Does WhatsApp Notify Screenshots – How to secure it?

WhatsApp’s core emphasis lies on E2EE encryption. It launched features like disappearing messages or “Once View” for that. However, someone can easily breach WhatsApp’s EE2E through various methods, such as taking screenshots. Upon all that, WhatsApp won’t notify you at all. But you can take some preventive measures to prevent others from taking your screenshots.

Does WhatsApp Notify Screenshots

This is How WhatsApp Handles Screenshots:

As per WhatsApp policy, you can’t take a screenshot of any view once a photo, nor does it get downloaded to your device.  Still there are some indirect ways to do that. Snapchat, telegram or Instagram have stricter policies regarding screenshots. Diametrically opposite, in WhatsApp, the people at the other end of the loop can come up with various tools to get your data’s screenshots without even letting you know.

How to avoid WhatsApp Screenshots:

Since, WhatsApp doesn’t notify you about someone taking screenshots of your data, You can take the following measures:

  • Don’t share your crucial files or documents in public groups or communities
  • If it is necessary, send your files using the “View Once feature. This will stop most WhatsApp users from taking a record of it unless they are using mod WhatsApp versions.
  • In your WhatsApp Settings > Account > Privacy, you can set your preferences for who can access your data. You can block the people you find not reliable to you.
  • Always use the disappearing messages feature against contacts you don’t trust. Set a frequency, let’s say 24 hours. After that frequency, WhatsApp will automatically remove all the previous messages from their chat box.

Note: Avoiding the apps that claim to protect you from screenshots by others is recommended. Some app developers with malicious intent can steal your private WhatsApp data, even crucial data such as payments, personal information, etc.

How to screenshot View once on WhatsApp Web or Mac:

Now, if you wanna take screenshots of your contacts you have multiple ways ahead. Usually, WhatsApp does not let you take screenshots on Androids; However, through some middle ways, you can take screenshots of “View Once” files on your PC or Mac book.

  • On your PC WhatsApp web version, open the once view file
  • Press the “print screen” key or PrtScn and capture the screenshot.
  • If you are using a Mac, press “Shift + Command + 4” simultaneously to get your desired screenshot
  • You can also use a screen mirror to take a screenshot. Connect your mobile with any screen or TV; now open the file and take a screenshot with your device.
  • You can also physically capture the image of one View by opening the image in one phone and then capturing the picture through another device.

Wrap Up:

Although WhatsApp spends a huge portion of its budget to ensure end-to-end encryption, it leaves many loopholes where one can breach the encrypted data. One clear example is taking screenshots of encrypted content on WhatsApp. 

WhatsApp usually does not notify you about the screenshots of the data you send for one View.  When you screenshot someone’s messages in their chat box, they will not know about it. Like the Instagram, snapchat or BeReal App, there is a need for a blatant notification in the WhatsApp chat box whenever someone tries to take a screenshot of data hindered by you.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Does WhatsApp notify me if someone takes my screenshot during video chat?

The simple answer is no. WhatsApp cannot notify you if someone takes your screenshots during video calls.

How can I stop someone from taking screenshots of my WhatsApp?

There is no direct way to stop someone from taking screenshots of your stories, status or images you send for one View. However, you can control who can access your profile picture, status, or messages from Settings > Account > Privacy.                

How Mod WhatsApp Versions Breach into End to End Encryption:

WhatsApp doesn’t respond well when people are using mod WhatsApp versions at your opposite side. If you use a Mod WhatsApp such as GB WhatsApp, WhatsApp Plus, Blue WhatsApp, or FM WhatsApp, you might have some vivid advantages over regular WhatsApp users. You get notifications when someone gets online or watches your message. You can see a document more than one time, even set it to “once View”. And many more things.

Do other social media platforms notify you if someone takes screenshots of your chat?

This feature is available on Telegram and Snapchat. On the contrary to WhatsApp, telegram or Snapchat inform others if you take screenshots of their stories. Instagram notifies you in the first place whenever someone takes a screenshot of your disappearing message. 

Can you retrieve a “Once View” message?

A message sent once viewed by another encrypted media remains in WhatsApp servers for one to two weeks. A recipient can report a once-view message, and if it comes under the veneer of WhatsApp Terms of services, WhatsApp is obliged to share that content.