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SM WhatsApp is the trending WhatsApp mod version nowadays. If you are seeking some fantastic alternative to your ordinary WhatsApp that surpasses in offering the offbeat user experience and features, you spot it right.

In fact, although WhatsApp has taken a boom since its inception with 2 billion-plus active users worldwide, it lacks many things that users are pursuing. Features, such as limitless data transfer, unique privacy control features, blue ticks control, and many more, are not available in official WhatsApp.

Therefore, some creative developers keep introducing ingenious WhatsApp versions to fulfill the customized public demand.

SM WhatsApp is also an incredible mod WhatsApp application with multifarious features that will astound you. Keep reading and discover how this WhatsApp version suits you the most.

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App Info

App NameSM WhatsApp
File Size30mb
Developers TeamCrisMods

SM WhatsApp: Stepping Into a New Era

Gone are the days when steadfast rules and regulations of WhatsApp hampered your free communication. You can now switch to this more advanced and witty WhatsApp version.

This application is, although underrated but worth enough to install it. Still, it has wide usage in the countries such as Ecuador, Turkey, Morocco and Pakistan.

In fact, these all mod WhatsApp will give you more freedom in many aspects of your communication Like: YO WhatsApp, NS WhatsApp, CooCoo WhatsApp & GM WhatsApp.

SM WhatsApp Requirements

Android: OS 4.1 or above
iPhone:  iOS 12 or above
KaiOS: 2.5.0 or above

SM WhatsApp key Features

Most amazing and unseen features which make FMWhatsApp unique from other MODs.

Status/Story Downloader:

This feature is just striking. Have you ever asked someone to send their status that appealed to you? But from now onward, you won’t have to ask anyone for that. Instead, you can simply download a status you love the most by tapping the download button on the status screen. It’s no brainer.

Get Rid of Notifications:

Sometimes WhatsApp notifications freak you out. Yuh? Especially when you are playing a game, it all messes up. You can simply get rid of it by enabling DND (Do Not Disturb) mode during your busy time. No more notifications will disturb you during your gameplay.

Modify Your WhatsApp:

No worries if you don’t like your WhatsApp’s layout, design, and UI. You can change, modify and beautify your UI using SMWA. This WhatsApp application allows you to choose various bubble styles, icon bars, fonts, colors and gradients, and many more.

Customize your WhatsApp and make it your way. Additionally, you can choose a launcher icon you love the most from a huge list of stunning WhatsApp launcher icons.

Strengthen Your Privacy with SM WhatsApp:

It gives you many more privacy options to cruise your WhatsApp journey ahead of normal WhatsApp users. You can now hide your blue ticks, phone number, and the time and date of your last activity online. Thus, you can reveal the only information to others you want them to know.

Make Your Conversation Fun with Stickers and Emoji:

The top-notch thing in this WhatsApp version is its plethora of stickers that you can use in your communication sporadically. Personally, finding a relevant sticker becomes a hard nut to crack sometimes. Having a vast collection of stickers and emojis glorifies your messaging.

Zooming in The Profile Pictures:

One wittier feature this application provides is to zoom the picture of any contact and replicate it in your memory. Most people use privacy for their photos so that one may not zoom in by just tapping it. But SMWA makes it possible. Enable this zooming feature and get any image you want in your contacts.

Upload Longer Status Stories:

You can share a status story for up to 7 minutes on your status screen using SM WhatsApp. That’s just crazy! You can use this innovative feature for various benefits.

Suppose you have a short Sales video that you want to reveal to your target audience on WhatsApp; you can simply upload it in one go. Instead, you might find uploading it entirely in ordinary WhatsApp difficult, breaking it into 30-second pieces.

WhatsApp Lock and Key:

Sometimes you feel it to take WhatsApp to the extra layer of protection due to many reasons. Ironically, it may be your wife or best friend who knows your Android password frequently.

You can keep your chat out of the reach of these people by enabling the chat locks. Using this feature, you can lock the conversations you will open using a pattern, digit lock, or finger lock.

Payments Through WhatsApp:

You can now use this mod WhatsApp for your monetary transactions. Therefore, you can pay directly through your WhatsApp with a point-and-click method. This feature is a new addition, but it still needs improvements based on public feedback.

Fetch The Deleted Status and Messages:

Another exciting feature enables you to retrieve the messages and status the sender apparently deleted. The exciting thing is that the sender won’t know that you have fetched the message they had once deleted.

How to Install or Update SM WhatsApp on Android

If you are installing any application from other than the google play store, don’t worry. Cz, you can follow the following steps to install any third-party application, exclusively SM WhatsApp:

  • First off, Install the apk file of SMWA from the download link given above.
  • Turn on the installation from unknown sources in your Android settings.
  • Now tap the apk file and choose the option to install it.
  • Launch the application and verify your phone number with 6-digit code.
  • Start your journey with SM WhatsApp.
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My Personal Experience:

I came across the WhatsApp mod application last week as I keep finding various mod applications that add value to my life. I gave it a shot, and it was really mesmerizing. I discovered many quirky features I didn’t find in my ordinary WhatsApp by Meta.

I don’t know why these features are unavailable in a widely used WhatsApp version. Anyhow this WhatsApp version is fantastic. You can use it if you really want to have something out of the box compared to others around you.

To Wrap It Up:

SM WhatsApp has many fun features that you can discover by yourself. Still, this version is underrated, with far fewer users worldwide. Overall, this version was worth enough to write on it. If you are looking for a WhatsApp gadget like this, try it.

4.7 (4533 votes)

No. This WhatsApp mod application is a reliable alternative to official WhatsApp. Although this WhatsApp version has far fewer users worldwide, it has positive public feedback across the globe. You can give it a shot without any hassle.

It is not possible to use SM WhatsApp without a registered phone number. But you should use a phone number of secondary importance to you. This is because sometimes WhatsApp bans mod WhatsApp accounts temporarily, i.e., for one hour.