What Is the Official WhatsApp Chat? New Feature on iOS and Android

The official WhatsApp is a newly launched chat account by WhatsApp in your chat screen, to interact with you. Through this, WhatsApp keeps sharing the latest feeds, and other helpful tips to use WhatsApp. However, this chat is only a one-way platform, i.e. you cannot message or call back to this.

WhatsApp has got the basic idea of an official account from Telegram, its staunch rival in messaging. This feature is also available to iOS users. In some areas, this feature has yet to come.

Official WhatsApp Chat

How does WhatsApp Official Chat interact with you?

Normally WhatsApp interacts with its users through 3 accounts other than the Chat account as follows:

WhatsApp Surveys: using this platform, WhatsApp gathers user feedback and statistical analysis

WhatsApp Support: Through support, WhatsApp keeps you aware of new launches, and resolves your queries. If you raise a query through email, WhatsApp support will contact you through your given email. Note that the official WhatsApp email ends with @support.WhatsApp.com. However, WhatsApp also replies to your chat threads in WhatsApp chats.

WhatsApp Business: It is a special guide for your business. Here WhatsApp keeps sharing the business strategies, tips, and tricks you can collaborate in your WhatsApp business account to gear up your business.

Advantages of WhatsApp’s Official Chat

 In connection with the official WhatsApp Chat, you can get the following advantages:

  • You can get your hands on the most recent changes in your WhatsApp experience.
  • No need to go online for cumbersome tasks such as Data backup, exporting your chats, or other settings.
  • Improve your privacy settings and optimize your profile.

Wrap Up:

Having connected with the Official WhatsApp chat is a nicer opportunity to get the cutting-edge WhatsApp experience. On the other side, someone can fake forge WhatsApp official account and ask for your private details whereas WhatsApp never does so. Be aware that, WhatsApp will never ask you about your sensitive personal details such as your payments, PIN, or other private data.

Frequently Asked Questions:

WhatsApp chooses random contacts to share its latest sneak peeks. It doesn’t matter which version you are using. However, access to WhatsApp’s official chat is somewhat area-specific. Pointedly, it is up to WhatsApp to open up a chat with you. Therefore, you can not by choice join a WhatsApp chat account.

Like any other chat, you can mute or block the official WhatsApp account. Thus, if you are not interested in anything new out of WhatsApp, block it.

In this chat account you will find the notification “This is an official account of WhatsApp. Tap to learn more”. With the official WhatsApp account, you will find a verified badge checkmark.

This is a WhatsApp platform that keeps you aware of every newly launched feature in WhatsApp and the teasers about upcoming features yet in beta testing. You can also follow WABetaInfo on Twitter to get the latest WhatsApp feeds.