WhatsApp Arabic APK Download (Update Version)v6.40 2024

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Looking for a WhatsApp version that is far more than everyday WhatsApp on your phone, right? Introducing you to WhatsApp Arabic, the skyrocketing WhatsApp modified version with its special Arabic touch in its layout, themes, stickers, emojis and everything you see.

If you love Arabic stuff, this WhatsApp version is a must-watch. Get the Arabic WhatsApp application APK file from the link below and set in motion the crafty mod features.

Such as Anti View Once, Multiple accounts, Freeze Last seen, Anti Revoke messages, and many more. Still, before getting any further, we recommend you skim through the details of this nifty WhatsApp application and its many more fun options.

WhatsApp Arabic

App Info

App NameWhatsApp Arabic
File Size35MB
Developers TeamAdel Wa Mods

WhatsApp Arabic APK

Introducing Arabic WhatsApp

Give An Arabic Touch to Your Communication with WhatsApp Arab:

WhatsApp Arabic is primarily developed, keeping GB WhatsApp as its base; however, it has some nifty tools. As the name shows, this WhatsApp version is widely installed and used in Arabia and its peripheral regions.

However, you would find people using this Arabic WhatsApp in different parts of the world, including Pakistan, Indonesia, Morocco, Lebanon, Malaysia, the USA, and India.

Alternatively, you can also check out some other amazing mod WhatsApp applications, such as FM WhatsApp, WhatsApp Plus, Fouad WhatsApp, and GB WhatsApp lite. From the link above, you can instantly get the latest version of WhatsApp Arab v6.40, but first, have a look at what it offers you:

App Requirements

Android: OS 4.1 or above
iPhone:  iOS 12 or above
KaiOS: 2.5.0 or above

Let’s Dive into Arab WhatsApp Features

A detailed list of Arab WhatsApp features:

Auto Reply, Your Messaging Assistant:

If you are steering a business, a public community, or a customer care platform, this nifty feature will be a hectic tool for you. You can set the templates of various responses for your audience.

Every time they send you a message, they will receive auto replies in the form of greetings, business proposals, or any other offers.

Download And Repost Status:

WhatsApp status stories are now an essential part of our lives to express our current feelings, thoughts, and events. But what if you get control over other’s stories to download and reshare them?

This prevents you from requesting others to send you, their status. Moreover, if you are ignoring someone but simultaneously want to see their status, you can enable incognito watching their status stories.

Send Larger Files Trouble-free:

You know that sending larger files on your ordinary WhatsApp is challenging. You can send up to 16 MB only. However, using Arab WhatsApp, you can send up to 1GB of files hassle-free. It also helps you send audio and document files up to 100 MB. Not only that you can send 90 images in one go.

Blue Ticks Are Just Amazing:

Do you know you can control other’s perceptions about your online availability? Imagine, you have opened a message that Lena sent you last hour, then Lena will find a pair of blue ticks under that message in her chatbox to confirm that the message has been delivered to you. This makes you bound to reply to them, Yuh?

Now, suppose you have hidden those blue ticks somehow; this time, she doesn’t see that couple of ticks, right? It means she will not be able to blame you for replying on time, even if you have read her message. You can use this feature in gazillions of creative ways in your daily WhatsApp communication.

WhatsApp Arab For Arabian People:

This WhatsApp is more like yours if you belong to the Arabian region. It has Arabic themes. And wallpapers that give you Arabic cultural vibes. Especially the Arabic stickers and emojis are just eye-shattering. You will find stickers of girls wearing hijabs and djellabas.

Installation Procedure for WhatsApp Arabic on Your Android and PC

For Androids, you need to follow requirements beforehand to install this application

  • Your Android version should be above 4.4.
  • You must turn on ‘installations from unknown sources’ from your app’s settings. This will make you install applications from third parties other than Google Play Store.

Now follow the steps given below to get this application started:

  1. Get the WhatsApp Arabic APK file from the link above and move the downloaded file to a secure place where you can reinstall it or share it with your friends.
  2. Now tap to install this app
  3. After completing the installation process, this will ask you to enter your WhatsApp account number.
  4. Enter the number and receive a six-digit code from Arab WhatsApp
  5. Enter the code in the application and press verify.
  6. Start using this ingenious WhatsApp mod application.
How to install Step 1
Step 1
How to install Image step 2
Step 2

Arab WhatsApp PC Installations

For PC, you need a Bluestacks emulator in the first place to launch this WhatsApp mod version.

  • Install the Blue stack and launch it.
  • Now download the WhatsApp Arab APK file on your pc
  • Open the blue stack screen, and it will turn your computer into an Android screen.
  • From here, navigate to where you have located your file and right-click on the file.
  • Install the application and verify your number in the same way given as above.

My Personal Experience

This WhatsApp version is one of my good experiences. I always find myself fascinated by the Arabic culture; therefore, this application seemed alluring. However, other than that, this application has a bit more fun features, especially the privacy-related features, which are state of the art. However, the only bad thing I find about this application is its time-to-time updates, which compel me to back up my data and install every latest update.

To Wrap it up

WhatsApp Arabic is a unique messaging application with some super innovative features. Especially its Arabic style in fonts, themes, and colors. Most importantly, it has dozens of add-on mod features to help you effectively communicate with your contacts.

4.7 (5100 votes)

WhatsApp Arabic extends to you the End-to-End Encryption used in original WhatsApp; thus, you can be assured that your messages are encrypted. However, like everywhere else, If a hacker manages to physically drop spyware in your phone, they can easily access your photos and text.

Conversely, you might doubt its credibility because it is a mod WhatsApp application. In fact, as a third-party application, sometimes developers can fetch your data through some technical methods. However, based on user feedback, this Arabic WhatsApp has thousands of downloads worldwide with a 4.7-star rating. Thus, you can give it a shot without hassles.

The answer is no because this WhatsApp Arabic is only available in an APK file. You need an IPA file to install a mod application on your iPhone. However, you can launch this application on a PC using various launcher applications such as Bluestacks.