AG WhatsApp APK Download v36.5 (May 2024) Latest Update

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What if you know that the WhatsApp version you are using on your phone has some excellent alternatives just one click away?

Then, there is no bad in clicking that button to get away with the official WhatsApp versions retaining your true potential in your daily communication.

Pointedly, you want more control, more joy, and more value addition in your e-life. Thus, you need an alternative, such as AG WhatsApp, the sharply spreading WhatsApp mod in the WhatsApp community.

You can get your app in the link below, but I recommend you read all the pros and cons of this AG version before installing it on your device.

AG WhatsApp AG2 AG3 ER

Download AG WhatsApp AG1, AG2, AG3, AG4

Download all 4 MODs of AG WhatsApp:

Download the Basic version of AG WhatsApp. Came with three more versions with changed App Icons. AG1 has a Blue theme integrated with it. So, called Blue AGWhatsApp.

This AG2 WhatsApp has Pink Launch Icon, So, called AG2 WhatsApp Pink. You can download it from the above link.

A Green AG3 WhatsApp came in the third number with fast downloading speed click on the above Download button and enjoy it.

Download AG4 WhatsApp with a theme of a famous Muslim warrior in the Turkish Drama series Ertugural Ghazi, AG4 WhatsApp. Every historic Turkish lover’s using it right now. Get a direct download from the above link.

App Info

App NameAG WhatsApp
MODsAG1, AG2, AG3, AG4
File Size65mb

New Updated Features In AG WhatsApp v36.5

Following are some added gadgets that have put this AG version in the limelight:

  • With this app, you can add countless auto-reply templates to your day-to-day chat. This feature becomes very important if you use it in your business conversation; thus, you need some bot messages to engage your prospects.
  • The specific thing that it provides is the GIPHY GIF provider. So you can use them creatively. 
  • Many of us get annoyed with auto-downloading different junk files and pictures in our galleries. For that cause, this modded app gives you the option to hide media from your gallery.
  • It enhances your ability to send multiple images and data simultaneously to the community, even outside WhatsApp.
  • Quick reactions are available by clicking the chat bubble.
  • The images will be sent at their highest resolution, up to 3MB. Interestingly, you can set a limit for your picture quality.
  • You can hamper your media content from entering your gallery if you don’t want. AGWA enables three buttons to hinder Photos, Videos, and GIFs.
  • It gives a safe backup to your data, thereby keeping your stuff in safe hands.
  • It gives you the translation services of 18 frequently spoken languages worldwide. Now onward, language doesn’t remain a barrier to your communication.
  • You can customize your privacy settings with every chat. If you want to hide blue ticks, the second tick, “typing…” and View status, enable it from the drop-down menu after touching the contact name.

Features of AG WhatsApp

The modded version of official WhatsApp is the brainchild of Assem Mahgoob, an Arabian Developer. Some other Arabian Developepers have made Omar WhatsApp, Hawa WhatsApp, Adam WhatsApp & Pink WhatsApp.

This Apk has the following four versions available to you in different colors, having minor changes as per your preferences. Overall, AGWA supersedes the regular WhatsApp versions on the following grounds to name a few:

Limitless Media sharing

AG removes all the barriers to your media sharing. Now you can set your image resolution up to 3MBs, thereby controlling your picture quality. Additionally, you can upload a video file up to the increased limit of 700 MB.

Last, you can upload a status of up to 5 minutes. But there is one thing to mention your 5-minute status will only be visible to the people using AGWA.

AG is now Multilingual

In its most updated version, AG has launched 64 major languages of the world on its desk. Therefore, it has got a wider reach universally. Surprisingly, it unleashes the translator feature among the world’s major languages. Thus, with AG, no language is new to you.

Chat Customization

It has an enormous variety of options to glorify your chat screen. With AGWA, you can modify your action bar, bubble and ticks, and conversation entry styles. Every button on your chat screen will be in your way.

Message Scheduler

Most of the time, you wanna get a break from your business but not at the cost of your connectivity with your audience. AGWA will help you out. Using this feature, you can make schedule messages that you can send to your prospects time-to-time without hassles.

