WhatsApp “Search By date” feature – Search in New Way 2024

Have you ever been exhausted from searching for older messages in your chat box? Especially in emergencies, ferreting out a message in a days-long chat becomes difficult. But now it won’t happen. Thus, no more endless scrolling.

WhatsApp has now solved that problem by introducing the long-awaited “Search By Date” feature. This feature was admired in WhatsApp beta testing and is now available for the general WhatsApp audience.

If you remember a particular event, date, or month of a chat, you can easily single it out using WhatsApp Search By Date Feature. After beta testing by WABetaInfo, these features have been added in the latest WhatsApp version v2.24.5.19.

WhatsApp Search By date Feature Image

How to use the Search by Date feature on Android

  • Open your WhatsApp and tap on any chat
  • now tap on three dots and press the search button
  • at the top right corner, you will see a calendar symbol
  • tap on the calendar symbol and choose the date 
  • all the messages on that date will show up to you

Use “Search by date” on WhatsApp Web

  • You can use this feature on the web version of WhatsApp also as follows:
  • right click on any chat you want to search into
  • now, at the top right corner of your chat screen, right-click on the search icon in your chat screen at the top right corner
  • here, click on the calendar icon
  • select your desired date and month
  • scroll all the messages on that date to find your desired one.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can we search for a message by time?

Not yet; for now, WhatsApp has only launched the “search by date” feature. It might extend this feature to search by time in the future.

Is Search By Date available on WhatsApp web?

Yes, this feature was first launched on WhatsApp’s web version. But now it has been extended to WhatsApp and the Android app.

Why is my device not showing the “Search by date” feature?

These features are only available to the latest WhatsApp version, v2.24.5.19. If you didn’t get this feature enabled, you must be using an older WhatsApp version. Update your WhatsApp application and check it out again.