WhatsApp Clamp down Against GB WhatsApp – What to do?

Are you facing a problem like, “You need to use the official WhatsApp to use this account”? Why is this warning popping up to you? This might be due to various reasons, such as whether you are using or have used any modified WhatsApp version. Or you might not have updated your WhatsApp to the current version.

This warning is not from GB WhatsApp, Yo WhatsApp, or FM WhatsApp. Instead, it is from the official WhatsApp a crackdown against mod WhatsApp versions. Upon ignoring that warning, your account might be banned from using WhatsApp.

WhatsApp get banned

7 super easy solutions

Following are the most common practices that can lead you to your WhatsApp account ban:

1. Start using the official WhatsApp version

Stop using GB WhatsApp, FM WhatsApp or Yo WhatsApp until their developers develop some antiban counter move. 

  • For now, go to our Google Play Store>Profile> Play Protect>settings> Turn off the “Scan Apps with Play Protect.
  • Uninstall all the modified apps from your device, such as GB WhatsApp, FM WhatsApp or YYo WhatsApp.

2. WhatsApp support

  • Visit WhatsApp Messenger support
  • click on the “Contact Us” button
  • Enter your phone number, mail address and the device you are using.
  • And email WhatsApp admins,” I am already using the official WhatsApp version; stop notifying me about using only the official version. Upon receiving your message, the WhatsApp support team will contact you and resolve your issue.

3. Force Stop your WhatsApp

  • Go to your settings>app>wahtsapp.
  • Tap on WhatsApp and press force stop.
  • Now press clear cache.
  • Also, clear storage, if you have taken a backup of your data
  • Now open your official WhatsApp and log in. Hopefully, it won’t show up that notification again.

4. Update Your Android Version

This type of problem sometimes occurs in your older Android versions. Since, with ever coming latest Android versions, WhatsApp and other social media apps keep making themselves compatible with higher systems, leaving behind the older versions. Therefore make sure that your phone version is up to date. To update your phone version visit>settings> About Phone> Check for updates

5. Use WhatsApp Business: A Better Alternative

If your WhatsApp still shows the same notification, go to the Google Play Store and search WhatsApp business. Install and start using WhatsApp business for a few weeks until this problem withers away.

6. Alternate WhatsApp Mod versions

The current issue is not allowing you to use WhatsApp on GB, FM, Aero or Yo WhatsApp. But this is not the case with other WhatsApp modified versions. For now, it is advisable to switch to official WhatsApp until all the above mod WhatsApp developers develop an antiban solution. You can also check out some safe WhatsApp mod versions, such as WhatsApp Blue, WhatsApp Aero or WhatsApp Plus.

7. Switch to WhatsApp Web

You can also choose to use WhatsApp on WhatsApp web. For that, visit web.WhatsApp.com and select the link with your mobile phone. Enter your phone number, country and verify your account number.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What if I want to keep using GB WhatsApp?

Those who want to keep up with mod WhatsApp versions can just clear the cache of their mod WhatsApp and login into it. By this, you might stop getting that WhatsApp warning. Here again, WhatsApp can send you the same warning after some time. For a permanent solution, you can choose, some other mod WhatsApp versions such as WhatsApp Blue, AN WhatsApp or AB WhatsApp.

What can I Do with this WhatsApp warning?

You can take the following measures:

  • Take your data backup in first place and switch to official WhatsApp and wait for your mod WhatsApp developer to launch the latest updates with antiban protection
  • You can also switch to some safe mod WhatsApp versions
  • Not taking any action can make you vulnerable to getting banned by WhatsApp.