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Are you looking for a cool WhatsApp alternative? Or looking for a mod version that works better than official WhatsApp?

Let me introduce you to RAWhatsApp Plus. As you might know, on, we keep introducing various stunning WhatsApp mod versions, even if they are hidden or underrated.

For today, I will dissect RA WhatsApp, a unique application of its kind to you. Keep reading the whole blog post and discover how this app will change your daily WhatsApp life.

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App Info

App NameRAWhatsApp
Latest Versionv20.11
File Size65mb
Developers TeamFahad Al-Balani Team

What is RA WhatsApp?

This is a mod WhatsApp application that is simply more than just WhatsApp. Its developer has added many more features that will elevate your WhatsApp experience better than the official versions. Following are a few mentions of the feature in the latest version of this WhatsApp:

RAWhatsApp Requirements

Android: OS 4.1 or above
iPhone:  iOS 12 or above
KaiOS: 2.5.0 or above

RAWhatsApp Features

Listed below are the most amazing features of RAWhatsApp. It has alot new and amazing unlocked features just like CooCoo WhatsApp, GB WhatsApp Lite & Delta WhatsApp.

Message Yourself

By using this interesting feature, you can send any content to yourself. You can use this feature to save notes of some important strings. Now onward, anything that seems appealing may be text, image, or video, you just have to share it with yourself.

Stunning Privacy Features

This version gives you plenty of privacy features. The most important is the blue tick control. Using it, you can step up your game compared to the regular WhatsApp user communities.

For instance, you can make others perceive that you still have to read their message even if you have already read it. This feature makes it possible by giving you an enabled button of ‘Turn off blue ticks.’

Thus, when you activate this option, others are just gonna see a single grey tick every time against your message that denotes the online unavailability of the receiver.

Amazing Avatar and Voice note status

With the upcoming updates in official WhatsApp, this mod version doesn’t let you down ahead of other regular WhatsApp users. Recently WhatsApp has announced some new features, such as Avatar and Post Voice notes.

But these features are also now available in this WhatsApp version. You can make your avatar just like Bitmoji on WhatsApp. Interestingly, the apk will keep updating itself to keep itself at a competitive edge over official WhatsApp.

Keep an Eye on Others

 It just not protects your privacy but also lets you enter into others’ privacy. You can watch someone’s status even if it is older than 24 hours. Not just that, you can read all the messages sent by others only for one view. You might ignore these freaky features, but they are going to be surefire for you.

Level up your Data Transfer limits

You might be eager for some alternative that allows you to send your data to more than 5 contacts at a time. This WhatsApp version offers more than that, such as you can send up to 100 MB videos and audio, an unrivaled feature!

Not just that, you can now send your image up to 6MB, whereas you can adjust its quality from 1 to 6 MB. And the bonus is you can forward a message to up to 250 contacts. Time to skyrocket with these witty features of this WhatsApp version.

Ocean of Built-in Themes

 The multiple built-in themes will never let you bored. This mod application offers you hundreds of themes by enabling themes plug-in with iOS themes. After installing this application, you just have to install that plug-in, and an ocean of themes is waiting ahead.

Bomb A Message

My bestie asked me to write “I Love You” 20 times a minute; otherwise, she would not answer my call. That was a really struggling challenge. But no brainer! I had a solution for that.

I wrote the same phrase, ‘I Love You,’ in a quirky feature of bombing a message in this WhatsApp version. Astonishingly, I sent that message to her a hundred times, and she was stunned.

Of course, this is not the only usage of this feature. Still, you can use this feature more creatively to make your chat more emotional and interesting.

Hide Your Online Availability

The witty feature that seems most interesting to me is ‘Controlling your online availability. Yes, suppose you are the kind of person who does not want to let others observe their daily routine.

In that case, you can suppress your last availability status to others. This happens when you turn off your Last Seen Status from the setting. By doing so, no one will see your last availability time stamp just below your name in the chat boxes of others.

RA WhatsApp is Highly Customizable

You can supercharge your WhatsApp experience by customizing it in your way. This application has many breathtaking options to make your WhatsApp flowery and be in your way.

