AR WhatsApp APK Download (July 2024) v10.45 Update

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AR WhatsApp is an alluring replacement for ordinary WhatsApp due to its offbeat features and seamless performance. In your ordinary WhatsApp, you would have faced the troubles of limited data transfer, less privacy control, and far less customization as compared to WhatsApp mod applications.

Therefore, you see most of the people around you using mod WhatsApp versions have far better control over their communication. They see your deleted message, they can fetch more details about you.

But no worries. You can now come up with this Next-level WhatsApp mod application called AR WhatsApp. You can get this marvelous application in two variants given as follows:

AR WhatsApp AR2 Blue & Pink

AR WhatsApp Pink

AR2 WhatsApp Blue

App Info

App NameAR WhatsApp
Update Versionv10.45
File Size66MB
MODsAR Pink, AR2 Blue

ARWhatsApp: A New Era of Messaging:

AR WhatsApp was developed by the well-known developer Abu Ra’ad. It has mainly two main prototypes based on some minor differences between ARWhatsApp1 and ARWhatsApp2. You will find this WhatsApp application ahead of normal WhatsApp regarding its offbeat performances and matchless unique features.

Alternatively, there are also some other mod options for you such as YO WhatsApp, TM WhatsApp, GM WhatsApp, OG WhatsApp, and KB WhatsApp which offer many other features similar to AR WhatsApp.

Added Features Royal WhatsApp

Following are some features to mention a few:

Send Your Media In HD:

You know that ordinary WhatsApp scales down your media quality. It converts huge files into compressed and low-quality files to ensure steady communication. But what if you want quality along with speed? It is where ARWA comes into play. You can simply send larger files in GBs in HD quality without hassles.

Improves Your Messaging:

It is the messaging WhatsApp Messenger is famous for. But what if you find some extra cool features in your WhatsApp such as message pinning for 24 hours, 7 days, or 30 days?

Moreover, you can see the ‘edited’ notification if someone tweaks a message and also the last edited time of that message.

At the top of everything, you can use blue ticks and ‘Mark as Read’ features concerning your intent towards your sender. All these features are just astonishing that you won’t find in your ordinary WhatsApp.

Voice Notes:

To be fair, this feature in recently introduced by WhatsApp by Meta. But all the mod developers are quickly adopting it to get ahead of their competition. Therefore, you can get this feature in AR WhatsApp now. But still, this mod app precedes in many aspects that normal WhatsApp doesn’t have.

Alluring Privacy Features:

Amazingly, this app portrays all the privacy features in one tap in your chat box. Just click on the Shield icon and there are a bunch of features available to you such as Anti-view once, Disable Forwarded, Hide View Status, Anti-Delete Status, Anti-Delete Messages, and many more. They are worth enough to give them all a try!

Manage Status Stories More Creatively:

There are plenty of super cool features available for you on your status screen. You can download any status story you love the most by simply clicking the downward pointing arrow on your status screen.

You can trim a little part of a status. Moreover, you can repost a status. At the top of everything, you can now put a 5-minute-long status story to your contacts. You can creatively use this feature to run your business campaigns.

More Than One WhatsApp Account:

If you have more than one phone number registered with WhatsApp, you can keep them all in a single ARWA app. Astonishing? AR app allows you to keep more than one WhatsApp account that you can switch between in just a single tap.

Images And Video Preview:

The most irritating thing about WhatsApp you might have faced is that it keeps downloading various videos and images that you even don’t like to be in your gallery. But now can preview a video and image and if you won’t allow it to go into your gallery it can’t.

Hide Group Admin Indicator:

If you don’t want to reveal to others that you are a group admin of a group, you can simply turn off your ARWA settings. This amazing feature will make you an incognito admin of your groups.

AR WhatsApp Installation Guide for Your Android:

Must ensure before installing AR WhatsApp that your Android is above the 4.4 Android version. Also, make sure that you have enabled ‘installations from unknown sources’ from your Android settings. Afterward, follow the steps below to install ARWA:

  1. First off, get the APK file of ARWA for the above link and move this file to some secure place.
  2. Tap on the APK file, and choose the install button.
  3. Complete the installation process and launch the application
  4. Now, enter your number to verify it through six-digit code
  5. Enjoy yourself with AR WhatsApp.
How to install Step 1
Step 1
How to install Image step 2
Step 2

My Experience

This WhatsApp mod apk has one unique thing, and it is its customization. It is the most fascinating thing that keeps me loving this application. The way it presents all the privacy features in a row in a single tap is highly effective. I just make sure that which kind of settings I should apply against various contacts. It simply helps me enable different arrangements of the privacy features. Overall, this WhatsApp mod apk is a far better experience than using original WhatsApp.

Final Critique

To cut a long story short, this WhatsApp mod version eases down your WhatsApp messaging experience by offering you a lot many alluring features.

Even the latest version of AR WhatsApp is well abreast with all the recent updates that official WhatsApp introduced this year. You can download all the counterparts of ARWA such as AR1 WhatsApp and AR2 WhatsApp from the links above.

4.7 (4700 votes)

Yes. Same as official WhatsApp, this WhatsApp mod version is also encrypted and secure.

To some extent yes. It primarily depends upon the apk you are using. Some of the mod applications have activated antiban mechanisms and others haven’t yet. But for ARWhatsApp1 and ARWhatsApp2 you can rest assured that they are completely antiban.

One of the core concerns of this apk is that it is not available for iOS but rather only designed to operate on Android.