Hide Blue Ticks

In the updated version of chat, a single grey tick indicates the recipient is offline and a pair of grey ticks means they are online but haven’t read the message. When the message is read, blue ticks appear. The feature allows for hiding blue ticks, giving the illusion of being offline while reading messages.

Multiple Accounts

AGWA allows you to make multiple accounts in a single APK. This is high in demand feature of this APK that makes it stand out.

Status Privacy

You can view anyone’s status even without letting them know. Plus, no matter if someone has deleted their status, it will be only you who can watch it.

Status Saver

This feature of AGWhatsApp helps you download the status of anyone you like. Thus there is no need to ask someone to send you their strings.

AG Themes

After downloading AG themes, you can unlock an ocean of themes that will make your WhatsApp like Disneyland. AGWA offers a built-in plugin to download that gives you access to 100+ creative themes.

Emoji Variants

This APK provides you with a huge variety of emojis variants. These variants are lent from social media sources such as Old WhatsApp(iOS), Facebook, Android O, and System Emoji (EXPERIMENTAL).

Group Management

If you are administering any group, there is a great feature that strengthens your controls by empowering you to delete any message in a group that irritates you and others. Not just that, you can see the past participants of a group, i.e., who left and when.

How to Install AG WhatsApp on Android

Steps to install AG WhatsApp:

  1. Download the AG APK file to a location in your internal storage.
  2. Go to “Settings”, then “Security” and enable “Third-party app installations”.
  3. Click the downloaded file and select “Install”.
  4. The app will verify your number and then you can start using AGWA.

Note: After installation, a pop-up window will appear to update the app to the latest version. So you don’t have to worry about finding updates online.

How to install Step 1
Step 1
How to install Image step 2
Step 2

Installation Guide for PC

To install AGWhatsApp in PC, follow these steps

  1. Download the latest version of the BlueStacks emulator from its official website.
  2. Install the emulator and launch it.
  3. Go to the emulator’s app store, such as Google Play Store, and search for AGWA.
  4. Click the “Install” button and the app will be installed on the emulator.
  5. After installation, launch AGWA from the emulator and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the setup process.
  6. Enjoy using AGWA on your PC.

My Narrative

My search for the best WhatsApp extension ended on AGWA because of my jolly personality. I was always concerned about presenting myself in my WhatsApp communication the same as in real life, laughing, jolly, and extroverted.

But the major boundary was put by my regular WhatsApp that hampers your creativity while communicating. I had less control over my communication, fewer emojis collection, and less customization.

Thus, one day, I found a gem in the form of this APK while scrolling down a webpage. After installing this third-party APK, my creativity returned. Now, I create waves of laughter in my WhatsApp groups of friends and family while using the unique tools of this app.

Final Remarks

Based on my user review, you cannot fully imbibe the true potential of this APK until you download and start using it. On the flip side, this APK needs many improvements so far.

Where its latest version, v36.5, has come up with more advanced features than the previous ones, there is still enough room for improvement. For that cause, its developers are making some structural improvements.

Up until now, it has been one of the best WhatsApp APKs. Stay in touch with our blog to get the latest updates and feeds for your convenience.

4.5 (31050 votes)

To get full access to unique themes, you need to download AG themes already given in the above link. Then after installing the apk file, a huge variety of jaw-dropping themes will be available to you. 

By using the latest mod version of AG WhatsApp, you can download the WhatsApp status of the contacts. For that, there is a built-in downloader option in the app. And you have to go to the status you want to download, and it’s yours.

It is not provided by an authenticated source such as the google play store. To that cause, some might point fingers towards its riskiness. On the other hand, a positive user review of this daily usage communication app and its magnificent performance make it a reliable option. So, it is a grey list app.

This app is not available in the Google play store. You can download it from the link given above.

It goes without saying that WhatsApp has extended to a whopping two billion human population. Having such a huge target audience, one may think to play his cards wisely to secure their reputation and stature. For that reason, official WhatsApp versions do not provide extended features that could otherwise be harmful. Though it is fair enough to admit a few security risks involved with extended WhatsApp versions, it is not always the case.