preferences match this application.