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Although WhatsApp instant messaging has prevailed over a fourth of the human population, people are still looking for the best user experience for their day-to-day communication.

To that cause, the WhatsApp Mod industry has come up with filling that gap based on user feedback from people worldwide.

Today I’m going to introduce you to an awe-inspiring WhatsApp mod application EGWhatsApp that is primarily forged to meet the preferences of WhatsApp users in Egypt.

Although 5% of the users of Egypt WhatsApp are in various countries such as India, Germany, and Bangladesh, a significant chunk of its users falls in Egypt geographically.

Why does this app entice these people to particular areas, and why you must try it out even if you are from any other corner of the world? Keep reading the whole blog post and discover the super stunning features of EGWhatsApp if they match your preferences.

EGWhatsApp Egypt Egyptian WhatsApp Download Latest and Update

Egyptian EG WhatsApp v36.50

App Info

App NameEGWhatsApp
File Size67mb
Developers TeamAdel Wa Mods

Introducing Egyptian EGWhatsApp

EGWhatsApp is an antiban WhatsApp mod application developed by Al-Ostoura from Adel Wa Mods. Its latest version is v36.50.

This application is specially designed to target many Muslim WhatsApp users Like ADAM WhatsApp & HAWA WhatsApp. Thus, this app presents innovative WhatsApp features that help the Muslim majority pay for their religious rituals.

Not just that, this application has all the ingredients to compete with the significant WhatsApp mod versions such as GB WhatsApp, WhatsApp Plus, or WhatsApp Aero. Let me skim some of the features you need to know before installing this WhatsApp mod.

App Requirements

Android: OS 4.1 or above
iPhone:  iOS 12 or above
KaiOS: 2.5.0 or above

Let’s Dive into EGWhatsApp Features

A detailed list of Egypt WhatsApp features:

Eve Oasis

This is a one-of-a-kind feature you will love if your hobby is Cooking. As apparent from the name, this WhatsApp feature helps all women make ingenious kitchen recipes and feeds about new recipe arrivals.

Therefore, this feature is far more beneficial for housewives and the people attached to the kitchen daily.

Adam Oasis

This feature targets men and helps them improve their gym and other sports activities. The above features have included the human development section as their new addition.

Thus, this would be the only social media application that helps you improve your personality in an easygoing way.

Medical Oasis

Like the above two features, this feature contains your health-related feeds and tips to remain hygienic. You can keep in touch with this feature to pursue your health-related issues and knowledge about diseases, their cure, and prevention.

Quranic and Ahadeeth Collection

As a WhatsApp application that denotes the Muslim community, egwhatsapp has some mind-blowing additions. Such as it provides you with the built-in Holy Quran.

It also gives you a vast collection of Ahadeeth, morning and evening prayers, Times of prayers, Fortress of the Muslim – Forty Nawawi, Morning and Evening Remembrances in audio and written form, Stories of the Prophets, and many more Islamic stuff.

And the bottom line is that you turn their screen savers on, such as Ayat of the day. Thus it helps you a lot in your daily Ibadah.

Company Profile

If you are at the helm of a business, then this feature will help you. You can make your company profile with all the meticulous details of your business.

All the people in your contact can fetch that data to reach you, such as your Gmail ID and other profile sites such as LinkedIn and Instagram. Therefore, you can boost your business with EGWhatsApp.

Register With Landline Number

This feature will blow your mind. You can register your landline number instead of your phone number with your WhatsApp.

To verify your landline number after installation, you have to select the option to call you for your number verification.

Dual WhatsApp Accounts

This nifty feature lets you run two multiple accounts on a single WhatsApp mode application. Thus you can make WhatsApp business along with WhatsApp messaging simultaneously.

Media Channel Connectivity

It provides you with jaw-dropping options to connect you to some TV channels. But all this feature is only available if you are in the Arabian region.

Added Features in Egyptian EG WhatsApp

There is also a great list of added features that this Egyptian WhatsApp has entailed to keep you at a competitive edge compared to ordinary WhatsApp.

Hiding your Blue ticks: This APK helps you conceal your blue ticks in the chat box of your receiver. It implies that they must find out whether you have read their message.

Status and story downloader: You can easily download all the stories of others you like in a single tap from your status screen. Additionally, if you have seen a message and don’t want to let them know, you can simply press the eye button to make it yet to be seen.

Themes and Layout: Egyptian WhatsApp is far more focused on its layout on every screen. It gives you a massive collection of themes and customization options. Thus you can modify your UI layout as per your choice.

