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Is your WhatsApp crap? If you belong to the people that are not satisfied with the performance of the WhatsApp messaging application, you spot us right. Cz here, your search for the best WhatsApp version with all-encompassing features is over. Here you will get a huge collection of WhatsApp mod versions performing astonishingly.

You can choose any WhatsApp mod version that best matches your preferences. Today I will reveal an amazing WhatsApp mod application called WhatsApp Prime. Therefore, if you want to discover more before installing from the link below, keep reading the whole blog post.

Download GB WhatsApp Prime

GB WhatsApp Prime

App Info

App NameGB WhatsApp Prime
Latest Versionv19.43
File Size64mb
DeveloperCool Droid

What is GB WhatsApp Prime

GB WhatsApp Prime is a WhatsApp mod application, and you might ask, what is a mod application? It is, in fact, an application replicated by a third-party developer Cool Droid to bring some extra features that you might not get in the official versions. The same goes for this prime WhatsApp.

It has many features that will make your messaging super easy and a lot more fun compared to the colorless, controlled and boring WhatsApp experience you have now. Following are some of the key features I mentioned to you. But these are just a glimpse. To experience the fullest potential of this application, you must install it:

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Anti-Freeze Messaging:

You might have encountered a message or an image that disappeared after you saw it. That is, in fact, a new feature named ‘once view’. What if I tell you how to break that protection set by your sender? Yes! There is a way out that application offers you called ‘Anti-Freeze Messaging’. Enable this feature to access all the data with the attached protections. Interestingly, your sender will believe in their protection mode, unaware that your smart gadget has gotten access to their data.

Disabling Reply:

This application is full of awe-inspiring tools that will make your communication fun. For instance, you can disable others to reply while you send them your message. In this way, you can convey to your friends your message without paying heed to what they are replying to. Seems interesting? It is just a freaky tool among the dozens.

Is a foreign Language a barrier for you:

Frequently, it happens with people who feel it difficult to communicate with a person with an unknown language; at some other corner of the world. But this application makes your life easy. You can simply translate a message within your chat box in any language.

Seems Impressive? For that, you just have to select a text in a language you don’t understand, and then you will select the option of translating in your chatbox. Here you can replace this piece of writing with any language you want. Thus, time to go worldwide and communicate with the people at any nook and corner of the world.

Download any status you love the most:

Mostly, it might happen to you that you loved someone’s status or story, and then you asked them to share it with you. But there is a smarter way for you to use that you might not have to ask anyone anymore. This application provides a status download button in your status chat screen. Thus, you must tap that button whenever you want to download the status. It’s super simple.

Level up your data transfer with Prime:

The most important feature of GB WhatsApp Prime is that it has far extended data transfer limits that you might not find in any other WhatsApp version. It offers you to share 300 files in one go including audio, videos, word files, Excel sheets, PDFs, and images.

Impressive? You can also share up to 1 GB of files at a time and an audio file of up to 100 MB. Additionally, suppose you wanna send a video here again. In that case, it offers you to send a 70 MB long video in just one click.

Conversation Lock:

This conversation lock feature provides extra shielded security to your private chats and groups. You can put on a password in a pin pattern or digit lock. Therefore, no one other than your permission can get to these conversations.

Customize your buttons and layout:

This WhatsApp gives you a super easy way to customize all the buttons and features on your WhatsApp screen. You might mistakenly press the call button to some contact while opening your WhatsApp.

Don’t worry; you are not alone; this has happened to me many times. But Prime offers to displace or completely remove any button that irritates you or seems redundant. Thanks to Prime WhatsApp.

How to download WhatsApp Prime on your Android device

  • To install this application on your Android device, you must first download the WhatsApp prime apk file from the link above.
  • After downloading the GB WhatsApp Prime apk file, keeping it in a separate folder is better. By doing so, you can use it to share or reinstall it.
  • Now tap on the apk file and install it.
  • After installation, it will ask for your phone number.
  • Enter your phone number and press verify button
  • You will get a six-digit code from WhatsApp that you have to put in to verify your number.
  • After completing your verification, you are open to WhatsApp Prime.
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4.9 (18030 votes)

Personal Review

Based on my 1-week experience with WhatsApp Prime, I would say that this WhatsApp version is really a gem but still underrated. It has outstanding privacy features that I enjoy while communicating with my friends. Still, I think there needs to be a little effort on its layout. That is not cool enough. Despite ignoring its layout, it has many more things to offer that you might need.

In Summary

This WhatsApp mod application is just prime as of its name. But still, it is underrated due to less outreach to the WhatsApp community, crossing a whopping two billion. The core reason for its being underrated is its less charming layout.
Most people prefer to choose their best WhatsApp mod version. Still, based on its functionality, this WhatsApp version is super cool. If you are looking for a simple WhatsApp version with the effective tools given above, go for it.

Although it has some outstanding features that might blow your mind, this WhatsApp version is completely free. You can download it from

There might be various reasons for your WhatsApp not working properly on your device. Following are the steps you can take to troubleshoot:

  • First, manage some extra space in your device,
  • Back up your data and install the latest version of WhatsApp Prime.
  • Clear cache and cookies of applications working in the background.