Royal WhatsApp Transparent APK v5.609 (Official Update) 2024

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Royal WhatsApp is a worth installing WhatsApp mod application that you would like to discover if you want to replace your WhatsApp with a better alternative.

Because when everyone use a mod application around you, it becomes insecure to use ordinary WhatsApp.

You might feel hampered compared to your friends and family, who can fetch your deleted messages, get your profile details, and even your private data. You are left with only a few features in hand with official WhatsApp.

But now you can put all your anxieties to an end by installing Royal WhatsApp Transparent, the top-notch WhatsApp application. But before getting any further, scroll down and skim through the precious features it offers you.

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App Info

App NameRoyal WhatsApp
Update Versionv5.609
File Size22mb

What is Royal WhatsApp Transparent APK

Developed by Sam, this application has many things to offer you. You might not have heard about Royal ApK because it is far underrated. Still, it has many offbeat features you won’t find on your regular green WhatsApp.

WhatsApp Royal APK has extensive usage in countries including the UAE, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Columbia, and Singapore.

You can also check out YO WhatsApp, TM WhatsApp, GM WhatsApp, OG WhatsApp, and KB WhatsApp which offer many other features similar to Royal WhatsApp.

Added Features In Royal WhatsApp

We’ve listed down some useful added features:

Media Sharing with No Limits:

You can send only 30 images and 16 MB video files in your regular WhatsApp, at a time. In comparison, WhatsApp Royal 3D enables you to send a 300 MB video without hiccups. You can share a status story using 255 characters rather than 139 in your official WhatsApp.

Moreover, you can send up to 100 audio files and 100 images in one go. At the top of everything, you have up to 1024 group members rather than only 512 as in ordinary WhatsApp.

Download And Repost the Status Story:

This feature is far more appealing in Royal WhatsApp. It allows you to download any status story you want. Press the download button on your status screen to get your status immediately. Moreover, you can repost your status by pressing a single Download button.

Hide Your Blue Ticks:

WhatsApp uses a tick symbol to denote whether your receiver has noticed your message. Usually, a single grey tick means that your receiver is still online. At the same time, double grey ticks imply that she is online but has yet to open your chat.

But when the ticks below your messages become blue, it elucidates that your reader has checked out your message. Suppose you are the receiver; you can simply suppress your blue ticks to your sender. Thus, they would not guess whether you read their message, even if you did.

Send Messages Without Saving Numbers:

Have you ever faced the trouble of saving a number by just sending them a single message? Most of the time, I do. It is because WhatsApp doesn’t allow you to message a number not in your contacts.

But here comes Royal WhatsApp, which makes your life easier. Now, you can send messages, audio, and even video to the people not in your contact. Just enter the phone number and write your message, and here you go!

Antiban Feature:

Using a mod application has a price, too. Sometimes, official WhatsApp cracks down against all the mod application developers. As a result, users experience the banning of their accounts for one or two hours.

But here is the catch: some excellent developers update their applications with the antiban features. The same goes for this smart-knitted application. It is now totally antiban in its latest version. Thus, have a seamless experience of WhatsApp Royal without any banning issues.

Save Statuses with Ease

You can easily download statuses from your contacts without asking them to send them to you. This feature makes it easier to keep track of your contacts’ updates without constantly checking your app.

Dozens of Themes

Royal WhatsApp includes a built-in plugin that offers access to hundreds of creative themes. After downloading themes from the built-in option, you can unlock a bundle of themes to personalize your WhatsApp experience.

Hundreds Of Amazing Themes

At the top of everything, it offers 200 plus unique, awe-inspiring themes. You can also install Royal WhatsApp theme packs from the settings that open up a vast ocean of themes. Not only themes, but it offers you a lot many options to

Additionally, it offers you many more little nitty-gritty features that are just amazing:

  1. You can zoom in on the profile picture of any of your contacts, even banned access by them.
  2. It allows you to open the messages, including the pictures and videos that were sent by someone only for one view.
  3. You can hide the activity tags against your profile that are visible to others, such as ‘typing,’ ‘recording,’ etc.
  4. Even you can have more than one account in one application.
  5. Many more! Grab this stunning stuff and discover by yourself.

Installation Method of Royal WhatsApp

This WhatsApp mod app operates on Android version 4.4 and above. Usually, it is compatible with devices with up to 2GB RAM and 32 GB internal memory. Opt for the following procedure to install this application on your Android:

  • First off, go to your Android settings and turn on ‘installation from unknown sources.
  • Now open and install the apk file of Royal WhatsApp from the link above.
  • Tap on the downloaded APK file and choose the install button
  • Complete the installation process and launch the application
  • The app will ask you to verify your account
  • Enter your registered phone number and the 6-digit code you received on your Android.
  • WhatsApp Royal is open to you!
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My Experience

I installed this WhatsApp variant last month on my phone. After having used it for over a month, I don’t think uninstall it. The crazy thing about WhatsApp is that it became ultimately transparent, which I love the most.

I customized it using its transparent features and themes. Moreover, it had a bundle of other features I didn’t find in my WhatsApp, such as Freeze Last Seen, Blue Ticks Control, and many more.

Final Critique

WhatsApp Royal is a top-notch mod application that you can use to replace your ordinary WhatsApp. It has dozens of offbeat features you would love to use.

In the latest update, the developers have included all the recent features introduced by Meta, such as voice notes, avatars, and others. Try It Now to feel your seamless WhatsApp experience.

4.8 (10900 votes)

Although you find awe-inspiring features in it, it is all free. You even won’t see any ads in it. The only hiccup you might face using a mod application like it is the banning issue. Even that issue has been resolved to some extent in the recent update in its latest version, v5.60.

All WhatsApp mod applications keep updating in competition with WhatsApp by Meta to give you a level-up communication experience. The same goes for this application, which keeps it updated occasionally. You can find the latest version of Royal WhatsApp in this blog post and turn your notification on. Thus, whenever we upload the latest version, you can grab it first.