To mention a few, you can adjust gradients, scales of chat boxes, bars, chat bubbles, fonts, and styles. Not just that, you can modify your animations and effects, adding more aesthetics to your WhatsApp.

RA WhatsApp Dark Aeas

There are some negative points of this WhatsApp version also that you need to know before installing it. Following are the few mentions of them:

  • Legal issue: First and foremost is the challenge to its legality. The reason is that this WhatsApp version is developed as a replication of official WhatsApp. Official WhatsApp has the intellectual property and patent right to crack down on other mod WhatsApp versions, even if they provide comparatively better services.
  • Data Protection: Data leakage from any third-party application remains a potential threat. Since these applications do not comply with the privacy policies of the Google play store, they might misuse your data. Although there are rare cases of that, your privacy has supreme importance. Thus, the only criterion to use any mod application such as RA WhatsApp is to look into its user review before installing it.
  • Updates: This issue really freaks you out. When you download even the latest mod WhatsApp version, it launches some new version. But there is no built-in mechanism to update this previous version with the latest one. Instead, you first have to delete the previous version and then download the latest version, which keeps modifying.

RAWhatsApp Old Versions

RA WhatsApp has been used on different versions of iPhone iOS, such as 13, 14, and the latest ones. This has led many people to call it RA iOS WhatsApp. In the past, there were several versions of RA WhatsApp for iOS, like v8.26, v8.35, v8.36, v8.51, v8.71, v8.86, v8.91, v8.93, v12.5.6, v13.0, v14.0, v16.2, v17.40, v17.60 and v18.00. Currently, we are providing the newest version, which is v20.11.

How to install RAWhatsApp on Android?

Keep reading, and I’m going to tell you how to install this WhatsApp version in 5 easy steps.

  •  First, you have to download this application from some authentic source. You can download it from
  • Get the file from your downloads folder and move it to some separate place. By doing this, you can reinstall it and share it with someone else.
  • Next up, tap the apk file and press the install button
  • After completing the installation process, launch the application and verify your number.
  • RAWhatsApp is yours!
How to install Step 1
Step 1
How to install Image step 2
Step 2

Install RAWhatsApp on your PC

Download latest version on your PC. Before doing that, you need to install an emulator on your PC. You can follow the simple steps below to launch this WhatsApp on your PC:

  • First, install the BlueStacks emulator on your PC.
  • Install the latest version of WhatsApp RA.
  • Now launch the Bluestacks, and from the emulator screen, navigate to the location where you have downloaded the application file.
  • Right-click on the apk file and install it
  • After installing WhatsApp, verify your phone number and start using it.

Personal Experience

Before writing that blog, I installed this WhatsApp version on my Android. I think this would be the lighter and easy to use WhatsApp mod I have ever used. With its quirky privacy tools, this WhatsApp mod application will give you goosebumps. But still, I think the developer needs to consider the recent new updates upcoming in official WhatsApp.

Pointedly, suppose you find new ingenious features in regular WhatsApp. There is no reason to opt for a mod WhatsApp version in that case. Thus, to keep itself at a competitive edge, it must keep introducing the latest features for its users worldwide. Overall, it has many features unavailable in ordinary WhatsApp that might appeal to you.

Last Words

This WhatsApp mod application is a wholesome combination of some stunning features. Still, the demerits of this WhatsApp version entail being of deeper concern. But everyone has different preferences. Thus, if you do not care much about it drawbacks I mentioned above, you can go ahead and install this application.

Overall, this application has a wondrous user experience that will supercharge messaging on WhatsApp. You can also check other cooler WhatsApp mod versions, such as WhatsApp Plus, WhatsApp Aero, FM WhatsApp, and GB WhatsApp, on

4.8 (9382 votes)

This WhatsApp has positive feedback from thousands of its users across the world. On that basis, we can say that it is safe to use. Otherwise, it is a mod WhatsApp application where your data might be exposed to the developers. Overall, this primarily relies on your WhatsApp usage. If you have not exclusively any secret data sharing, then you can go ahead and install this application.

Until now, it has been unavailable for iPhone users. But soon, the developer might launch its iPhone version. Keep visiting to know the latest updates about it.