Freeze your Last seen status: If you don’t want to reveal your last online availability to others, you can simply turn that feature on. Thus, it will remove your time and date stamp from your contact title bar in other’s chat boxes.

Data Transfer: It has made your data transfer easy; now, you can send a video up to 30 MB rather than 16 MB in ordinary WhatsApp. Also, you can 90 images at a time.

For more additional features visit AB WhatsApp & WhatsApp GO.

Skimming through the Pros and Cons


Once you have downloaded and secured the EGWhatsApp on your device, you can install and reinstall it many times without downloading it again.

All the above features missed in this blog post can be considered pros that you can utilize to your advantage.


This is a third-party application, and it cannot ensure your data security as official WhatsApp does.

If you are interested in the extra features offered by this application, be safe and take preventive measures to prevent your data from being stolen.

All third-party applications have an ever-present risk of malware and bugs because they do not pass through the checks offered by the Google Play Store or other application sites. Therefore there is a meagre possibility that they can slow down your devices.

The major demerit of all third-party applications is that you have manually updated your application by deleting the previous version and installing the latest ones by keeping your data in safe custody. Thus, there is no built-in method to update this application in one go.

EGWhatsApp is Coming stronger in 2023

EG WhatsApp has developed structural changes based on vital user feedback to make your best user experience. Following are some of the changes that it brings to you in 2023:

  • Bugs control to ensure the smooth running of the application
  • Addition of your Avatar
  • Fixed backup issues, such as previous backups taking a lot of space.
  • It has enabled the option to clean all of your junk files
  • The problem of showing chats at the top of your devices has been fixed.
  • And some other minor changes are also included.

Download and Install EG WhatsApp APK on your Android

This is a third-party application. Thus, its downloading method is different from the other applications. You can install this APK with simple steps.

  1. First, download the EGWhatsApp apk file from
  2. Save this APK file on your Android device.
  3. Go to your device’s settings and allow installation from unknown sources.
  4. Now tap this APK file and choose an option of install from the pop-up window that will show up.
  5. After installation, verify your phone number by entering the 6-digit code they sent to you
  6. Enjoy yourself with Egypt WhatsApp!

Note: you can also register your landline number via WhatsApp verification. You must select the ‘Call me’ option rather than sending the message to your number.

How to install Step 1
Step 1
How to install Image step 2
Step 2

Install Egypt EGWhatsApp on your PC

 To install this APK on your PC, you primarily require an emulator, most frequently the Bluestacks emulator. You can follow these steps to install this app on your PC.

  1. First, download the EG WhatsApp APK file and save it in a different place.
  2. Download and install Bluestack on your PC.
  3. Now, Open the blue stack screen.
  4. From the blue stacks screen, navigate to your downloaded APK file
  5. Press the install button while right-clicking.
  6. Install and verify your number.
  7. Experience EGWhatsApp on your PC now.

My Personal Experience

EG WhatsApp is just stunning! I have installed this APK to feel its user experience for you. But I feel why is this application limited to Egypt only? It has dozens of unique features unavailable in top WhatsApp mod applications.

For example, the Oasis features that address both men and women in the significant aspects of life, including, Health, Beauty, exercise and sports, Personal development, etc. Other than that, its user experience goes in flow.

I recommend this application even if you are not an Egyptian for this reliable platform of WhatsApp mod applications.

To Wrap it up

Egypt WhatsApp has enormous potential to be used worldwide. However, it is being used mainly in Egypt and somewhat in other regions of the world, such as Germany, India, and Bangladesh.

You can download its latest version with even advanced features that include the recent changes in the WhatsApp industry, such as Avatar and emojis, thereby keeping you at the cutting edge of technology. will keep bringing innovative WhatsApp mods to you from time to time. So keep connected with us and get the time-to-time feeds about the WhatsApp mod industry.

4.8 (4511 votes)

The previous version of EGWhatsApp had some bugs and crashes that caused your WhatsApp to stop repeatedly. But in 2023, this app has brought up some new changes in its programming thus to ensure your flawless WhatsApp experience.

This question can be addressed on the base of user reviews. A vast population is using this app with hugely positive feedback. But still, one has to remember that it is a third-party application for which we cannot put our sensitive information at risk. In a nutshell, it is up to you whether you are a risk-averse or risk-taker.

Your status screen has a built-in option to download any story. Thus you can download others’ stories without letting others know.

A check recently introduced by WhatsApp hampers the receiver from accessing their data more than once. Whereas EG WhatsApp has countered this safety shield by giving you access to it more than once time to their data.